By Tin
Date: January 13, 2022
Ch. 22

Finally! After 10 hours of traveling, we also arrived at our destination.

I'm the one he chooses where we stay because he said earlier he answered everything right? So he will stand for that. This man looks rich, it's just not obvious because almost all the clothes he wears are the same.

I actually asked him that. His only answer was "just my trip, why?" -____-

Well he will take care of his life.

Ahh we are here now at the Little Nyonya Hotel. It used to be a 19th century Sino Colonial mansion that is now a hotel. I bet her aura and style because it is very instagrammable and trendy. For sure Tiffany will envy here. Too bad

"Not bad. It's not that expensive either, are you concerned that I'll run out of money? We can stay in a more luxurious hotel" ugh! Here he is again. His electric fan is working again and the wind is very strong. Hopefully the wind will take him to ewan!

"I don't know about you, let's go inside" I pulled him to the lobby. I'm tired, I want to rest first so I have energy later and tomorrow.


"I'm sorry ma'am and sir but we only have mī h̄̂xng deīyw. It's peak season" I couldn't understand the last part that ate gurl was saying so I looked at Phantom with a frown.

"Why? What did you say?"

"There's only one room available because it's peak season. Is it okay for you to have us in the same room?" I was a little surprised but I expected that again. Peak season really is and because there are many beautiful beaches, and other go-to spots here are for sure even the most expensive ones and the cheapest hotels or motels are full as well. That is also one of the reason why I booked. There were two more rooms available when I booked.

I checked the booking and unfortunately, only one was registered. So we have no choice.

"You didn't type me, did you? That's okay. You probably won't do anything to me" I said laughing at the same time so he just laughed too and messed up my hair like I was his brother. Tch.

"Reā ca xeā pị, thank you" he said to his sister girl who was just smiling while looking at us.

"Okay sir, enjoy your stay with your N̂xng s̄āw" and handed the key card and key. I don't know the meaning of the last thing he said but because Phantom laughed a little I just smiled too. We were about to go up the stairs when P suddenly stopped and turned to his sister girl and said ...

"Ṭhex pĕn fæn k̄hxng c̄hạn" and held my hand then looked and smiled at me. I didn’t understand what he said but I look like a tomato now in super red. Arrghhh this man is annoying! I also noticed the sourness on the lobby gurl's sister's face

"B-Release me huy, I'm not a b-kid anymore" takte! Why am I stuttering?

"But that's what he said, I'm going to enjoy with my youngest brother. So I answered him, I said let's enjoy in bed haha" He was still holding my hand as we both went up. He really feels that way, after all, I just noticed the softness of this man's hand. A bit rough but just more soft. Envy!


What did he say again?


"What ?? !!! Are you crazy ?! Waaaahhh I said are you a lot! You still have" not my type "and then you answer him like that? What if we machismis" family strokes "?" I would have been glad we were holding each other but I immediately pulled it back and hit him hard.

Gagu talaga.

He's just laughing at me now: <

Why did I agree to be with this man?


Junior Suite Garden Terrace Double Beds

That's the description of our room. Shocks! Bes, I thought the picture was just beautiful. The room is really nice, the only downside is that I have a monster with me but it's okay. He will pay> :))

"I'll take the left side, you take the right okay?" He said, I just nodded and went straight to my side to lie down. I don't have dirt on my body because we use a private car and we don't take the train or bus so I can sleep first.

"Let's rest first please? Our trip is tiring" I begged him. I noticed that he was getting clothes.

"Sure, you take a nap. I'll just take a shower first. It's embarrassing because I'm standing next to you for a long time, you're still tired of the driver" Leche really. He's working hard again. Ehh what if I'm just a passenger huh? I also know how to drive but he didn't agree for us to take turns. What can I do?

"Cheee! You're there! Don't undress here. Your body and face are nauseating. Yuck"

Really Maxi? Nauseating or salivating? How many packs does he have abs? What was it feeling to touch him naked? Daks kaya siya?

Jusq. Nakakaloka na yang mga iniisip mo ha. You weren't many then but why are you acting like this yourself? Is this the effect of my ex cheating on me and me being with so many people? Ugh!

"I know what you're thinking"
"Hala him? W-I don't think ahh. D-I don't h-undress in my mind"



Did I really say that?

Lord whyyyy

Bakeeeet ????

Lupa kainin mo na akooooo

Bury me with buhah pleaaaaseeee

"Let's not go there, I don't want to take advantage of you even if you want me haha" You'll be really confused if he's a gentleman or insulting you. It would have been okay if he didn't add it.


"Pweee! I don't want you! Where are you! You look like a monkey!" I looked like a desperate defensive woman. Grrrr, he really tastes good ...


"Alright, alright. If you say so, take a break. I'll be next, promise you'll enjoy" instead of being annoyed I just laughed because he laughed with laughter going to the shower room.


Maybe I'll go crazy if it's with me the whole trip, but it's not bad if I'm with someone. It's funny because you don't get bored and of course it's a bonus for me to survive haha.

How many days are we here? I do not know. He just said “as long as you want to”. Let's just see if I don't get bored here. Well, we will also be touring a lot here in Phuket. Ehh Bangkok that we haven't toured at all. I also have many other places I want to go.


Just go to sleep. We'll take a walk later.



Ṭhex pĕn fæn k̄hxng c̄hạn- she's my girlfriend
N̂xng s̄āw- sister

The word Phuket actually means mountain jewel."Hala him? W-I don't think ahh. D-I'm not h-undressing is

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