Forever Mine
By SFwrites
Date: November 30, 2021
Ch. 55


The door of Benjamin's cabin opened with a bang and they book looked up to see Alessandro rushing inside. He stood shocked seeing Benjamin holding Isabella's hands 

Isabella quickly extricated her hands from Benjamin's hold and stood up gulping 

"What the hell?" Alessandro asked in outrage 

Alessandro Carter, an Italian, works in the hardware department of the company and before Benjamin had taken on the CEO position ,he had worked in the same department for six months. 

He had always found Alessandro easy going and friendly. But now the man appears furious for some reason 

"Alessandro?? Everything alright??" Benjamin asked only to get a glare in return 

Benjamin frowned at the confusing behavior of the man. 

The glare then turned from him and ended upon Isabella ,who moved to hide behind him 

"What??" Benjamin asked seeing Isabella cowering behind him clutching on to his shirt tightly 

"Izzy" Alessandro called furiously and Benjamin frowned 

"I didn't do anything fratellone. I swear" Isabella said peeking from behind him 

"Fratellone??" Benjamin asked . Fratellone is a term Italians use to address their older brothers. He had no idea that Isabella is Alessandro's sister. 

"Izzy. Come here" Alessandro called out again 

"No. You will scold me. I won't come until you promise me that you won't scold me" Isabella said 

Alessandro took deep breaths to calm himself 

"Okay. Fine! Just come here" Alessandro said in a calm tone 

Isabella moved forwards ,still with a suspicious look on her face. 

"Why didn't you tell me you are Alessandro's sister??" Benjamin asked 

"I thought you knew" Isabella said 

"How will I know without you telling me??" 

"Everyone here knows" Isabella said with a shrug 

"Izzy. What is happening here?? The whole office is humming with the gossip that the new errand girl is getting married to the CEO. Some people  even came and asked me when I'm giving them the treat" Alessandro said in exaserpation 

"Employees weren't supposed to know" Benjamin said rubbing his face in irritation 

"Do you have any idea what you have done Isabella?? You have been here for hardly two weeks. How in the hell did you fall in love in two weeks?? And how could you decide to get married without talking to anyone at home??" Alessandro asked angrily 

"It's not like that fratellone. You misunderstood" Isabella said 

Benjamin then explained to Alessandro in detail about what had brought this impulsive act from his side 

Alessandro was furious 

"You f*cking used her" Alessandro accused 

"Alessandro! I can understand your emotions. But my intentions were not to hurt anyone. I admit ,my act was impulsive. I didn't think through the consequences. I felt cornered at that time and I did the first thing that came to my mind" Benjamin said trying to placate the over protective brother in front of him 

The six months he worked with Alessandro ,they had gotten along well. But this is a new side of Alessandro he is seeing. 

The over protective brother side.

"That is not an excuse Benjamin. I admit ,we work for you. But that doesn't give you the right to take advantage of her like that. And how could you really ask her to marry you. You want my sister to be a sacrifice so that you can gain custody of your niece" Alessandro asked 

"Alessandro. I'm sorry if I offended you in any way. That was not my intention. As I said ,I didn't have any choice. I'm not forcing you into anything. I'm just asking you to give it a thought. I will ask my parents to come back soon ,so that we could come and talk to your parents" Benjamin said 

"That won't be necessary. We are not interested" Alessandro said 

They heard shuffling sounds from the baby basket and saw the little girl waking up from her nap. 

She sits up in the basket by herself and rubs her eyes. 

She looked around and saw Isabella sitting in the couch warily watching her brother and boss. 

"Bell bell" Sapphire called out and Isabella picked up the little girl with a smile. 

Isabella brought Sapphire towards Alessandro and Alessandro watched the baby in awe.

He had heard about the little girl from Isabella a lot. But this is the first time seeing her close. 

"Fratellone. Meet Sapphire. Sapphy, this is Sandro. My brother." Isabella introduced the baby to her brother and vice versa

"Andro??" Sapphire  asked making Alessandro chuckle 

"Yes Sandro. Hello Sapphire " Alessandro greeted the child with a smile 

Sapphire  took Isabella's gold chain in her pudgy hands and brought it to her mouth 

"No baby" Isabella chided softly ,prying Sapphire's fingers from her chain 

"Why does she looks so pale??" Alessandro asked 

Benjamin sighed and told him about how much Sapphire  cried seeing Eleanor's photo and how she fell asleep exhausted 

Alessandro felt the twinge of pity at the cute little one. 

Not enough to sacrifice his sister though 

"If you don't mind ,I would like to take Isabella home" Alessandro said and Benjamin nodded in understanding. 


"Have you gone crazy?? How could you be so foolish??" Rosetta Carter yelled, glaring at her daughter 

Isabella maintained a diplomatic silence which seemed to infuriate her mother more who came forwards and pinched her on her arms. 

Isabella hissed in pain. 

"Mommaa!! It hurts" Isabella said rubbing her arms. 

"It was supposed to hurt" Rosetta said 

"I didn't do it intentionally Momma. He looked so desperate and was pleading through his eyes. I just thought I would help him" Isabella said 

"Yeah right! I gave birth to St Catherine of Siena." Rosetta said sarcastically. 

"Momma. That's enough. I think she heard enough scoldings for the day." Alessandro said coming into the room with a glass of juice for Isabella. 

He passed it on to his sister as a sign of peace offering. 

Isabella took it ,still glaring at him for being a traitor. 

"I didn't see Momma coming Izzy. You know I would never have talked about this in front of her" Alessandro said 

"Yeah. Spoil her more. Who listens to me anyways." Rosetta muttered shooting glares at her silent husband,Zakariah Carter and son, and walked into the kitchen 

As soon as Rosetta was out of sight all three let out a sigh of relief. 

"Why did you have to marry her?? Couldn't your find a better bride for you??" Isabella asked ,still rubbing where her mother pinched her 

"Izzy!!" Zak called out in a warning tone 

"It really hurts Papa. Why does she always has to pinch me so hard. It is abuse" Isabella huffed in complaint. 

"Why did you do that Izzy? Don't you know how these things can affect your future?" Zak asked 

"I didn't think everyone will know. And Papa, we are living in central UK. How do you think these things are going to affect me. This place is more progressed than that" 

"Do you know what people are talking in the office. And above all that, you told the woman you are having a love marriage. What was the need for that?? We might be in UK Izzy. But we still live in the Conservative Italian community here. People here are still the same." Alessandro asked 

"I thought that would appear more legit. I thought an arranged marriage between a rich boy and middle class girl would appear suspicious." Isabella said 

"I just hope the gossip dies down and wouldn't go out of the office building" Alessandro said 

"Maybe I will take a week leave so that they an forget about this" Isabella said ,though a part of her felt pity at the thought of Sapphire  being taken away by her greedy paternal family. 

"What leave?? You are not going to that office again" came her mother's voice from the kitchen 

Damn!! She was listening to their talks 

"Momma! I want to make money to open my bakery" Isabella protested 

"I left you to your wishes and see what you have done. Now listen to me and sit quietly" Rosetta said angrily 


"No means no Izzy" Rosetta said and turned to her husband 

"Zak! Call that marriage consultant Mr Black to come over. I guess it's time to start searching for a groom" Rosetta said 

Isabella gasped 

"Momma! No!! You can't do this now" Isabella said 

"Why not?? You just nodded for a marriage when that boy asked. Why do you have a problem now?" Rosetta asked 

"I didn't nod" Isabella protested. 

"Momma! Let's not rush" Alessandro tried to interfere. 

"You don't say a word! I let her go to work only because you were there. I thought you would do the duty of an elder brother and look after her. Look what has happened" Rosetta asked and Alessandro gaped at his mother's accusation 

"That's not fair momma. You know it" Alessandro said 

"Enough! Izzy, Sandro ,go inside" Zak ordered and both of them left 

Zak looked at his wife 

"Rosie! Don't push her too much" 

"Zak. Didn't you hear what she did today." 

"I heard everything. Let's hope the gossip won't go outside the office" Zak said with a sigh. 

Rosetta nodded at her husband ,but inwardly decided to make a call to the marriage consultant herself. 

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