It Started With A Slap
By Chhavi Gupta
Date: November 29, 2021
Ch. 7Chapter 7

Rohit's POV

It was an amazing encounter with a beautiful and feisty warrior... I really liked her.

Priya wanted to go home to study while I wanted to spend some more time teasing her friend more.

She said bye to us and we all came to the parking lot. She went towards her car and Priya towards ours but I was still looking at Sia and was totally lost. I had never felt like this in my entire life. I loved the slap she gave me.

Priya smiled and said, " Rohit, where are you lost? Please unlock the car, what are you doing? "

" Ya coming... " I came towards the car but still kept looking for her. Then I unlocked the car and we sat inside .

I started driving towards our home and asked her, " She is cute, right?? I mean she was so concerned about your safety. Is she in your class?"

" Yes " she said just yes... Yes??

That's it??

I was expecting more information but she was not giving any.

" So how is she like, as a friend? I mean... You know what I am saying, right?" I tried again.

" Wrong, Rohit I am not sure what you are saying. " She said trying to look as if she didn't understand but I was a pro in this game. She had started teasing me.

Oh !!! I did not know that she could tease too.

" Ok .... Since how long, you know her?"

" 5 years "

Again just one word answer ??

I just wanted to quote that this question carries 5 marks please answer in detail...

But thought against it... otherwise bhai and Priya would tease me mercilessly.

" Wow that's great.... So you must be knowing everything about her... " I reframed my question.

" Hmm I think so..."

" So... Does she have someone special in her life? " I couldn't wait anymore to ask this.

" Why are you asking that? " She asked, raising one of my eyebrows.

' Just like that... Simple curiosity... nothing special." I tried to hide my interest but I wanted to know about her.

" Ok "

Ok ?? Just Ok ?? What kind of answer was that?? It seemed she believed in only one word answers...

I was about to ask her more, when we reached home and she rushed inside. I called her name but she said that she needed to go to washroom. I swear I saw her smirking.

Was she teasing me deliberately?? Seriously?? Priya?? Our sweet and cute Priya??

I waited for her downstairs. I was too curious to know about Priya's brave friend.

She came downstairs again after 15 minutes. Mom and I were having tea... She took out some Theplas for everyone to eat and a cup of tea for herself. We all enjoyed them... Mom asked her, "How was your day?"

" It was good mom. "

" Thank God I was a bit worried. "

" You need not to worry mom, she has a bodyguard there... " I said too quickly and Priya giggled at that comment.

" What does that mean Rohit? " mom asked and Priya related everything to her. She also burst out laughing. I made a face.

Great now both were laughing at me but Priya didn't tell me anything.

I was curious to know more about her.. but it was too risky to ask Priya. She was learning to tease me very fast.


It was the day of her competition. Priya's parents, Mom, dad and I everyone was here to cheer for her. The competition started and we were very excited. Two groups were supposed to perform before them and after that Priya had their performance. The anchor announced her college's name and they all went to the stage to perform.

The music started and they all danced very well. It was a marvelous performance all the audience gave them a loud round of applause. They bowed down and came back stage.

Priya was so excited, she went to change. I waited for her and then went to see her. I couldn't leave her alone.

I promised bhai, that I would take care of her. Just then I saw that a guy was holding her hand and she was about to cry.

What the hell ??? I rushed towards them.

" Shut up!! just shut up and leave me alone. I don't want to hear anything from you... you are lying... please leave me alone." She was on the verge of crying. .

How dare he touch her and make her cry?

Oh !!! it was Anuj... He was smirking at her and she was trying to get her hand free from his grip. I was so mad with rage. I punched him really hard in the jaw. He fell on the ground.

" How dare you touch Priya?What were you doing ?" I pulled him and punched him again and Anuj's lip got a cut. I went to calm priya down as she was sobbing like anything.

" Are you alright Priya?"

She just nodded and her tears were flowing from her eyes, I hugged her.

" What happened Priya? What was he saying... Why are you crying? I am here, don't worry... please tell me what happened..."

She just shook her head.

I was very angry with him, I started going towards Anuj again to beat him but she caught hold of my hand and said " Nothing.... I want to go from here."

Anuj started laughing, " Oh you must be special, both the brothers are very protective towards you..."

Now I was out of control and started beating him, " How dare you talk like this about her? Yes, she is special to us. She is Rahul's wife and my sister... and I swear, I would kill you if I see you anywhere near her. "

I then caught her hand and led her towards the parking. I made her sit in the car and gave her a cold bottle of water.

I sat in the driving seat and ask her, " What was he saying to you, please tell me. I want to know what he was saying?? Why were you crying?"

She told me everything , he said that Rahul was still in love with Leena and will always love her only. She will come back one day and Rahul will go back to her.

I listened carefully and said,

" You don't worry Priya, Rahul is my brother I know him better than Anuj. Rahul does not love Leena, he was never in love with her and I think he is falling for you... please don't pay heed to anything Anuj said, he is just jealous. Rahul is not in love with Leena, she cannot claim him back. Trust me." She drank water and washed her face to calm down.

We went back. The results were to be announced soon. All my family was very excited about this as her performance was the best. The judges announced them the winner in folk dance category.

She came back after taking her prize. Sia also came to greet her. Oh she was looking very beautiful in her pink suit. Sia hugged her very tight. I was looking at her with amusement.

" With your permission Miss Sia, can I also hug my sister? I don't want another slap." I said and laughed at my own joke.

" Very funny..." She rolled her eyes and said.

Oh God!!! She was so cute.

Mom chuckled and said, " So you are the one who slapped my son?"

Sia was as red as a cherry and said , " Sorry aunty I thought that he was going to misbehave with her... "

" It is ok beta... But it was really funny." She said looking at me and they all burst out laughing except Sia and I.

Sia was glaring at me and I was looking amused. She was so cute and looked even better when she was angry.

We all went to celebrate, Priya took Sia with us too. We had lunch at our favourite restaurant. She was sitting right opposite to me. I winked at her and she hit me under the table.

Ouch !!!

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