It Started With A Slap
By Chhavi Gupta
Date: November 29, 2021
Ch. 8Chapter 8

Rohit's POV

My mom told everyone about how Sia slapped me hard. Everyone was laughing and now I was smiling like anything and kept looking at her.

Sia was getting annoyed with me. She hit me again on my leg under the table. Lovely.

I was enjoying her loving nature... specially her love towards me...

I wanted to talk to Priya about her friend. I had to get to know her better. I would ask her once I go home. But I came to know that she was going to live with her parents for some time.

Bad timing....

We all enjoyed and went home. Kabir uncle took Priya home with them.

I wanted to know about Sia, but I got busy in my office work as the deal was big and bhai was also not here. I had to support him from here and as dad was also not well so I had to work seriously.

But the angry face of a certain feisty girl kept coming into my mind putting a smile on my face.

Sia's POV

Our exams were over and we all friends went out to celebrate.

I was staying with Priya today as due to exams we both were busy and I won't be able to stay with her once she goes to Kapoor Mansion.

We both kept on talking for the whole night and watched our favourite romantic comedies, we made popcorn and sandwiches and enjoyed a lot.

We talked about her marriage to Rahul and how things were between them. She even teased me about me slapping Rohit. We slept at 4 in the morning.

Priya tried to wake me up but I didn't even stir. She tickled her under my foot. I threw a cushion at her and slept again.

Priya shook me vigorously and I threw another cushion. Priya called my name loudly. I opened my eyes a bit and tried to get up.

" What is your problem priya? Why are you up so early? At least let me sleep yaar. Exams are over, holidays are going on, please let me sleep. C'mon yaar you know that we slept around 4:00 so do not disturb ."

" Priya, what is her problem, every time she is nearby, she tries to hurt me. On the very first day she slapped me and today she is throwing things at me. "

I was shocked to hear his voice and was fully awake now.

Was I dreaming about him? What rubbish, why would I? He was really here right in front of me.

Did I throw the cushions at him??? Oh god!!

I was so embarrassed at the situation and said sorry to him and ran into the washroom.

I closed the door of the washroom and leaned against it. My heart was beating frantically. I was so embarrassed that he saw me like that. I practically looked like a ghost and was wearing my shorts and tank top.

Why did he have to come to her home? And even if he did, why did he have to come to her room like this. Idiot !! Why does he always tease and annoy me??

Why was he looking so good when I was looking like a ghost?? He should have knocked. I said to myself, but would I have heard in my sleep?

Anyways but he is an idiot. I hate him. He is always laughing at me.

Rohit's POV

My mom asked me to bring Priya back as she was missing her and bhai would also be back very soon.

I went to her place, I also wanted to talk to her about Sia. I greeted aunty and asked her about Priya she said that she was in her room. I went to meet her there. I was about to enter her room when a cushion landed on me.

What was that??

Priya was shocked to see me, she shook someone vigorously and a hand came out of blanket and threw another cushion. This time I caught it. Priya called her name loudly.

She opened her eyes a bit and tried to get up. She said annoyingly, " What is your problem priya? Why are you up so early? At least let me sleep yaar, Exams are over, holidays are going on, please let me sleep. Come on yaar you know that we slept at 4:00 so do not disturb ."

I was surprised to see her at Priya's place. But it was a very pleasant surprise.. I wanted to talk to Priya about her and she was right here.

" Priya, what is her problem, every time she is nearby, she tries to hurt me. On the very first day she slapped me and today she is throwing things at me... " I said smirking.

Sia was shocked to hear my voice, she said sorry to me and ran into the washroom.

I was laughing now and so was Priya.

" Good morning Rohit" Priya said.

" Well morning was really good indeed... " I was grinning like a fool. She smile and I scratched the back of my neck.

" I can understand that, let us go downstairs." She said and started going downwards. I wanted to stay but I went with her. I was still glancing backwards.

" Rohit we usually see in that direction, in which we are moving. Look forward or you may fall. " She teased me and I glared at her. She was laughing at me openly.

Aunty insisted that we go after having lunch. We all were chatting when Sia came down. She was looking very pretty in pink colour dress, even her cheeks looked pink.

Was she blushing??? I am going to enjoy teasing her.

Both the girls were arranging the dining table, I said, " Priya please, snatch the cutlery from her. She might attack me with them. I am really scared. " I said to Priya but my eyes were on Sia. I was smirking at her. She just rolled her eyes.

" Oh, thanks for the brilliant idea, I must do that. Why don't you just stay away from me? " Sia was getting annoyed again.

Aww my beautiful, blushing, feisty warrior. She is so cute...

" Enough yaar!!! Both of you please just stop it. Rohit please stop teasing her she is my best friend and Sia please stop fighting, he is just pulling your leg. Come on yaar you both can't keep fighting, it is very annoying. Now say sorry to each other." Priya said.

Sia nodded and she faced me ,

" I am sorry... "

" It is ok sweetheart there is no need to say sorry, in fact, I am sorry as I was just pulling your leg. I was enjoying every minute of it. But let's stop this and be friends. So friends??" I offered my hand and smiled at her..... She nodded and shook hands with me. Her long and dainty hand felt good in my big one. I held it longer than it was necessary.

She pulled her hand away from mine.

We all had lunch together. I kept ogling at her. Then we left for home. Priya teased me about her on our way home. Mom was so happy to see her.

I kept thinking how cute she looked in her shorts and top. I liked the way she comes up with smart answers. I kept thinking about her.


Bhai came back last night. The deal was our now. Dad decided to throw a big party.

Bhai opened his bag and gave gifts to everyone, I was very anxious to see my gifts but bhai said that he forgot to get anything for me.

I didn't say anything but when I was about to go to my room bhai stopped me and gave me a bag full of gifts. I hugged him and said, " You are the best bhai this is even more than what I asked you to get for me." Bhai just patted on my back.

Then he gave another bag to Priya. She thanked him but I teased them. " What is this Priya?? Thank him properly. " I raised one eyebrow while saying and she blushed beautifully.

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