By RizzEditions
Date: December 22, 2021
Ch. 3Second Chapter

The next morning, Jungwoo found himself driving to the university where Taeil taught and the man of his nightmares studied.

Well, he himself did not know as to how visiting the said place after a heavy hangover night was a great idea. Or why he was just reaching there in the first place. His mind could not exactly process any valid reason for that. His mind was not processing anything accurately at all. Since his last day at work, he probably has lost his consciousness. And the high level of alcohol just contributed more in that act.

He just kept going with the thoughts which seemed to lessen his rage, stress, frustration and pain. And since drinking was not enough, he was now on his way. To meet the certain man and spit all his rage onto him. He did not know if it was a right move especially in that situation. But he sure did know that it would not make things any right, at all. But he didn't care. He just needed that and he'd get that. Since he literally had nothing else to lose…

“Damn that rich kid!” No doubt on who he exactly addressed. No matter how drunk and wasted he was last night, he still clearly remembered the poisonous darts the young man had shot on him just by his words. But he could not blame him, either. It was the truth. And truth was mostly meant to be bitter. But for Jungwoo, it went way too much. Everything was just way too much.


Soon he arrived at his destination. He parked his car by the sideways of the campus so it wouldn't seem obvious to anyone. He stayed in the car and waited for the bell to ring and the students to leave. Which luckily happened just after a few moments. The man he waited for also came into his sight and Jungwoo wanted to drive right away on him but oh well…

He saw that the young man was not alone. There were two other men by his side. Jungwoo hit the steering wheel in annoyance. But he started driving slowly and following the trio nonetheless.

They were all walking which Jungwoo was thankful for. He just wished that the other two would disappear quickly. Which didn't happen real quick but did happen. They both parted their ways and soon the latter was alone.

He slowly stopped at a spot which made Jungwoo slow down a little more. He seemed to be checking in his phone and it seemed he was about to make a call. So, before he could do anything more Jungwoo sped up and stopped right in front of the young man making the other look at his direction suspiciously. He still had his phone in his hand but he wasn't doing anything. Probably waiting for something to happen so Jungwoo did.

He closed the car's door while the latter slipped his phone inside his pocket. For a few moments, they just kept standing there looking or more glaring at each other. The latter in front was the first to break the moment.

“I am surprised that you didn't actually drive on me.” The latter spoke politely.

Jungwoo chuckled emotionlessly before saying, “Wouldn't that be so easy for you, Donghyuck?

You should also suffer through the pain. A lot of pain.”

Jungwoo quickly approached the younger and landed a forceful fist, which Donghyuck stopped by gripping on his wrist and moving away slightly.

Donghyuck looked at Jungwoo's shocked and probably furious expression. He gave a smirk to the elder. “Fortunately, my motive is no pain no gain, Sir.” He then pushed the hand away entirely and punched on Jungwoo's jaw making the other stumble a bit.

“You sickening fucker!” The elder's eyes were firing with an intense rage. He again stomped at the latter to which the younger dodged, increasing the level of Jungwoo's rage.

“Your language is really strong, Sir.”

“My smacks are even stronger.”

Jungwoo again went to smack the younger and this time it hit him. He didn't take another second and landed another punch on the latter's face to which the latter groaned in pain as he defended himself and checked his mouth to find that it was bleeding.

He saw the elder was about to attack again which he didn't let happen as he pushed him and hit through the mouth giving him the same wound as his own. But a little more brutally.

Jungwoo wiped the blood from his mouth breathing heavily. They both were running out of air and they stayed still in their position for a few moments while panting messily.

“Impressive how you got the balls to fight me as if you are fighting for your rights when you are the one who is wrong here.” Jungwoo suddenly spoke in silence and Donghyuck could not do anything but frown in confusion as to what the taller was implying.

“You don't know. Do you? Of course you do! But you thought that I'm the biggest fool on the earth and probably never gonna know…”

Donghyuck was impatiently waiting for the elder to move forward with his statement but instead, he found himself forcefully stomped to the ground and the giant above him.

Jungwoo aggressively punched the younger man on the face. His fists burning like fire at the contact.

“Of your,” he punched again, “Dirty,” punch, “Little,” punch, “Secret.”

Donghyuck sure could hear his words clearly even after all the sting through his ears that were caused by the brutal attack. And he also now had a horrified expression after acknowledging the elder's short sentence.

He did not know why or how but his mind delivered the certain one word question to his mouth which automatically released without a second thought. “What?”

The elder started laughing humorlessly at the younger's question but he started speaking afterwards. “You are asking 'what'? After stealing my lover, my husband, my in-laws, my peace, my happiness and ruining my life as hell you got the balls to raise a question?” He continued laughing but this time he sniffed a little. Probably preventing himself from shedding the tears.

Donghyuck was just trying his best to capture and process his rant.

“But because you are a monster, they were not enough for you. You even put your nullius being inside my husband's womb. Your impure blooded infant has poisoned our relationship.”

It was now Donghyuck, who was getting furious at Jungwoo's statements. But not especially because Jungwoo was bad-mouthing him. But because he bad mouthed his unborn child. At this point, he didn't even care about the fact that the elder had gotten to know their secret.

“How I wish I could kill that fucking homewrecking sinister before it even comes into this world!”


“Don't you fucking dare to even touch my child!” Donghyuck growled as he took over the elder. He punched his jaw and then his mouth, eye and everywhere he could which could make the latter scream in pain.

“Yes! Yes that's my child! What are you gonna do about it? Oh… You just said. You'll get violent.

Just like how you are right now.”

He started strangling the elder and the latter started coughing as some blood started flowing down his mouth. “I even know that you hit your own husband the last I left just because he's falling out of love with you. But, who would even love a desperate, violent, sickening stalker like you!?”

Donghyuck loosened his grip on the elder leaving the elder laid and coughing as he gasped for air. The younger then slowly started standing while wiping the blood from his body as much as he could.

“If you know you are right and your love is strong enough then prove it. And win your love back with your power of love. Not hate. I never forced anyone to fall for me but just made them realize what they actually want. And Moon Taeil wants me and only me. So get over it, Jungwoo Kim.” With that, he left.

Jungwoo just laid there groaning in pain lightly on the floor for a few more moments. Processing the things that just happened. The fact that the younger was still all himself even after all this mess just angered him the best. He should have just driven his car on him and knocked him completely.

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