Once She Used To Be His Sister
By Chetssyav
Date: December 30, 2021
Ch. 3Anna kissed Daniel

The next morning Anna woke up, did her daily routine, and run to the daniel library where every morning daniel does his work but she found that the library was locked, she was surprised cause it was very occasional for daniel not to be found in a library, thinking why brother is not in the library she went toward daniel room and knock the door two times but there was no response.
She was about to knock on the door the third time her eye fell on isabella and she remembered how isabella beat her yesterday and didn't let her go to brother daniel birthday but she didn't want to keep any grudge neither with aunt sasa nor with isabella, after all, they were all family member living under the safe roof so she didn't tell anything to daniel about yesterday although she was still sad, she chooses to let go.
So when she saw her she smiled and nodded but isabella ignored her as if anna doesn't exist there and passed by her but isabella was angered to death by seeing her cause it was due to anna her face was still swollen and she was not able to attend college today .she had her planned to go to the bar with her friends but it was all ruined. isabella only know how she suppressed her anger cause she can't do anything cause it was strict order of daniel to not tell anna about the night incident otherwise she would be again punished
And she doesn't know how harshly would be this time. When Isabella was passing by anna ignoring her. Anna felt that something was wrong with Isabelle and she finally found Isabella's face wasn't normal so she stopped isabella and asked innocently " Bella what's wrong with your face are you ok?"
After listening to anna question Isabelle anger was on the top floor and she glanced with red-eye at anna and said " first thing don't call me Bella you are not the closet one of mine to call me isabella and secondly what happened to me why my face is swollen or I am well or not well is not your concerned and lastly I am not bound to answer your question, so don't yourself to ask anything and if you are shameless enough to ask me any question I will not give a fuck to your question then don't blame me to being rude" and then left arrogantly moving her hips.
Anna remained dumbfounded by listening to isabella's lecture hadn't thought for her small guessed she would hear this big lecture she was engulfed in her thought about what happened to Isabelle that she gave her this big lecture without any reason and what happened to her face actually. The way Isabelle had to react seem like it was anna due to whom her face was swollen but she doesn't know what exactly happened, as she was thinking the door of daniel room opened and with the sound of opening the door anna came back to her sense and turned around only to found that Daniel was standing at the door with faint dark circle under his eye.
Anna smiled innocently at daniel and said" good morning brother " daniel nodded and both entered the room.
Anna sat on his bed and asked " brother what happened to you haven't you slept nicely at night why do you have dark circles, plus I also noticed there is something wrong with isabella's face, was there something wrong with the food at a party or what? "
Daniel said" no there is nothing wrong it's just that I slept late last night there was some affair of the company so it took me a little extra time to complete, and about isabella don't have any idea maybe she is allergic "
Anna seems to be convinced by daniel's explanation so she nodded but she seems to have some more questions so she said:" brother I want to ask.... "
She was going to ask something but she was interrupted by daniel saying"no more question-answer now go get ready and come for breakfast otherwise you are again going to be late "
Anna nodded and was about to go out but stopped at the door and said " brother i....... "
daniel smiled for a second seeing the sister behavior that she was reluctant to leave him but he suddenly covers his smile pulling his long face and turned around and said"Anna I said no more taking go and get ready " with that daniel turned around and faces toward bathroom and anna went to her room.
On the other side isabella was tossing things on her makeup table and aunt sasa was stopping her" Bella are you crazy what's the point of throwing these things here and there stop it"
"then what can I do you say I got punished for that mental girl who doesn't know anything except eating and sleeping, I am. Your own daughter but you aren't able to protect me" Isabelle said crying and shouting at sasa.
"I am sorry my dear I am really sorry I couldn't protect you mom is really sorry for this," said aunt sasa approaching isabella. " my dear, my sweetheart, my princess calm down ok mom you take revenge for you later ok"
Isabella seems to be convinced a little and didn't say anything sat down on the bed. For nearly 20 min mom and daughter talked and made a vicious plan for anna and went to the dining hall for breakfast fast, as they entered the dining hall their eye fell on brother and sister. Daniel was reading news on mobile and having breakfast and at the same time, Anna was eating pancake with her head down.
Isabella was about to say something her mother pinches her hand said this is not the right time. And they headed toward the dining table and sat on their chair. A servant came and serve them breakfast. Anna had completed pancake on her plate and was about to stand up and go out of the room Daniel said to servent " give hot milk to the miss "
After listening daniel anna pouted and said "brother plz no milk I can't eat and drink anything Plz" anna try her best to plead with daniel but she didn't succeed and had to drink a glass of milk.
Anna showed an empty glass of milk to daniel and said "I have finished it can I go now "
Daniel nodded and said let me drop you today I am also going in the same direction. Anna became Happy smiled.
As Daniel opened the door for anna. Emily arrived and said, " Dani are you going to the company if yes plz give me also lift my car broke our way is also the same so I thought it would be ok ".Dani is the nickname Emily gave daniel when they were young and she called daniel dani most of the time.
anna listened to Emily she wasn't willing to go with Emily because it is rare for daniel to drop anna and want to be alone with her brother so but she can't do anything except waiting for daniel to reply.
For anna surprise, Daniel said " Emily I am sorry but I am not going company directly I have some work on the way to anna college so I can't give you a lift but I will ask the driver to send you where you wanna go " with that daniel turned around and nodded to the diver. The driver immediately took the car and went to Emily. Emily smiled and said "dani it's ok I can wait for you, you take your time and after you complete your work we can go together you don't need to bother driver uncle" but daniel said, " no Emily might take me half a day there and you have your work you go with driver ".Now she didn't have anything to say so she smiled and entered the car but she doesn't want to go with a driver it was not that her car was broken but she wants to go with daniel so she lied. She sighed and rested on her back and the car went.
Another side anna was so happy .daniel looked at her smile and felt like he was seeing cherry blossom in winter his heart melted. And said " what are you smiling at go sit on seat "
Anna nodded and sat in the back seat of a car and daniel assistant grabiel open the car for daniel and daniel sat next to anna and grabiel on the driver seat and headed toward anna school and seems to be very happy and held daniel arm like a baby and looked up and said"brother don't step out of the car when we reach my college ok"
Daniel who was reading the email on his laptop after listening to anna was confused and asked: "why did you say this? "
Anna laughed crazily and said " you are very handsome my colleague and another college girl will fall for you and they may start following me to get information about and can also ask me your number at that time what could I do? "
After listening to anna daniel tugged anna head and said"from where did you get this rubbish in your mind "
Anna sighed thinking his brother is so innocent and doesn't know anything so she explained it "brother are you serious don't you know in dramas when handsome and rich. a guy comes out of car then every girl will open their mouth and they all will fall in love with that guy and keep pestering any nearest one of that guy to get number and other information "
After listening to what anna told daniel smiled for a second and with giving time to others to recognized that he smiled he make a poker face and looked away from the laptop and fixed his gaze at anna and said " from today all your drama watching is banned " and immediately looked away to ignored anna making pity face although she makes it in front of daniel just by acting he can't further push her so looked away.
Anna said innocently "but why what's the problem with me watching the drama"
Daniel stared at an email on laptop and said " problem is that your mind is being like garbage full of rubbish by watching it"
Listening to the conversation between Daniel and anna grabiel couldn't control his laughter and laugh.
Daniel glanced at grabiel and said"dare to laugh at anna"
Gabriel felt stressed and said "no sir I didn't listen to anything and I didn't laugh at all"
Anna had made face after listening to daniel saying her brain was full of garbage and locked way outside the window
Anna college was about to arrive anna said "stop the car you can't go there if any noticed your car that might create a trouble for you and it's only about 5 min from here I can go on myself "
With that, she suddenly gave bye kiss to daniel on the cheeks and left without giving him a chance daniel to react

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