By RizzEditions
Date: December 22, 2021
Ch. 2First Chapter

The feeling of burning alcohol felt so relaxing to Jungwoo as he took sip after sip, losing all his consciousness. But he didn't care, it felt good. So good. He hadn't drunk in years and it made him realize how much he missed having the rough liquid inside his throat.

As the liquid went through his throat, he felt the suffocation was decreasing. The suffocation that was caused by his beloved husband. The suffocation that was caused by his beloved husband's beloved student. Caused by their love. Caused by their beloved unborn child. Their unborn child.

Jungwoo's mind was too miserable because of the pain and rage that he didn't even feel the sting of the cuts in his palm as well as the bleeding when he broke his wine glass without even realizing. He looked down at his hands but it didn't affect him. It didn't hurt him. He didn't feel anything. He didn't feel any pain. The pain he had in heart was the only pain that was wrecking him all apart.

The pain that could not be not but only felt. He felt it. And it hurt him. Hurt him so, so badly.

“Be careful, Sir.”

Jungwoo looked up at the owner of voice and was met with an unknown man he had never seen before. The man was quite young though. And seemed pretty wealthy following his outfit and style. Kind of giving some whiny daddy's princess' vibe. And Jungwoo had no idea as to why such a guy was caring for him at a random bar at all. Or how such a rich boy was even at some low standard bar. The place literally didn't suit the boy according to his persona. Though, because he didn't care, he didn't think too much. He didn't even say anything to the man and turned his head avoiding the man's eyes.

He was about to order another drink not caring about the wound in his hand. But was interrupted by none other than the daddy's princess. “Oh dear, it's bleeding.” The latter said while looking at Jungwoo's hands. Jungwoo just groaned lightly in response, still not paying any attention to the man.

“Excuse me, can you please apply some effective ointments on his hands, immediately?” The latter called the bartender and asked. The bartender's face went full of panic when he saw Jungwoo's bleeding hand with glass pieces shattered around. “I'm sorry, Sir. We don't have any medicals here…” The bartender trembled.

“Then provide the best ones from anywhere, I don't care!” The man said and the bartender nod nervously while asking to wait for a while and then left for the same. Then the latter turned back to Jungwoo looking at his hands. “Does it hurt?” He asked and the mocky tone just pissed Jungwoo even more.

The man tilted his head a little before continuing. “It doesn't, right? I mean, no pain can be more hurtful than the pain that is caused by love.”

Jungwoo looked straight and fiercely in the man's eyes. He could knock out the younger for bothering him but his words were way too true. Way too powerful. Way too painful. He just again avoided the man. He just wanted him to go away. He was too weak and lost to react to anything.

“Oh, where are my manners? My name is Mark Lee. And I'm Donghyuck's boyfriend and we both study in the same college, Sir.”

The name hit Jungwoo like a bullet but the statement just made him even stunned. He turned to the latter again and looked at him doubtedly. “I know what my boyfriend is doing. And how wrong he is doing. It does hurt. It hurts me so much. And that's why I can understand your feelings, your pain.”

Jungwoo kept looking at the man while he spoke. After knowing the latter's situation, he did feel bad for him. He also wanted to say something, anything. But he couldn't process anything at that moment.

“I gave my anything and everything to him. I loved him like there's no tomorrow. Yet, he still found love in someone else's arms. Someone else which is not me. And your husband felt the same but for someone else which is not you.”

The taller male wondered how a few lines could be that poisonous? He clenched his fists to soothe himself and waited for the younger to continue.

“But, it is still not too late. We can still get our love back. It might be obvious in some ways but you know, everything for love. And everything is fair in love and war.” The younger man said slowly with a breezy tone. His entire conversation was somewhat breezy and mocky to Jungwoo if he'd be honest. “But for that, I need your help.”

The elder male frowned at the younger's words. “We have to work out together through this.

People need someone to make love with then people also need someone to make war with.”

Jungwoo started realizing where the latter was getting at. He started shaking his head and again started avoiding his gaze.

The younger sighed. “I know it's not easy to put your trust on someone you just met and even in a vulnerable condition. I understand you don't want to do something regretful. Neither do I. But could anything be even worse? We literally don't have anything else to lose. Then at least we can try to get back what was ours. I'm just trying to help since I'm on the same track as you, Sir.”

Jungwoo could feel the tears filling his eyes but he didn't shed them. He was already weak. He didn't want to be weaker. Not especially in front of someone. Even though he didn't care about anything at all. He decided not to let himself shed just like that.

They both stayed in silence for a few moments. Only the music through the bar was audible. Mark decided to break the silence as he went to spring something from his satchel.

“I had a feeling that you are not going to listen to me that easily. Hence…” He placed a card on the bar's counter by Jungwoo's side. “It's my father's visiting card but I got it redesigned with my whereabouts. If you will ever feel or change your mind, which I hope you will do…”

Mark looked up at him hopefully. “You are always welcomed.” He added and soon the bartender came with the clinical supplements in his hands. The panicked staff smiled sheepishly at Mark.

Mark motioned him to bring the card swiping machine and sprung out his card and started the process.

“Take care of his hand and bring him the finest drinks you have.” He ordered the bartender to which the latter just nodded while gulping lightly. After finishing his business Mark turned and started leaving the area only to stop after a few steps and gave a last look to Jungwoo. He smiled gently at the elder male for the first time.

“I know that in the end you will need to come to me so I hope you won't waste much time, Sir.

Have a great night and an uncomplicated life.”

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