Once She Used To Be His Sister
By Chetssyav
Date: December 30, 2021
Ch. 4I am going to date ruby

Daniel was shocked by her sudden behavior and he suddenly remembered she used to do the same when she used to go to school and smiled appeared on his face and he watched anna running like a rabbit although he couldn't see her entering college as they stoped their Maybach but he could imagine her running up to the entrance of the college.
About 10 min later grabiel was still waiting for daniel's order so that he could start Maybach cause it was so eye-catching and since the university is near area is naturally crowded but daniel hadn't said anything yet so Garbiel looked at his boss and asked " boss are we going company you have met at 10 am. "
Daniel listened to the grabiel, looked at his watch, and finally said " postponed the meeting to 11 am and first go to the doctor swan". Grabiel nodded and start the Maybach and headed to the HEST hospital where doctor swan worked. Swan was the childhood and best friend of daniel. And he also comes from a rich family. Daniel was replying to email on the way to the hospital.
Daniel's car was heading towards HEST hospital on the other side swan was checking on the patient. After 15 min They reach the HEST hospital. Grabiel said"sir we reached hospital " finally Daniel who was busy with work showed the gesture of ok by nodding and picked his phone to call swan. After the two ringing call was connected " hello Dani how did you miss me today " a pleasant voice came from another end of the phone. Daniel smirked " who the fuck is missing you picked up your fucking ass and come to the entrance of your hospital I am waiting," said inking liked attitude but swan said" hey you heartless demon I am on duty and I can't come and who do you think you are that I am going to be crazy form your one call and come to you. I will meet you at 9 pm when I will be free "after listening this daniel ended the call.
Grabiel said, " boss are we going to wait for dr swan here".Daniel said, "no, we are going to his office" with that Daniel get off the car, entered the hospital, and strode towards dr swan's office, grabiel was following. Once they reach dr swan's office daniel showed grabiel the gesture to wait at the door. Grabiel nodded and Daniel entered the office where dr swan had just finished checking his patient.
Swan was handsome, neatly dressed with one hair strand falling on their forehead that makes him look extremely handsome, Noble, and gentle the same as every girl wishes for their Prince Charming.
Dr. Swan raised their head and was stunted for a movement and said" dani why are you here didn't I said I am going to meet you at 9 pm"
Daniel laughed sarcastically and said" do you think I will wait till 9 pm lets go to the laban hotel I have something to discuss. " Dr swan playfully showed his eyes and said "oh my dear dani what if I say I am not going"
Daniel looked at dr swan and said" darling, do you think you have a choice if you are not going it's ok don't ok I am then going to date your sweetheart ruby how about this do you think is it a good idea "
(**Ruby, Swan, Daniel, Adam, isabella are the childhood best buddies who grew together )
Listening to what daniel said remain speechless Open his mouth "aaaaa....... "looking at dr swan appearance he laughed like a king who won the battle and said" so are you going or not if not then I going and " with that he stand up and when reached the door he was thinking why is this bastard no coming behind me didn't my trump card worked so turned around to see if the swan is coming or not.
When daniel turned he chuckled by looking at dr swan in the same position with a wide mouth open and hence Daniel had opened the door grabiel could also see what is happening he too chuckled by looking at dr swan.
Daniel heard the chuckle of Garbiel and a proud smile appeared on his face as he won the battle which he covered immediately by his poker face and said so seriously as if he is discussing some important in meeting " swan it doesn't matter if you don't want to go I can understand how busy are you but at least close your Stinky mouth as you know flies are attracted by dirty stuff and like sitting and eating on dirt ."
This time grabiel couldn't control himself and let out a loud laugh while dr swan was red with anger and said" dani are you kidding me you know your brother swan-like ruby how could you threaten me with ruby saying you are going on a date you bastard try it once by going on a date with her we would be no brothers"
"oh, swan why are you this red are you having a fever oh no. Ok. You rest I going to meet ruby " Daniel said teasing dr swan.
Swan Immediately react and said " I don't have any fever let's go I am going with you no need to include ruby " as dr swan complete his word daniel move out of the room looking at daniel back dr swan also walked out of the room with daniel muttered " bastard you are going to be single all your life this is my curse...... " daniel listened and smirked and said "sorry but your dream or curse whatever is not going to be true cause I am eligible handsome bachelor many girls are waiting for my one gestured you know haha "

Swan smiled and said "in many girls my ruby is not the one to be count. "

Daniel smirked and said "Dare me? "

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