By Tin
Date: January 13, 2022
Ch. 44

Thank goodness my headache disappeared immediately.

Last day we were in Phuket and we decided to go island hoping. My swimsuit is ready and I'm sexy so wapakels if they look at me.

"Do I look sexy Mr. Killjoy?" I asked my companion as I was trying to catwalk. I really feel it, why?

Actually he's not really killjoy. The past days, the fun he had with. He was just a word to me. You can really tell where he is comfortable and I'm glad to see him smiling.

"Very sexy babe. Is that all you're going to wear? I can kill that jealousy" I just laughed because I knew that this man was just annoying me. I'll just ride his trip for fun.

"Cheee. I can kill women, look oh. That's a scratch ..." His abs were te. Don't get dirty.

We both laughed then went down and headed to the beach.

I was surprised because we didn’t have anyone else with us on our boat. Isn't island hopping in demand now?

"Why just us?"

"I told you, I can kill when someone else sees you. Trust me, I know how to drive it"

Hala siya?

Is he really serious? Did he really rent this boat for the two of us?


Why did I just meet this man? Maybe if it became my jowa, even one day I would have given up the pearl of the east. It's great to fall.

Just now someone made me do this. It's so heart -warming because someone I don't know much made me feel special.

"You're blushing babe, are you that happy?" Aish. Embarrassingly, I can easily blush. : <

"Y-Yes. Thank you ah, I really appreciate it. Please?" I was joking with him. Hahah we're just really pure bullshit of this man.

The beauty of the island formation. Of course ours is also good but you can only do island hopping abroad once and it's still free. So I will definitely check it out.

"Phantom my photographer hehe ..." I made him cute. He immediately grabbed it and took the camera he was carrying. Do you think so? It's like I really have a free photographer.

His shots are beautiful. I don't have any photos.

Wuuuy maybe you think I'm taking advantage of the man too much to ahh. Not only can I, he can too.

In our room, he hugged me. I just woke up and he hugged me tightly. I don't know but I just let him, maybe he misses his brother.

Speaking of brothers. I found out that the lobby girl's sister said "sister" to her. Do you remember that? This man is really greedy. Did I get tripped?

Ahh of course, it's our last day together. It's fun because our island hopping is really memorable, but at the same time it's sad because I'll be back to being a loner next week.

Surprisingly, I don't think about my ex anymore because of his meanness. He's really naughty, I don't know. Apaka moody ng taong to, di ko matansya.

"What are you thinking babe? Do you want to go back to the hotel?" He said and I was back in the real world.

That's because Maxi, you're daydreaming too much.

Just enjoy this day.

"Hala siya? Come back soon? Can't I just be stunned by the beauty?" I answered and he just messed up my hair while laughing.


Why am I eemoting? Isn't this man my boyfriend? We're not that close either?

Isn't the call to sleep and cuddle close yet?

Hala siya!

Am I an easy girl anymore?

Am I ready to give up ... Charot!

"After this dinner let's go to a fancy restaurant huh? Don't worry, I'll treat you because it's our last day" You guys heard right, I'm a hobbyist for the second time around.

Did he think he only had money? Asa!

"Sure babe. For now, just enjoy everything" she said with a very sexy and cute smile. Ugh shit that man oh.

Weg keng genyen keye!

"Don't smile like that, you're ugly" Of course I'll just excuse that. He might say I’m very aggressive if I grab his lips. Rawr.


What are you looking at?

Do you want to come?


Where are you!

This is my moment

Don't worry guys!

I'll flirt with this man first.

"Let's go, the bus is here" he called me, I just nodded then we walked to the bus and entered.

Wait I forgot to introduce myself and ask his name. It's weird if we don't know each other's names. He also looks trustworthy.

"uhm, uhm ... Im Maxine, Max or Maxi for short. You?" Jusq the awkward of my introduction. How come? He was really staring into my eyes. It was as if I was drowning in his stares.

"I'll tell you after the trip;)" halaaaa ang unfair nito si kuyaaaa. Is he an actor?

"Tch. Feeling showbiz" I said once turning my back on him. Edi dont. I won't force you, I might even be told I have a crush on you. Ew. No way.

I heard her weak laugh before I covered my ears with earphones. I can't stop listening to music because I'm getting motion sickness.

Hope I enjoy being with someone today! Hopefully not just now!



After a whole day of site seeing, there was a little wet but no bath. Gosh. It's nice to have someone with you.

First we went to the temples and then the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, I am not fond of plants and flowers but the place is very beautiful. You will never regret it. There are also many instagrammable spots and I didn't give up because I have a photographer, I made the most of it. He is also good at taking photos. I look tall even though I'm not. We also did a day trip to Koh Larn, maybe 2 hours we stayed there before we returned.

I would like to go to Ramayana Water Park in case I don't have swim wear so I'll just go back there. We also toured Art in Paradise and their floating market. My favorite is the Mini Siam. It's like going back to my childhood and doing a field trip because of the number of historical landmarks not only in Thailand, but also in different places.

We are now walking to my unit. We also finished eating.

"Let's go home, the trip is over. You haven't introduced yourself yet: <" I thought I was sulking but I wasn't. Haha just curious, im gonna stalk him later on fb and ig.

Even though we were together the whole day, I still feel something heavy with him. People still look at us to this day.

"Didn't I say after the trip? I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight" after saying he walked away.

"Hala him!" Looks like he wanted me there ahh.

SASAMA SIYA ULIT ???? !!!! ??? !!!









Xụ- Crap, Feces, Shit

Fun fact:

Pattaya is also known as the City of Thousand Beer Bars

Based on the recent count, there are roughly 1500 - 2000 beer bars scattering from one end to other. If you are visiting only 1 beer bar a day it would take you over 4 years to visit them all.

“Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.”


Bāy- Bye

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