By RizzEditions
Date: December 22, 2021

“Mhmm… Faster, Woo-ah…”

“Patience, baby. You're being a little too desperate tonight, love.” The latter teased the other but increased his thrusting speed nonetheless.

The other man underneath Jungwoo made heavily raspy sounds and that just made Jungwoo to speed up even more. “What do you expect from me when my boyfriend is a heavenly sinful person who has wrecked me by every single part.

Jungwoo kissed the latter sloppily sucking almost his entire face in hunger. The other man giggled lightly as they pulled apart. “You love being wrecked by me. Don't you? My little Moon?”

“All the time. Everytime.” Taeil whispered and was about to pull the younger in another kiss but their moment was interrupted by Taeil's phone ringing.

Taei went off the bed and grabbed his phone from the nightstand and gulped when he saw the caller ID. He motioned Jungwoo to stay silent as he picked up the call.

“Yahh! Byun Taeil! Where are you? Are you already there? Have you already met him?” Came from the other side from a high pitched voice.

“I'm just on my way Dad. I'll reach there in a moment. Is he already there?”

A grunt could be heard on the other line. “I am not some nosy person to ping him all over again. And I don't want you to be unmannered in front of him as well. He's a very well mannered gentleman and I'm damn sure that this time you're gonna say yes.”

Taeil rolled his eyes at the other man's rant. “We'll see, Dad. But for that, I gotta focus on my way so can I hang up now?”

“Yeah sure. And please Taeil-ah, do try to look forward this time.” With that, the latter hung up and Taeil just sighed.

“Was it your dad?" Jungwoo asked while back hugging the latter. Taeil turned to him and nodded sadly. “What is it this time?”

Taeil exhaled in a stressing way before answering. “Just another one of his scheduled blind dates for me with probably some ignorant kid from any of his contacts.” Jungwoo chuckled at Taeil's whining, receiving a smack in return. “Can't we just marry already? Otherwise my dad would probably set me up with a living ATM.”

The younger giggled. “We sure will, babe. Just give me some time. I obviously would need to hold a stable profile before meeting my in-laws. Wouldn't you like when your dad will appreciate our relationship, baby?”

Taeil stopped pouting and smiled at his lover nodding his head in agreement. Jungwoo kissed him and blessed him for another boring date.


The rant and lecture of Baekhyun kept circulating in Taeil's head as he waited for his date.

It had already been an hour and the person hadn't appeared. Taeil was a bit afraid and guilty that he was a little late and he really didn't like to keep people waiting. And when his dad informed him about the person being well mannered, the first thing that came to his mind was an on time person. But here he was, waiting for hours in loneliness and boredom. “And dad said, I don't want you to be unmannered, Byun Taeil.” He mimicked his dad's tone.

Just a few minutes later, a very handsome, to be honest, man appeared. The man was a few inches taller and had greyish pink hair, plump lips, sharp eyes and the very most sharp jawline. Taeil thought he could use that as a chopper.

Taeil stood and bowed to the man. “Good evening. How are you today?” Taeil greeted cheerfully receiving a nod in return. Just a nod and nothing else. Not even a smile. Taeil already disliked his date.

They both sat and Taeil started to introduce himself. “My name is Taeil. Dad has already told you about me, I guess, Mr?”

“Lee Taeyong. And yes. I was informed by my uncle that I'm gonna meet some Taeil today.” Some Taeil, Taeil wished if he hadn't started the introductions.

“Ohh… Good. It's nice to meet you. Well, it's totally fine but, may I know what had you stuck?” Taeil asked and the latter just raised his eyebrow. “I mean, you're an on time person, right? So, you getting late by an hour is…”

“I am an on time person with no doubt. But it works differently for me. It's not me who follows the time but the time which follows me.” The latter responded with a smug smile on his face and that was actually the first time he smiled since he came.

Taeil was about to retort but the waitress appeared to take their orders. She requested them to wait for a while and left the two alone again.

“What did you just order?”

The shorter made an innocent confused look even though he knew what the younger meant and that was his exact intention. “Food.” He answered nonchalantly

Taeyong frowned at Taeil's answer. “Food? That is all just unhealthy and unhygienic junk you ordered today. Only lower standard kids eat that.”

“Guess that's why it's called junk food and I've often had VIP people around me eating the same junk. Also, it's not just today. I always eat so much of them.”

Taeyong shook his head and Taeil mentally giggled for successfully annoying the latter.

He expected another highly sophisticated opinion from the other but instead the latter asked, “I've been trying to figure from where this awful smell is coming but it seems that it's coming from you?”

The shorter scrunched his nose as he tilted his head to inhale his own scent. Ohh… He was smelling like sex. And like Jungwoo as well. The thought of Jungwoo made Taeil smile a bit but he was soon taken aback to the reality by the rich kid next to him.

“You smell like…” Taeyong pursed his lips unsure if he should complete his sentence or not.

“Didn't you shower today?” He finally concluded with the question.

Taeil blushed and giggled and Taeyong just frowned in disappointment.

“I tend to skip showers often.” He answered, still giggling and the latter seemed highly disgusted. Or more like offended. Taeil felt satisfied.

“Are you serious? That is exactly not acceptable. Especially for a person like me who is sanitized twenty four seven. You see these shoes?” The taller motioned to his footwear and Taeil just shrugged. “They're literally the billion dollar pair and even they don't have a single particle of dirt underneath them.”

Taeil felt his eyes fluttering close as he was slowly drifting to sleep since he was already done with whatever that thing, oh, his date. Yeah, it was his date. Though, he didn't care. All he wanted is just to get home and curl into his blankets dreaming about his lover all night.

Thankfully, the waitress came with their orders interrupting Taeyong's rant.

She started placing the food on the table and Taeyong scoffed in disgust as she placed the food that was ordered by Taeil. Taeyong was sliding the plates away from his side. He even tried to keep himself away from the girl's presence as if she could spread some virus and making it difficult for the girl to do her work. Her hands trembled a little while placing the glasses of drinks down and a few droplets fell on Taeyong's shirt.

“Fucking worthless thing! Are you fucking out of your mind? Do you even know how much this blazer costs? It can alone hold the rate of your entire life's earnings!”

“I-I am so-sorry Sir. I'll clean it just now.” The female was shaking in fear as her hands tried to grab the tissues but Taeil stopped her.

“Hey, it's alright. It's just a few droplets we'll sort it up. You may leave now, Miss.”

The waitress bowed while apologizing again and then disappeared as fast as she could.

Taeyong grabbed a tissue and started wiping the area where the drops fell. “These worthless bugs freak me out! What was even that hell of a thing you ordered? And this awful place. Couldn't your dad arrange something better? No wonder why you're like this. Because your parents are literally fucked up.” SPLASH!

If it was possible to open the mouth wide in three sixty degrees, then Taeyong's mouth would surely open that widely. He didn't even bother to wipe the liquid from his face or shirt as he felt his soul had left his body at that very moment.

A loud thud on the table made him flinch and he could only manage to lift his head to look at the shorter, stunned face.

“Ten won.” Taeil phrased as he tossed two coins onto the table. “A tide pouch will only cost you ten won to clean your billion dollar shirt! As well your entire existence since you for sure are an unhealthy bug that should be cleaned for a peaceful environment. This environment, including me, rejects you!”

He then bid his goodbyes.


“It's obvious that Taeyong appeared to be like that. He's Taemin's nephew and Taemin is really a nice guy. You guys too know it.”

“Baek, all the five fingers are not equal. Just because Taeminnie is nice doesn't mean that everyone in his relation would be the same. And nothing is my Taeillie's fault this time.”

Baekhyun sighed in frustration. “Dae, I'm not blaming Taeil. I'm just surprised Taeyong behaved that way to my boy.” He exclaimed as he moved his head to his son's direction who surprisingly seemed to be getting ready to go out somewhere.

“Yahh Byun Taeil! I don't remember scheduling any dates for today?” He called out to his son, taking his attention.

Taeil almost was ready to step out though he answered his father first, of course. “Going to find my man on my own before you set me up with an expensive robot.”

The eldest was about to protest but was prevented by his husband.

“Baek, he's not a little boy anymore. He can differentiate between good and bad. Let him explore and decide his life decisions on his own. We trust our Taeillie, right?”


“Can I open my eyes now? Woo-ah?”

“No! Taeillie. Have patience baby you're always so impatient.” Jungwoo exclaimed and the elder just giggled as the latter pulled him to an unknown direction.

“What do you expect when my boyfie-”

“I know, I know. Now, open your mesmerising eyes, love.”

Taeil felt fireworks in his stomach when he saw soothing lighting of real fireworks in the sky through the river. He was extremely blessed that he couldn't control himself from kissing his lover excitedly. “This is just so beautiful Woo-ah. Thank you so much for such a romantic and aesthetic scene.”

“I'm glad you liked it. Though, it's not the only thing I planned for you tonight.” Jungwoo whispered against Taeil's neck and the latter shivered at the sensation.

“But, we have already had our meals and all then what else it could be?”

Jungwoo didn't answer. Instead, he kneeled down and sprung a tiny box from his pocket making the elder gasp. This couldn't be real.

“The moon of life, the man of my dreams, Moon Taeil, will you marry me?”

And he said, “Yes!”

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