Once She Used To Be His Sister
By Chetssyav
Date: December 30, 2021
Ch. 6Anna is the dog of Li's mansion

Anna is the dog of Li's mansion

Looking at Elizabeth Ashley frightened and went back to anna, take the hand of anna and put on a pitiful face like a child who is wronged.
Looking the face of Ashley Anna doesn't know what to do and say so she shook her head helplessly and said to Elizabeth "Leave her let's go to class first at lunch break we will discuss this let's see what can we do "with that anna went to the class looking at anna back Elizabeth sighed and shook her head and entered the classroom.
Ashley looked at them and walked slowly on her tiptoe like a child who did a blunder mistake and is frightened to face their parents.
When anna entered the class Isabela's friend who is waiting for isabella couldn't see isabella so one of them named Saul Lei come forward and said to anna " hey you girl? " in a very rude tone if he was a proud king and anna was his slave.
Anna looked toward her with a questioning look and pointed toward herself "me? "
"yes you where is isabella isn't she coming to the school today ? " asked Saul with the disgusting looked as if he was feeling disgusted to talk with Anna.
Elizabeth who was standing behind anna was watching all this and become red with anger listening to the way Saul was taking to anna as if he is treating her as a street dog, Elizabeth pulled anna behind her and said sarcastically " do you mistook Anna as an informed or postman of isabella who provides information if she will come to college or not firstly she is not bound to answer your question and........... "
Anna who was in a dilemma why Elizabeth is overreacting saw that Sharul face had red with anger and anna still had no idea how to deal with the problem caused by Ashley. Hence she didn't want to get into another problem with isabella's friend.
While Ashley looking at the fierce behavior of Elizabeth she was thinking few moments before if Anna hadn't stopped Elizabeth she would be beaten to hell by Elizabeth. She thought good was good luck for her that she was not beaten.
Elizabeth was lecturing Sarul continuously looking at this Anna cut off and pulled Elizabeth to show the gesture to calm down and was about to say " Sorry on the behalf of Elizabeth and that isabella..... "
But before she could complete Sharul said "Elizabeth you don't know but for your kind information anna is the dog of Li's mansion and the dog should know where about of their master you know"
Listening to this Elizabeth who had just shut her mouth because of Anna was not completely claim so after listening she was triggered thinking how could anyone bully her only bestie in front of her so about to kick sarul but was again stopped by Anna.
After stopping Elizabeth from entering in a fight she turned her head toward the Sharul and showed calm smiled said " Isabella is not coming to school today cause she had suffered from some allergy and her face is swollen. "
With that Anna, Elizabeth and Ashley went to their bench and put their bag while Ashley who was most talkative in their group was sitting on one side as if she didn't exist and observing Elizabeth's Expression.
About ten minutes later Elizabeth was calmed down by Anna, saw the frightened look on Ashley, and couldn't help laughing and said to Ashley "why are you looking like this at me am I going to eat you? "
Ashley smiled awkwardly and murmur "no I thought you are not only going to eat me but also give my bones to dogs....... " Anna was sitting in the middle so she could hear it and laughed out loud on listening but Elizabeth couldn't hear and said "what did you said I couldn't hear it can you repeat it "
Ashley straightened her back and said " no nothing I... I just said that your so cool Eliza when you were lecturing that dumbass Sarul I just admire your courage I became your fan today onward hehe, right Anna our Eliza was super cool right " and looked at anna making a cute face to say yes.
Anna laughed and said "yes our Eliza is so brave"
On hearing both girls praising her she smiled and said proudly " oh that, that's nothing, in fact, I am far more brave and cool than that and my girls you don't have to be afraid of anyone you can you anything I am always there for you "
Ashley said " so you will help us with senior's problem right"
Elizabeth was a little nervous while remembering senior but she can't do anything she had just praised proudly herself just now, she can't back off now otherwise she would make a joke of herself so she nodded her head and said "of course.. Offcourse you have me girls " and was about to cry thinking about senior and her nervousness was clearly seen on her face.
Anna laughed and Ashley said " yes, yes we have you " but anna interrupted Ashley and said " but by your face is red are you afraid of senior "
Elizabeth said " huh who is afraid "
While Ashley pinched anna and said faintly "are trying to get me beaten by Elizabeth stop your nonsense plz " and looked at Elizabeth and said " yes who said Elizabeth is afraid it's a little hot today so her face is red and look at my cheeks they are also red " with that, she turned her head to other side and pinched her both cheeks and turned her head.

Anna chuckled and said to Ashley that "you are being good day by day at buttering, where did you learn all these from? "

Ashley glared at anna and said "can you please not behave like a bitch."

Anna smirked showing devilish smile as if she is going to do something crazy

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