Love Story Of Hybrid Luna
By ARCwriter
Date: December 30, 2021
Ch. 3A Way Out 1

* A few Hours Earlier In Fire Blood pack of Wolveshire Stronghold *
“What? You found your mate?” Betty asked Frank, surprised.
“You were lonely after your father passed away. Now you’ve got a partner. You’ll be alright now that you got to share your pain and joy with,” Ned said.
“I also couldn’t believe it when I first met her, but my wolf recognized my mate,” Frank said.
“Yes! and now our pack will be livelier than before,” Betty added.
“After you’re all ready, we will meet her and bring her here,” Frank said, blushing.
“But from which pack is she?” She asked.
“I didn’t ask her about that.”
“huh! sigh!” she sighed.
“You were busy doing lovey-dovey stuff that you didn’t ask her name,” she doted at him.
“Let’s go if you will only fight like that,” Ned intervened.
(At the camp now)
‘How can I be a vampire? I felt something unfamiliar, but it was unexpected,’ I thought.
Ned approached me and checked. He nodded and turned to Frank.
“Alene is a hybrid,” He said.
“She will either change into a vampire or a werewolf,” He added.
I looked at Douard for an answer. He nodded his head.
I couldn’t grasp sudden interaction with Betty, but now I seemed in an ambiguous situation.
“You are born of a vampire and a werewolf, Alene. But it is uncertain what you will become after your 17th birthday,” Douard said.
“what’s there to become? I sense a vampire in her. If she stays that way, it will be troublesome for our pack,” Betty said.
She looked at Frank.
“What will you do, Frank?” she asked.
I looked at him with pleading eyes, expecting sympathy. He looked into my eyes.
“My mate is a werewolf. And my wolf recognized Alene. Even if she gets abandoned, I will go with her.” He said.
Deep down, Frank hoped I would turn into a werewolf instead of a vampire in my coming-of-age. His unwavering decision and love for me made my heart swell up.
Douard looked very pleased with the decision. But…
“How foolish! It’s ridiculous. Can’t you see what she will become? She is a walking hazard and will bring disaster if let be.” Betty sneered.
She thought differently and didn’t believe in me. From the beginning, she saw me as a danger, but nothing more. I don’t know what is truth and what will happen. Hoping that everything will become right as time passes, I stood silent.
“Betty, it is still not clear that she will only become a vampire. What if she turns into a werewolf and becomes a deserving partner for Frank?” Ned tried to calm the situation.
It was not worth fighting for a uncertain. His words gave me hope and calmed me. Everything unfolded fast. Various things happened.
“But I love Frank and can even face the very death too,” I wailed.
“Nothing changes from changing words and denying the fact which will come in the face,” Betty said, still indifferent to the situation.
“Enough!” Ned shouted.
“Don’t stretch the matter. We need to discuss it with everyone.” He said.
“Informing pack members of what she is and finding a better way to deal with the situation is important,” He added.
“Let’s go for now,” Ned said, shooting his hands in the air.
“We’ll meet soon,” Frank said.
All of them left me, with disturbing news behind.
I am at a crossroads in my life. And it’s become really tough to choose one part. ‘I would wish to pause for a moment and ease out,’ I thought.
That’s when Douard had called me ten times already.
“Alene! Are you there?” Saya snapped me to senses.
William and Saya looked tense. I was a typical city girl with a knack of exploration and ruin hunting, but now my very own life has gone movie-course. ‘It’s not true, right? It can’t be?’ I thought.
“Professor, how… how did you always know about that all and not even once revealed to me about it?” I asked.
“I… it’s upsetting to tell you now suddenly but, it’s true and from what I think, Frank is your chosen mate.” He answered.
“What? what is that?” Saya exclaimed.
“Its partner is already chosen when you have a wolf inside you. Alene’s wolf also appears with a partner of its very own.” Douard added.
Yeah. It was the fact, but what Betty said earlier looked doubtful.
“Douard! What do you mean by that? I am a hybrid. Am I a vampire or a werewolf?” I asked.
“Not one of them, but could be both, as you are an unusual one. And taking both is unsafe when two alternate blood inside you will battle for their very own vessel!” Douard’s face grimaced as he said that.
William, who was holding without a word, looked serious. Saya had previously told me he turned into our exploratory team member for my sake. He loved me secretly. I feel terrible for him.
Well, now I am a mate, a Luna of Alpha Frank. Frank proposed to me and his eyes and scent both hypnotized me. His gaze and heartbeat make me restless.
But what is this unexpected complication in my path of first love? I am clear it’s leading to a thorny one. Besides, anything happens. It’s my fate and I can't argue with it.
“Will I die when I turn 18?” I asked, troubled.
“That I don’t know.” Douard said.
Frank is Alpha of his pack and it’s complicated for him even to move against his pack for me. It’s awfully baffling to realize life led me to this crossroad.
(Frank’s POV)
Next morning.
In the Fire Blood pack of Wolveshire Stronghold.
‘I didn’t mean to leave you like that, but it’s necessary to learn the truth. Alene, please bear with it,’ I thought.
That’s when Ned appeared behind.
“Frank, do you realize? In what situation are we now?” Ned raised his tone.
He is very mature, and his opinion is a lifeline for the pack’s security. Fire Blood pack is the enemy of vampires for many generations. It was a fight in the past which led to our pact to break and start an unusually crucial situation in between.
“Jake and his beta members will oppose, knowing Alene has vampire blood in her. Jake always sought for even the slightest of a chance of going against you and now you offer it willingly.” Ned yelled at me as if he was my mother.
“Betty, where is Martha? Call her here!”
“Humph! OK. Just a minute.”
She is my sparring partner and we know each other closely. But I have withheld a secret from her.
She didn’t like being avoided. But indeed a slim chance of finding more about hybrids is crucial.

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