By RizzEditions
Date: December 22, 2021
Ch. 6Fifth Chapter

“And, what do you think of this one? This also seems good to be a nursery theme for both baby girl or boy. What do you say, Hyuck?”

“Let me see… Ahh… This sure looks fine. You got a great taste, Mr. Byun.”

“Aww… Now I'm not good but thanks for the compliment.”

Then Jongdae and Donghyuck, both started laughing and that made Jungwoo want to bang his head against the wall even more than he already wanted.

The last event was not enough for the young monster that he decided to stomp in when his In-law was there and pissed him even more.

The smirk and smug look were so, so clear for Jungwoo to ignore that he was giving every time when Jongdae complimented him or laughed at his land joke or especially when he said that how his and Baekhyun's choices were similar.

Jungwoo swore if he could smack Donghyuck down right there.

“Woo-ah, why don't you come here and share your reviews?” Jongdae interrogated Jungwoo, taking his attention.

Jungwoo just tried his best to smile as he answered, “No, Papa. It's fine. I'm fine with whatever you guys choose.”

Before Jongdae could protest, Taeil appeared in the living room with some study material in his hands. “Yahh! Hyuck-ah, I think we should now start with the lesson.”

“Oh come on, Taeil. Don't be such a bummer. We're just here trying to get the best ideas for house preparation for my grandchild.”

“No, Papa. He has assessments upcoming.”

They both started bickering and Donghyuck started calming them as if they were some loving family having a little family bicker and Jungwoo just wanted to throw up.

Everything just kept going wrong, stressful and irritating for Jungwoo. He did not have any thought in his mind to get things better. He could surely tell everyone everything. But, that didn't have any guarantee to keep his relationship safe. Maybe Donghyuck would be erased from his story but Taeil forgiving him and falling back in love with him didn't seem to be happening that way. And maybe Donghyuck also knew that it wouldn't work and that is why he didn't care about him revealing their secret.

He clenched his fists in rage and frustration. He was so fucked up. He was literally left with no other choice. No other option. No other way.


The surroundings were already looking as if Jungwoo had arrived at some high-tech facility, saved from anyone or everyone's approach who was not a relevant person. Though, he imagined it to be some Royal type of place having a traditional kingdom vibe and all. But he didn't pay attention to it that much since it was not his business.

He drove through the entrance and there was another guard at the gate. There were many guards and watchers to be honest. He felt obvious. He was not used to such surroundings. He had seen them only in K-Dramas or movies. But never in real life. Not till that day, at least.

“What is your name and why are you here for?” A guard asked near the gate from inside his little shelter by the gate.

“My name is Jungwoo Kim and I'm here to see Mark Lee.”

The man nodded and swiped his card and opened the gate for Jungwoo.

“Welcome, Sir. Another servant will lead you to Junior Master. Have a great day.” Jungwoo thanked the previous man and followed the next one.

He soon reached a giant building and the other opened his car door for him. “May I have your car keys, Sir? So that I can park your car?”

“Sure, sure. Thanks.” The man nodded and directed Jungwoo through the entrance and then left after taking the keys. Jungwoo suddenly started feeling kind of nervous. The door opened for him and he gulped lightly as he entered the house.

He was greeted with a woman who seemed to be another servant. She offered a tray having drinks and water on it. Jungwoo just took a sip of water. And then she led the way. She then opened a door and the inside area seemed to be a hall with fine modern furniture. None of them were colorful though. Everything was kind of blue or black giving a cold and systemic look and vibe.

Jungwoo was surely not used to such an environment.

The woman then bowed and left. Leaving Jungwoo to take steps on his own. Jungwoo went inside and there he met, a very fine young man wearing a deep pink outfit. It matched the color of his drink which seemed to be some kind of watermelon juice or something. He literally seemed as if he was a vampire Royal having his regular blood dose.

“Good evening, Sir. It's nice to see you again.” He smiled at Jungwoo as he took another sip of his drink and motioned Jungwoo to take a seat.

“Ahh… You too, Mark. And, you can just call me Jungwoo. That's fine.”

“You used the perfume I gifted you.” Mark giggled and Jungwoo felt embarrassed.

He was thinking for a more savage response but then some certain realization hit him. “So it was you?”

“Of course it was me. Aren't we each other's puzzle piece? Jesus, I even had to follow you all the way through that bar. I mean, I don't visit such low standard places but because it was needed for me to get in touch with you as well to get into work. And see, you too realized that we gotta work together in the end.” Mark started giggling lightly and of course mockingly.

“Anyways, did you like my gift?” He then asked while taking another sip of his watermelon or whatever that pink drink was.

Jungwoo frowned at his question or can say just on his words and acts. But he was even shocked to see Mark's wrist covered in bandages. But the boy still had the will to wear a watch from above those bandages. He wondered how Mark could have such an injury when he was packed and protected all the time. Maybe drunk driving or something? But then it wouldn't be his hand only. Besides, he could easily book a cab or just call his driver so it was still obvious. But then again, it was not Jungwoo's business. So he pushed the thought aside.

The previous woman excused them as she came with a few more drinks and coffee and some edible stuff which Jungwoo haven't even seen before. The woman then left and Mark motioned Jungwoo to have some food or drinks while filling his own empty glass with the same pink drink again.

Jungwoo didn't eat anything. Instead, he took the moment to look around a bit. The only people he met were staff except Mark. He wondered if his parents or siblings lived with him or not.

“Where is everyone? If you don't mind?” Jungwoo finally asked the younger hesitatingly. Well, it was also none of his business but the thing was too obvious to let just slide.

Mark swallowed the cherry he was sucking on and answered the elder, “Everyone is here. It's not easy to meet all of them though since there are so many of them.”

“No, no. I mean, your family.”

“Ohh… My relatives live in Canada and so does my Daddy.”

Daddy's princess, indeed. And that's also why the younger man had foreign accent and style.

Jungwoo thought in his mind.

“And, your mother and siblings?”

Mark stopped drinking and looked at Jungwoo in silence for a few moments making Jungwoo gulp slightly. “My mother passed away when I was around three and I never had siblings. And that really doesn't matter since I have everything I need. There is just a certain someone that I want the last in my life. And I believe you are aware of that person.”

The taller didn't actually know how to react for a second. He wanted to say sorry for asking about Mark's mother but then Mark's own perspective made him have second thoughts. He just decided to continue with the last line.

“So you and Donghyuck, you two are boyfriends, right?”

“Were.” The younger man corrected. “Since your pretty little husband already snatched my lover away, we are no more together as of now. Such a pretty little whore your husband is…”

“Okay, okay. Can we just get to the point?” Jungwoo asked to cut Mark's rant on his husband.

“What are you up to?” He added.

Mark leaned forward slowly and looked sharply in Jungwoo's eyes. He then smirked and said, “I have a plan.”

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