By Tin
Date: January 13, 2022
Ch. 33

Nightlife! Nightlife! Nightlife!

"Woooooh! The sayaaaaa!"

Exciting! Lots of people, lots of clubs, lots of resto! People are very hype. Except for one.

"Tsk" You know that maybe nuh?

"Your kill joy really" I tease him.

I woke up late so I decided to just go here on Bangla Road near Patong Beach. The place is very nice. Everywhere I turn my gaze, there will be no missing bars and people. Locals and tourists, acquaintances or not all get along.

I don't know here with me. It's like an old man if you can afford it. Isn't nightlife trendy to him? Maybe anyone has experienced this.

"I hate crowded places and smokes." I heard him say but I just ignored him. I actually noticed that he was wearing a mask. Maybe he's allergic to smoke? He will take care of his life. I want to eat. Hmm. Where is it beautiful?

"Phantom, what do you want? Seafoods or the pizza? You go shopping, you pay" I lost my shame for him. As in my face is too thick because of him. It's just that I really don't have enough to meet him, so I'll change it. I was already infected with him. Haha he didn't complain either.

"Hmm, pizza. You might get an upset stomach when we go seafoods. I don't want to take home a woman with diarrhea." Kitams?

He didn't complain because he always insulted and insulted me. He really makes up for me because of that.

Oh well, whatever he says he will still pay. Bwahaha

I pulled him over to The Pizza Company. I really want seafoods because it's hard to eat fresh in Manila, good thing there's tom yum shrimp pizza. And at least not fresh with shrimp. Hehe. We had different orders but it was easy to arrive so we started eating.

I notice ahh, the noise outside and also other people here inside but we are the only two who are quiet. And by quiet as in super. It's like I'm alone now. Is he really serious that he doesn't like crowded places?


Think of the topic Maxi, so that you don't seem to have passed by angels.

"Uhm ... How long have you been here in Thailand?" That's all I could handle and I didn't ask that when we did the Q&A earlier. He looked at me frowning

"Are you asking me?" Her eyebrows met as she chewed the chicken.

"Haler, isn't it obvious? Who's with me now? The chicken is probably what I'm asking brother, it's embarrassing for you" I still can't stop my annoyance sometimes. He did it on purpose and then he just laughed at me. Kainis talaga.

"You're funny. Okay I'll answer your question. 7 years. I've been here 7 years." Woah! Really? Has he been that long? Is he a citizen? Omg.

"So you're a citizen? Why did you stay here? You don't want to be in the Philippines anymore? Maybe you're hiding something?" I'm really curious about his life. I thought he was also just a tourist looking for a companion on his trip.

"Just applying for citizenship, 10 years of permanent residency because then you must become a citizen here. As for your next questions, I will answer that after the trip. Same as my name" he smiled at me after he answered

"The deception is great, but can I still ask?" I swim with him. This man is really still showbiz.

"Haven't you asked that yet? Hahah" if his laugh wasn't sexy I would have sprinkled hot sauce on him for a long time. Be thankful

"Isn't your name Phantom?" He said that he would probably answer my questions and his name at the same time ... So that's not his real name. Maybe nickmame?

"Part of my name. Cool right?" He replied. I just nodded. Maybe he meant full name. I still don't really know his full name.

Anyways, I'm so distracted and I can't eat my pizza anymore. But I still want to ask so I'll combine the two. Hehe

"You have a girlfriend?" I don't know what's in my question but he spilled the beer he was drinking weakly. He then read his t-shirt. Hahaha that's good.

We are currently at the Tiger night club. I'm not much of a party and nightlife girl because I was loyal to my ex then and I don't want to commit a sin that I will regret but now I'm free. I'm free to do what I've been wanting to try for a long time.

"I'll just sit on our table, go ahead and enjoy okay?" The language is Phantom

"Yes Mr. Killjoy, no need to guard me. I'm a big girl, enjoy too oh. The many women who look at you yieee" I teased her. Earlier when I asked him if he was my gf, he didn't answer my question but suddenly he fell silent. I don't know about this weirdong.

"Tch." He said last and walked over to the vacant table.

He will take care of his life. I'm going to look for a handsome man who can dance and I can mumble. Charowt.




"Yeeeeaaah! This is lifeeeeeeee"

The fun !!!!

I will never forget our experience.

You are free to do whatever you want to do. You don't have anyone else to understand but yourself and you don't have to feel guilty when you do something bad.


Why did I just now realize this?

Is it fun when you're single?

No joke yan mga te!

So let's not jowa, we're always having a party ... Wooooh!


It's past midnight and I feel like the wine is right for me. After I danced with people I didn't know, Phantom pulled me closer to him because he noticed a man holding my ass. That's not an issue for me because that man is gay.

Before he did that, we talked. He is also a Filipino but half-Aussie gay. I told him what happened to me because I was more comfortable telling stories to strangers and I also said that I had a very handsome man with me.

So he said "Do you want to know if that guy has a thing on you?" Of course because I was curious, I nodded at him. Then we went to the middle of the dancefloor and started dancing. We are very close to each other and if my older brother was really straight, I would probably have bitten his lips.

While dancing, he brought me closer while holding my cheek and one hand on my ass. I was a little shocked but he said it was just acting. Haha for our time. I'm not Phantom's type so why should I expect him to do something? I didn't type him either. Haler.

Isn't that right?

Yes, go ahead. About 55% I type him hehe. The harot harot I

I wanted to stop because a few minutes later there was still nothing but my older brother tightened his grip on my ass. Two more hands really. Gay people are too chansing. I told him to stop but he just said "Dont look, he's coming"

So I was stunned and suddenly nervous. Why? Why? I do not know? Maybe because of alcohol? Or in music?


Just don't know!

So that's it, we're out now and going for a walk. We were both quiet. I want to ask him but he might say I’m malicious and I make issue all his actions.

But awkward! The quiet we both ugh

"Uhm ..."

"About what happened/Tungkol sa nangyari ..." Takte! We're really still together.

"All right, you go first Mr. Killjoy." I'm not like other ladies first. My art is like that, there are only events where you have to use that card haha.

"I didn't like the way you acted on the dancefloor. It's okay if you have men dancing but don't take advantage. What if I'm not there? Edi, you've been raped by that many? You're going home Is your child pregnant and fatherless? "

Kroo kroo kroo

I'm speechless

Nakakagulat eh.

This is the first time I heard him speak for a long time except for his story about his family.


Why am I thrilled? I feel really concerned that he is concerned about me. Shall I say that we just planned that with that gay? Aish, maybe not, I might get bored.

"S-sorry" I'm really the best actress.

I have nothing else to say. Besides, I'm already blushing with excitement. Pucha, why am I so easily thrilled? Raaawr

"Hey don't be, I'm just concerned for you. We won't come back here. We can just go to decent clubs. Is that clear?"

: <<<<


He's not my boyfriend. Will he ban me? Huhuhu

It's the gay man's fault!

What a disaster for my life!

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