Forever Mine
By SFwrites
Date: November 30, 2021
Ch. 44


"Darling!! Come meet Mrs Fort" Benjamin drawled startling Isabella 

Isabella looked at him with eyes wide and mouth opened. 

"What??" She asked in surprise making Mrs Fort frown 

"Why does your fiance look as if she is informed about your engagement only now??" Mrs Fort asked 

"Fiance??" Isabella whispered in disbelief 

Benjamin cursed himself for being so impulsive. He turned towards Isabella ,pleading her with his eyes. 

"Darling ,I know we decided to keep it a secret until Mom and Dad comes back from the trip. But Mrs Fort ,here wanted to meet you" Benjamin said 

Isabella didn't understand anything ,other than the look of desperation in her boss' eyes. So she simply nodded at him and shot a nervous smile at the older woman in the cabin 

"So how did you two actually meet??" Mrs Fort asked 

"It's an arranged marriage" Benjamin said 

"Its a love marriage" Isabella said at the same time 

Benjamin closed his eyes in dread 

"Love or Arranged??" Mrs Fort asked 

Isabella chuckled nervously 

"Benjamin. Why are you so shy? Its okay to tell everyone that we are having a love marriage" Isabella said 

"Where did you meet??" Mrs Fort asked finding something fishy 

"Its long story Ma'am." Isabella said 

"Tell me the simplified version" Mrs Fort said 

Isabella looked at Benjamin in panic. Benjamin mirrored her expression 

"Actually we met during a train journey" Isabella said 

"A train?" 

"Yes. Benjamin was heartbroken after his ex girlfriend's marriage. He boarded a random train. And I happened to be on that train. Destiny! Right Benjamin?" Isabella asked looking at Benjamin 

"Yeah yeah" Benjamin mumbled 

"How did the heartbroken Benjamin fall in love with you??" Mrs Fort asked 

"Oh he was so depressed. And I kept on talking ,trying to cheer him up. But he got annoyed with me. Then at one station ,I got down to buy a bottle of water. He had also gotten down at that station. I didn't realise that the train would only stop for two minutes there. I missed the train. Then some rogues started following me and I ran to Benjamin for help. The next train was only after 12 hours. So we had to stay somewhere. During that time ,we got to know each other and became friends. Slowly we fell in love" Isabella narrated her supposed love story 

Benjamin closed his eyes in disbelief. He hoped to hell that Mrs Fort have not watched the Bollywood movie Jab we met. He remember watching it with Eleanor long back.

"Okay. Your parents are happy with the marriage??" Mrs Fort asked 

"Yes yes" Benjamin was the one two answer not wanting Isabella to launch into another filmy story.

Mrs Fort looked at baby Sapphire playing with Isabella's chain. 

"Well ,in that case. I'm relieved. I will proceed with the legalities. I will keep in touch with Mr Gabriel. And yes ,if something goes wrong from your side Mr Lockwood ,I will be forced to change my decision" Mrs Fort said 

Benjamin and Isabella ,along with baby Sapphire walked towards the cabin door with a polite smile ,escorting Mrs Fort out 

"It was nice meeting you Isabella. Hope you guys will get married soon" Mrs Fort said and walker away ,leaving the employees on the floor look at them in surprise 


"What have you done Ben??" Gabriel asked as soon as they were back in the cabin 

"Gabriel! You wanted me to pretend that I'm engaged" 

"Yes. But I didn't ask you to introduce her as your fiance" 

"What was I supposed to do? She wanted to meet my fiance. Where was I to go and find one. Isabella walked in with Sapphire at that time and I didn't think further" 

"And that impulsive decision has complicated things" 

"We could say we broke up" Benjamin said 

"She already looked suspiscious at that filmy story Isabella narrated. The only solution is for you to get married now" Gabriel said 

Isabella gasped 

"What is going on here? Who was that woman?? Why was I introduced as your fiance?" 

"I think you should explain it to her in detail Ben. I will see you later" with that Gabriel walked out of the office 

"Down down" Sapphire demanded as soon as the strangers went out 

Isabella set the little girl down carefully ,who then waddled on her chubby little legs, towards the barbie doll she abandoned earlier 

Isabella smiled watching her. The baby is so adorable 

"Sit Bella. This will take time" Benjamin mumbled 

Isabella sat on the couch ,with Sapphire close by 

Benjamin took a seat next to her and told her about his sister and the jerk who married her for money. How his family is now plotting to get Sapphire's custody to get the properties in her name 

"They don't really want her. But they want Sapphire's inheritance" Benjamin said 

Sapphire who heard her name looked up at them 

"Sapphy??" She asked pointing at herself 

"Yes Sapphy." Benjamin smiled at her and she went back to playing with the doll. 

Benjamin walked towards his desk ,opened a drawer and came back with a small photo frame. 

"This is Eleanor " 

Isabella looked at the photo of a younger Benjamin with girl ,who look so similar to Sapphire 

Sapphire who heard her momma's name held onto Isabella's knees and stood up 

She saw the photo and squealed 

"Mommaa" she squealed patting on the photo 

Isabella picked the little girl into her lap 

"Sapphy momma" Sapphire again said touching the photo 

Benjamin took in a shaky breath. 

Isabella hugged the little girl closer feeling anguished for the little one's loss 

"Momma where??" Sapphire asked and her chin trembled slightly 

"Sapphy want momma" the trembling turned into sobs. 

Benjamin picked Sapphire in his arms and hugged her closer to his heart 

He gently walked to and fro in his cabin with a sobbing Sapphire ,singing softly for her. 

An exhausted Sapphire fell asleep in his arms and Benjamin laid her in her baby basket. 

"Poor baby" Isabella mumbled 

"They wouldn't love her Bella. Not like I do. I can't let her go Bella" Benjamin said 

Isabella looked at him helplessly 

Benjamin took her hand in his 

"I know I'm asking too much of you. Nobody likes to take on someone else's kid. But I'm desperate Isabella" 


"Will you marry me Isabella??" 

Isabella gasped 

"Benjamin. What are you saying?? Marriage is not a child's play. And I cannot make a decision alone like that. I belong to a conservative Italian family Benjamin" 

"I will talk to your parents Isabella" Benjamin said desparately 

"But we don't know each other Benjamin." 

"Isabella. Are you in love with anyone??" Benjamin asked 

"Ofcourse no. My mommy will kill me" Isabella said scandalised 

"So it would have been an arranged marriage for you anyway. You will be getting into a relationship not knowing anything about him. Why can't that be me??" Benjamin asked 

"I don't know. I don't know what to say Benjamin" Isabella said feeling confused 

"What is it that you want in life Isabella. You must have some concepts about your future husband right??" 

"I never thought about that. I only wanted my husband to be someone who will support me in achieveing my dreams" Isabella said 

"What are your dreams Isabella??" 

"I wanted to open my own bakery" Isabella said and explained the reason why she joined the job. 

"I will open a bakery for you Isabella. I will invest in your dream" Benjamin said enthusiastically 

Isabella smiled sadly 

"If I let you do that ,how will I be different from John?" Isabella asked 

"Don't compare yourself with him Isabella. He married Eleanor  only for her money. You won't do that right. If we get married ,will you be able to love me and Sapphire ,Isabella??" Benjamin asked 

"I ..I don't know. I will try" Isabella mumbled 

"That's all that matters. Not all marriages start with love Isabella. We have a lifetime together. We will get to know each other. We will go on dates. We will support each other. And eventually we will fall in love" Benjamin said and Isabella looked on doubtfully 

"Okay??" She said ,which came out more like a question 

"My only request is that you treat Sapphire like your own" 

"I will never mistreat a child Benjamin" Isabella said 

"Thank-you so much Isabella" Benjamin said 

"Benjamin. Please don't rush about it. I can't marry you if my parents does not agree" Isabella said 

"I will make them agree Isabella. I will talk to them" Benjamin said holding Isabella's both hands in his 

The door of his cabin opened with a bang and they book looked up to see Alessandro rushing inside. He stood shocked seeing Benjamin holding Isabella's hands 

Isabella quickly extricated her hands from Benjamin's hold and stood up gulping 

"What the hell?" Alessandro asked in outrage

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