Once She Used To Be His Sister
By Chetssyav
Date: December 30, 2021
Ch. 2You're my world

Looking at Anna sad daniel brush his finger on anna's hair and said in a gentle voice " I am sorry my princess I won't be late again forgive me this time
" anna was little convinced with him but still she hadn't got an answer to her second question so she said again " forgiving you for you became late is no that difficult cause I am willing to wait for you but........." she said this in a very innocent way with red teary eyes.
After looking at her in such an appearance daniel's face darken and he felt like his heart was grabbed and squeezed by several hands.
Daniel adjust his mood a little bit and coaxed her like a child saying "what happens to my Anna why there is tear in the eyes of my baby "
Then she said " brother Daniel am I really so ugly or not obedient, not well mannered that like aunt sasa, Isabelle, uncle and you all are not willing to take me with you ? or do you also think I am a mentally retarded person? "
she said and hugged daniel hand facing down
Daniel did not speak for a long time and finally sighed and said gently " I am really sorry anna but I can't help it you know but believe in your brother that one day I will tell everyone who are you and what you belong to me, do you have faith in me?"
"yes," said Anna, and her mood was much better than before.
Suddenly daniel said in a deep voice " and one more thing you are not ugly you are the most beautiful one in the whole world did you get it "
Anna giggled and said, "yes sir hehe, I got it but I still want to know where is my cake didn't you bring it huh?"
Daniel took out the cake from his back and said " here it is my master, ok come here near the table " she went near the table and sat on the chair and they both cut the cake and were laughing and giggling.
Although Daniel had already lavishly celebrated his birthday in the hall for him it was no more than a business party and businessman gathering for company affairs.
Actually, for him, he was celebrating his birthday now. " Anna you are my world this is why I wanna protect you if anything happened to my world where would I exist "
Daniel faintly said that anna didn't listen to it. Daniel is not the one whom the whole business knows when is he with anna he is extremely gentle and considerate.
No one could have imagined a handsome hunk, devil of the business world, and youngest CEO who have achieved this place at such young age and was such a devil who always makes poker face that no one dares to talk to him directly was laughing and giggling like a child and look this much gentle when he is with anna.
He is the opposite of his character when is with anna.
As anna emerged in childishly eating her cake.
Suddenly a deep voice comes from over her head "it's enough for today to go to bed it's really late tomorrow morning you have a class you have to get up early ."
Anna smile in a silly way and said "Brother let me eat it a few more bite plz " She was acting like a baby cause she knows daniel can't refute her when she acts this way.
But Daniel didn't give her any chance and picked her like an in his arm and went to the bathroom and put her down and said "take bath and go to bed there is no but"
Anna had no choice so she nodded and Daniel went out of the bathroom closing the bathroom door for anna.
And started cleaning her room by picking a plate on the table, make a bed for anna and he left.
At the door outside the room, he orders the maid to take the plate away, and glanced at the bodyguard deeply in a devious way, and said "come to the living room and asked every family member except anna and grandpa to immediately come into the living room right now just within a minute" with that he left.
When everyone went to the living room where he was sitting lazily on the sofa like a king. Aunt sasa said " what happened daniel why are you gathering us this time "
But deep inside she guessed maybe it was because of anna's slap incident so she glanced at Isabelle who was coming downstairs with a sleepy appearance by rubbing her eye.
She asked arrogantly " mom what is happening don't you know I have class tomorrow why you all are gathering here at this time"
And Isabelle came forward and stood beside the Sasa leaning on her. looking at Isabelle's appearance she pinched her and said: " standstill it's not me who called everyone downstairs, it's Daniel ."
As soon as she heard daniel's name she became sober and finally noticed the gaze of daniel.
He was looking at Isabelle as if he was extremely disgusted by her. And finally, uncle robin came.
After 1 min one member was still missing. So, Daniel asked " where is Kelvin why he is not here? "
Aunt sasa said "Oh my dear you know kelvin, when he comes home one time a week this time he had gone outing with his friends. " Daniel didn't say anything just listened and sneered with a half side of lip slightly upward. Then he stands up from the sofa and looked at everyone one by one with a half-smile On his face which makes his face look extremely handsome and devilish.
Uncle Robin asked a little angrily "Daniel what is this, is this time to disturb everyone from sleep? "
Daniel smile sarcastically and said "asked your wife and daughter why did I disturb you all at this time. "
Robin glanced at his wife and daughter and said " what did you two do again? "
Aunt Sasa said, " what do you mean we did again? "
Isabella also said "I didn't do anything and what are you talking about Daniel can you clear it "
Although she said so but deep inside she guessed it must be related to Anna.
Daniel asked lazily"what you did to anna? " Isabella was tensed but she pretended to be calm and asked " what happened to Anna, is she all right, and do you mean what I did to her "
Daniel looked at her hypocritical nature and couldn't help but felt more disgust. He knows that either mother or daughter had a hand behind it.
But they are not only not admitting their mistake but also pretended to be clean and innocent this makes him extremely angry and he roars " I asked who did it? " it was very loud that everyone's back was stiffed.
Isabella trembled so aunt Isabella said "sorry daniel I wasn't intensional it was just a mistake let me go this time, ok it won't happen again"
Aunt sasa also pleased daniel " yes my son. Isabella is also your sister she did it today it will not repeat after all I am your aunt and treat you and anna as my own child, let isabella go this time ok "
But if Daniel will be pleased by them then he is not daniel he looked at her and said ok this time I will let her go one last time but at only one condition.
Aunt sasa said what is it say it she will definitely do it
"aunt sasa you slap her 10 each time heavily on both side," Daniel said
Isabella stomped her foot and said "I won't agree to this"
"Let's see "daniel smirked
Robin was shocked and said"daniel what are you saying how could you do this "
" I can not only do this but Also more than this do you wanna see, "Daniel said and sit on the sofa lazily thin his both hand resting on the back of the sofa and said "start"
Aunt sasa said "I am sorry my sweetheart, " to Isabelle but Isabelle was reluctant to accept the fact that she was going to get slap because of mental girl what's good in that girl.
As aunt sasa put the stone on her heart and was about to slap Isabelle suddenly a voice came from Sofa "if a slap isn't heavy it won't be counted "
Isabella was not ready to get slap she was looking pitifully at her father as he could help her but suddenly a heavy slap fell on her cheek her body shook as she loses her balance
After she got 10 slaps on each cheek her face was numb she couldn't feel anything as it looked like a red balloon and tear were falling.
Daniel stood up and said don't let anna know about this otherwise next time it will be harsher with that he left.
She looked at her mom and ran toward her own room and lock herself.
In the living room, aunt sasa was also crying she had never beat her daughter since a child but today she........
Uncle Robin said " are you happy now I always tell you not to do anything recklessly there is a way to do everything but who listened to me now see our daughter got punished harshly. "
He sighed and left the room.
On the other side, anna was sleeping after taking a bath she had no idea what was going on downstairs.
Daniel before entering his room he went to anna's room and stood at the door see-through cat-eye and saw anna was sleeping so he left.
He went to his library his eye fell on the album so he took it out and started seeing old photos and emerged in thought.
After a long time, he went room took bath, and went to bed.

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