Once She Used To Be His Sister
By Chetssyav
Date: December 31, 2021
Ch. 7I don't want to hurt her

Anna who was busy watching Ashley didn't notice that the teacher had already entered the classroom. Anna laughed loudly. At the same time, she was thinking she should laugh more or cry cause she was seeing the same Ashley who started crying if anybody scolded her, and today she was pinching her own cheeks so hard to get rid of Elizabeth's anger.
But in the middle of her laughing, she was pinched on her both side of the waist at the same time by both Ashley and Elizabeth. Anna hissed and then turned to Ashley and said "I don't want to look pitiful like you in front of Elizabeth haha.." saying that anna laughed again.
Listening to this Ashley smiled awkwardly and whispered "you don't have to pretend to be pitiful like me because you will truly be pitiful after this ".
But To Anna's surprise, she was again pinched at her waist by Elizabeth and turned toward her and followed Elizabeth's gaze only to find out that the whole class was staring at her alone with the teacher.
And the teacher who was present was the dean and was called evil by all the students. Anna was very respectful to all the teachers and was an obedient student and had never offended any teacher and this was her first time to offend any teacher that also turned out to be a devil who was the last person then also she was not willing to offend.
She stands up and bowed her head down looking at the angry look of the evil and said: "sorry teacher it won't happen again". But evil was not satisfied with the only apology and said " get out of my class and stand at the door holding the book over my head . If this happened again I will cut my marks and won't get a chance for the scholarship this year did you get it? "
Anna finally understood why the dean was named devil by the seniors. She took the book in her hand and went to the door with her head down, hold the book overhead.
On the other side daniel, dr swan, and grabiel went to the laban hotel where there is a private suite for daniel on the 17th floor.
Daniel said grabiel to go to the company and handle some matter, so grabiel went to the company, and daniel and dr swan went to the an of daniel. The suit was large enough that there was a bedroom, with an attached bathroom, living room, and personal bar too.
To sit on the chair in the bar and daniel was pouring wine in the glass when swan said " the reason you took me here can you say it now or I have to wait ?"
Daniel just shook her head and smiled as if he was remembering some sweet memory but suddenly his smile faded away and sadness was overloaded on his face.
Swan was more than the friend he understood what was playing in the mind of daniel. He sighed and said " dani how long are you going to hide the truth, what about anna have you thought anything about her how badly she is going to hurt when she comes to know you are not her brother whom she believes more than god if she comes to know you just used her to? "
"I don't want to hurt her you know right. You know how much I care about her I can't bear to see her hurt a little, I can't bear losing her. I fear, became sad when I thought about a consequence when she is going to know the truth"
Swan didn't speak just looked at daniel. After a long pause Daniel said " swan, Do you know what I fear most is she is going to hate me I don't want her to hate me.......... " he spoke for a long time and all he talked was just about anna in today conversation every topic start from anna and end on anna and the one talking was just daniel and swan was just as an invisible who is present their just to listen.
Swan doesn't know what to say he had never seen daniel this much helpless not even when his parent have died he just listened for a long time and looked at the drunk daniel who was just babbling " anna is very beautiful, cute innocent, she loves me so much and respect every elder you know how lovely she is he I am sorry for Her every time I face her I felt guilty you know my heartache so much ........ . " murmuring this and that he slept like a cute baby as if he is afraid to lose his favorite toy and want to preserve it so badly but he knew he can't.
After a long time, he put daniel on the bed and called his colleague and said "I can't come today something important comes so you Have to work. On my behalf too overtime sorry"
At 6 pm, Daniel woke up and sat looked here and there and found. He was still in the hotel suite he picked his phone and saw there were many calls from his assistant and other he put the mobile on the table and went to the bathroom he became fresh and came out only to found out that swan was still here.
He was surprised to see this workaholic guy stay the whole day here and asked" didn't you go back to the hospital "
Swan looked up and smirked and said" you didn't let me go when I was going you grabbed my leg hahaha dani I hadn't imagine this to be happened" swan just said in fun
" No, I didn't huh in your dream you can imagine that, "Daniel said and thought I slept longer I didn't know-how maybe because I hadn't slept well last night and let's go turned around saying "I have to go mansion anna might be waiting for me "
Swan listened and asked " daniel do you love anna as a woman?

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