By RizzEditions
Date: December 22, 2021
Ch. 4Third Chapter

“Okay class, this was all for today's session. Next week, make sure to revise all the topics we studied today because class assessments will be starting soon so I'm also gonna take a quick test before that for everyone's better preparation. Is that clear?”

A “Noted Professor Qian.” could be heard in mixed voices as the students answered their professor in unison while exiting the hall.

“Yahh! Haechannie! Let's go grab lunch together.”

Donghyuck looked at his pink haired friend who approached them as they walked through the hallways. He didn't say anything though. Just shrugging cluelessly. It worried his friends.

“Hyuck-ah, is something wrong? You haven't been eating anything properly, lately. And you are even looking down. Especially today. Is something up? You can tell us. We will try our best to get your back, bro.”

The sunkissed man smiled at his friends as they tried to console him. He sure was a lucky man to have such friends and a lover in his life. However, fate wasn't really by his side. At least not lately. “I'm sorry for getting you guys worried but I'm fine, Renjun-ah. Just need… Some time alone to fix up some stuffs. I hope you understand.”

Renjun sighed in concern and tapped on Donghyuck's shoulder caressing him lightly. “Of course, Hyuck-ah. We sure understand if you are having a hard time. But I just want to remind you that we're here and always will be in case you need us. Okay?” He explained and Donghyuck smiled thankfully at them.

“Sure, Renjun-ah. And thanks. Also you, Jaemin. I'll meet you probably after lunch and I think you should get going since it's getting late, already.”

They both nodded and then started parting their ways to the cafeteria reminding Donghyuck one last time to not worry.

Donghyuck made his way to the library so that he can do his work in silence and relax, as well. But most of all, he felt Taeil's presence there as that was one of their meeting spots. And because today he was freaking stressed out, he definitely needed to soothe himself.

He soon reached his destination and comforted himself at the spot where they used to sit. He was about to spring his laptop out but he saw that the patch he had put on his wrist was loosening. “Oh crap!” He cursed as he tossed his bag aside after taking some unused patches from it. The last encounter he had with Jungwoo was still getting on his nerves. He somehow covered the bruises he had on his face properly but the swelling and ache he had in his arms upper body was still at their best.

He was also still furious and wondering as to how the said man got to know the certain thing. Not he was afraid or something. But it was kind of suspicious since to Donghyuck, the giant man didn't seem that of a smartass.

“Ahh…” He hissed lightly at sensation as he removed the loosened patches. “Damn! fucker really had some power in his smacks.”

He was about to put the fresh patch on his arm but was distracted by a newly entered voice.

“How does it feel to make love with your professor and have kids with him?”

The voice was already enough to increase the level of his rage but the statement was just stabbing into his chest.

He looked up at the owner of the voice and immediately clenched his fists. “So it was you.”

The latter chuckled lightly. “Can say.”

“The fuck you got in this matter!” Donghyuck shouted at the latter while standing from his and turning towards the latter's direction entirely.

“Because, I love you all the way and I have my own ways.”

Donghyuck approached the latter and gripped onto his wrist roughly. Wrenching in the moment making the other groan in pain.

“It is not love, Mark! It is just your obsession! Your stubbornness! I am not in love with you and never will be. I have always seen you as a friend and actually wanted to continue with our friendship. But you proved yourself to be a stubborn richtard who can't get over the facts that money can't buy love. You can't buy my love.”

“Money can't buy love but money can buy the ways to get love. And I'll get you, my love.” Donghyuck did not say anything. Instead, he pushed the elder through the book aisle by the wall and pinned him by front, making a few books fall from their place and the latter hissing in pain as his head hit the shelf.

“Ahh… Hyuck-ah stop it. It- ahh…”

The younger man did not let the other finish his request for mercy as he gripped on his glass watch and crushed it roughly making both their hands bleed as a few pieces stung in their flesh and the rest falling to the ground.

Mark started shedding tears as he felt the glass injecting into his skin and the wetness on his wrist was increasing drastically. “Donghyuck, please! Stop! It hurts. My hand is stinging Mhmm…”

His voice muffled as the said man put his palm onto his mouth making it hard for him to speak or exhale.

Mark tried pushing the younger away but it only increased the force that younger had on him. He suddenly felt loosening of grip and inhaled but only to be turned around and having a pair of hands on his throat as the younger started strangling him.

The elder man started suffering in pain and sting. Fighting for a release and air as he was losing his consciousness because of the suppression on his throat. The sight was just so satisfying for


“I hate you. I fucking hate you and will always do till my last breath! Mark Lee! I am in love with Moon Taeil. Yes. I'm having kids with him because I love him and I'm more than ready to have the responsibilities of my family. To have a future with my child, with my lover who soon will be my husband.”

He pressured more onto the latter's throat making him a sobbing and coughing mess. Blood stains spreading all over his shirt.

“What are you gonna do about it? Bitch around?” The sunkissed man started laughing humorlessly at his own question and the latter just struggled to move out from his grip. “Then do it. Bitch around all the way you want. I do not fucking care. In fact, everyone can get to know about how much I love Taeil and not the disgusting unwanted being which is you! But remember one thing, my love for Taeil will always be unconditional the way it is. And my hate for you will always be the same as it is.”

He was about to almost choke the elder male to death but the ringing of the bell stopped him. He glared one last time at the latter even though his eyes were already closed. Probably at the verge of getting faint.

He then released Mark from his hold and the latter fell to the ground and started coughing messily.

Blood covering his clothes as he started to sit and caress the wound.

Donghyuck just gathered his belongings and started leaving the man but stopped after a few steps and again shooted daggers at the latter before saying, “Do any and every shit you want but, don't you even think of touching my lover. You have issued with, do all the bad you want with me. But I swear to Zeus if you cross your line. A single tear in Taeil's eyes and you will find yourself floating in your own blood pool.” With that, he left the library area with Mark crying in pain.

Mark wiped the tears from his eyes and started checking his wound. His watch was shattered in pieces around him and a few pieces were still stuck in his skin. He started removing them and it sting as hell. “Ahh… Jesus hell!”

The sting was just hurting him physically but the words that were circulating inside his head was just making his mind blow with rage.

“It should be me to have Donghyuck's love. Not that whore!” He yelled to himself as he kept removing pieces after pieces. “I must be the one to carry Donghyuck's child. Not him!”

When he was done with removing the pieces, he sucked his own blood to lessen the bleeding. After a few sips he smirked before making a promise to himself.

“And I will make sure that he won't be able to carry his child into his arms.”

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