By Tin
Date: January 13, 2022
Ch. 11

"What? What do you need from me?" I stopped the runner and pushed him away. We are here now at the historical museum, I would like to thank him because he brought me here but I changed my mind because his eyes and smile are annoying. Hello, why did he kidnap me and bring me here?

The style of the man to ah is tiring. Imagine who he could look like. Eh, we're not close, are we ?!

"Don't you want to know my name? Who I am?" He said with a grin. What a brother! Don't attract me because it's effective, just chos.

"Who said that? Duh. You're deaf? I said, I know your name and you're not an actor so I can find out who you are. Ugh"

I’m really shivering with annoyance because he just laughs at me as we walk around here and stare at old things. I don’t want to look at him because I feel like he’s staring at me right now. Its so awkward!

"I have a proposition ..." Hala? Why is he serious? Is this the part where he invites me to communicate? What do I do bes? Ahhh take care!

"Brother, don't! I'm still a virgin, I promised myself that I would only give the pearl of the Philippines when I'm married, huhuhu"

I don’t know if I will be laughed at or insulted because of what is happening now. Why is he laughing? What's funny about what I said? Aba! Are women who believe in marriage before sex being laughed at now? Grrrrrrrrr

"You're really funny. I wish I had your sense of humor Maxi. Unfortunately, I'm not chasing you for sex. Don't get me wrong, I mean you're pretty ... but not my type." My jaws were left open with what he said. Pretty daw ako (≧ ▽ ≦)? Really? Wait ... There's still a sequel ahh

Not my type

Not my type

Not my type

"Ehh you're crazy! What are you going to say and why do you have to scare me? I'm not kidding, you're welcome!" Lecheng to! Did he think I typed him? Huh! Where are you Phantom monkey! You hope!


"I am bored, I want to go for a walk with someone. Good thing I met you. Wanna be my travel buddy?" ^ _________^ Yan, that's just the way he looks now.

Jusq naman. Does this idiot just want it?

"Don't you have anyone else with you and I'm the one you're cheating on? Argh annoying" did you say that you didn't type after you just wanted to be with him on his galas? Aba! The madman is abusive.

"Easy, I'm sorry if I offended you with what I said but I just really want someone beside me right now. I noticed that you don't have family or friends with you, and you're also a Filipino. There's nothing wrong with taking a walk together. ? Hehe "(◜‿◝)

How can I avoid this man’s handsome face? Whatever I annoyed him with, it also gradually disappeared because his face was so cute and very bossy. On his side, it's a blessing for me to curse his face!

"Pretty please?" There he is again oh. The lips of the crazy huhu are really pouty. How can this be denied?


"Fine. But just for a week, okay?" I give up. As usual I lost in his face. Very convincing crazy.

"Yes! I promise you wont regret it" Then he hugged me tight. I was left speechless with the fruits I bought.




We've been together for three days, so far we haven't had any problems. The first day was awkward because he was actually waiting for me in the lobby and he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt. I asked him why he was like that and he handed me a bag once saying "Let's go back to Ramaya Water Park!"

Of course with the gift I robbed, I was very happy because I really wanted to go back there but I didn't let him know. The second day, we just hung out in the parks here in Bangkok and toured the temples and museums, I was not tired because he rented a car. Mercedes Benz is really, really cool.

He is also fun to be with because he is slowly opening up to me. I'm not the only one talking. Maybe nuh, he's so kind so he should make an effort. Haler.

Now, we are getting ready because we are going to Phuket. It was a bit far so I prepared some food for the two of us.

"You ready?" He asked as he opened the door to my seat so I could enter. The genteman of the madman. I nodded and went inside.

We are traveling and the two of us are just quiet here now. Only music is loud. Hmm

So boring.

What is good to do?

Aha! I know that> :)

"Phantom, let's play! Hehe" We looked at each other. It was obvious on his face that he was a bit confused but also smiled afterwards.

"Sure babe" I'm also used to him calling me. I don't seem to type but "Babe?" You fat Phantom!

"Hmm I will ask 20 questions, You will answer first and then I will. If you can't answer all of them, you will buy foods and souvenirs in Phuket. Game?"

"Haha even if we don't play, I'll still answer all that" Ayy waw. He's not very windy. Just a little. \ _ (͠ ° ͟ʖ ° ͠) _/¯

"Chee, start now. What are your personal goals?" I learned not to blame him for being naughty and crazy so that we can have a peaceful life.

"Goals ... goals ... Ahh my goal right now is to make you happy and that's about it" he said while looking and winking at me

(((; ꏿ_ꏿ;)))



I'm not ready for that! Why is there more like that?

"Ha ha ha, you're becoming a joker ha. All right, uhmm me too. My goal is to heal and be okay hehe" I can't look at him even if he doesn't look back at me because he's driving. Embarrassing, my cheeks are red!

Relax Maxi. Don't be too nervous, that's just the first question. Don't worry, you're not ready to date yet.

"Okay, next question ... What kind of life did you have when you were young?" I noticed his forehead furrowed for a few seconds once he took a deep breath and his face became serious.

"I grew up in a twisted family. Not the typical, perfect and conservative Filipino family. It's so chaotic at home, not a day goes by that my parents don't fight. Only my grandfather understands and I can approach. I'm the only one who can approach. to him, because even my parents and other siblings were afraid of him. So when my grandfather died when I was still in high school, I lost so much of my will to live. I tried commiting suicide ... You? What kind of childhood did you have Maxi ? " My eyes widened. I could not believe what I heard. It is shocking because it is not obvious in his personality that being suicidal and depressed is very ugly. Even more surprising is that he called me by my name for the 2nd time when he was sad or he was serious.

"Me? Right. I grew up okay with everything. I mean, I have the typical perfect and conservative Filipino family. We're not very rich, we're just middle class so my parents have to go abroad but even so I didn't feel angry with them because they weren't there when I was growing up. We're the same, I'm also grandpa's girl. She's my most favorite person here on earth as well as in heaven. Maybe your grandpa and I are together now? " I tried smiling and faking a laugh to make me feel better as well as him. I know the feeling of losing but his life is worse.

"Hmm can I be the one to ask you the next question?" Nervously, I nodded at him. I noticed he was already smiling.

"What brings you here in Thailand?"

That one question.

That question is difficult to answer.

Until now, I don't know why I'm here.

Do I just want to take a walk?

Am I just forced to come here because of my friends?

Or do I have a deeper reason?

Do I want to heal and forget the wound as well as the pain caused by love?


The question is simple

Why is it so hard to answer ??


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