Falling In Love Again
By Myositisin
Date: December 21, 2021
Ch. 2Prologue


Pitter, patter.

The raindrops fell one by one, clattering against the glass window. Not long after, the sky cried fully, obstructing the person inside the room to see the outside through the window.

Yet, the person did not cared about it. The sound of rain did not even reached her ears as she stared intently on the her phone lying silently on her hand.

Moments later, Althea moved her fingers to type on the phone. She hesitated for a second before sending the text.


She typed.

:Can we meet?

Althea sucked in a rather large amount of air and letting it out through her mouth shakily, while waiting a reply from that person. She waited expectantly.

But seconds, minutes passed, and Tyler has yet to reply.

'Again,' Althea thought inwardly. 'He did not replied me again.'

Her heart tighten and her tears are on verge of falling, but Althea stubbornly hold it in, making her eyes looks glassy.

It's been like this for a couple months now. She did not know the reason, but Tyler suddenly gotten cold and indifferent. They have been together for 3 years, and now, in their 4th year, he suddenly became like this.

Althea can't understand. She asked, but Tyler did not bothered explaining.


Morning came.

Althea wore her favorite purple jacket. She was going out.

Making sure she brought everything she needs, she headed out for the small store near her apartment.

It was cold, the winter is after all approaching. Althea did not hate winter, she actually loves it.

When winter comes, she would occasionally sit near the window, with thick blanket on her body and cup of steaming hot chocolate with marshmallows floating on it at hand, together with Tyler. They would talk and laugh about the past then plan about the future.

Althea entered the small store, heading straight to the section she wants then after choosing, she headed straight to the counter and paid everything. She then headed towards the nearest Pharmacy. And after some hesitation, she finally grabbed the product and bought 5 pieces of it before going out.

She stepped out of the Pharmacy but only to stop again after seing the familiar figure. She looked up.


Tyler too stopped and stared at her before greeting her back.

"Althea, hey..."

Then an awkward silence envolped them. It was understandable, they had not, after all, seen each other for a month now. And Tyler never spend any effort to reply her.

Althea, fully aware of the situation, tighten her gripped on the bag that contains the foods and 'that' thing that she bought and mustered up the courage to speak up first.

"Are, are you free this evening?"

"No," Tyler said without missing a beat. "I'm sorry, I have group study tonight. You know that the finals are coming up, right?"

Althea lowered her gaze and pursed her lips.

Yeah, right. Group study. I know that you can pass the exams with flying colors even by studying only by yourself.

She did not voiced her true feelings. Instead, she nooded and tried to ask if she can join. As expected, the man refused. Althea did not pressed any further.

"By the way, what are you doing here?"

Althea opened and closed her mouth, doesn't know what to say. She wanted to tell him, but she was still unsure. So, she lied.

"Nothing, I just bought, uhm, medicines. I, I was running out of them." Althea is a bad liar. Everyone knows that.

"Mhm." Tyler said, unconvinced. But he also did not pressed any further.

And so, they bid goodbye to each other and Althea unwilling watched Tyler's back that is getting smaller and smaller as he walks away from her.

With heart aching, Althea went home.

Then she brought out the pregnancy test kit. Followed the procedure and waited for the result.

Hours later.

The moon is already out, the streets are illuminated by the street lights. But there was a certain apartment that did not turned it's light on despite the darkness.

Althea was looking at the result for ten hours now with eyes puffed. But no matter how she looks at it, the result of the five test kits are the same.

She's pregnant.

She wanted to inform Tyler fast. But she did not want to tell him via text because of the seriousness of the matter. So, she texted him, asking where he was.

Tyler did not replied, so Althea bolted out of the bed, grabbed her wallet and jacket, she went out.

After asking around, she finally was standing in front where Tyler is 'studying'. In a bar.

Althea wanted to cry. How dare he lie to her! But she can't do it now, she have to tell him.

Althea knows that Tyler loves bars and girls. But that was before they were together. He was loyal and loving when they became a couple, so why?

What did I do wrong?

The ear shattering music boomed in the air. Althea can't help but covered her ears until it was used to the loud music. She then tried to find Tyler.

It was not hard to find him.

He was at the table where you can see right after entering the bar. Althea was shock after seeing him. She can feel her body going numb and mind going blank.

Tyler, he's actually cheating on her!

Tyler was leisurely leaning on the sofa with a woman on his side. His arm was wrap on her waist and he was laughing at what she was whispering at him.

Enraged, she walked towards their table. Some saw her and can't help but raise an eyebrow. And finally, the woman that Tyler was cheating with can't help but sneer.

Althea was known all around the campus since Tyler is pretty famous. But even though without Tyler, she can shine on her own. She was one of the prettiest in her department after all, she's smart too.

Althea was so mad that she almost lost her reasoning, but fortunately, she pulled it back in her. She stood in front of their table.

Against the loud noise of the bar, she called him.

"Tyler?! What's the meaning of this?"

Everyone who heard her can't help but sneaker. What's the point of asking? Can't you see it with your eyes? Stupid!

The woman in his embrace leaned on Tyler then looked directly at her with eyes of mockery. She then asked with a disgusting overly sweet voice.

"Tyler, hon, do you know her?"

Tyler did not even spared Althea a glance before looking down at the woman in his embrace.

"No, of course I don't."

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