Falling In Love Again
By Myositisin
Date: December 21, 2021
Ch. 1Description

It all started with a fluttering eye contact.

A conversation in the cafeteria marked their first exchange.

And the snow witnessed the start of their small little silly game.

"Impress me Tyler. Impress me and I might consider going out with you."

"The game is on Althea, the game is on."

Purple flowers was sent in the first day of courting.

A silver eyed woman caused a stir in their hearts.

And a bouquet of flower given to make their silly little game end.

[Love returned]

Their relationship went smoother than expected.

The sun and the moon was the witness of their small bantering and sweet nonsense.

But many eyes saw the fall of their relationship.

He cheated. They broke up. She was devastated.

And pregnant.

She told him. He denied. She cried. He told her desperate.

She went home and the time passed rather quickly.

The fate is twisted; they met again.

Both are not as the same as before, a lot of time passed after all.

They met each other countless times. He learned to love her again. He confessed but he was harshly rejected.

She hated him. It was understandable. But why is it that she was scared at him?

Tyler never thought that the years where their paths are separated, dark and scary things was happening to Althea.

What was it? And why was she scared and why was her anger towards him was stronger than anything else?

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