It Started With A Slap
By Chhavi Gupta
Date: November 29, 2021
Ch. 6Chapter 6

Rohit's POV

I got ready and went downstairs. Priya had prepared some Theplas for everyone. I served it on my plate.

" Dress rehearsal is at what time Priya? I will accompany you. " I said to her.

" Sorry Rohit, I think I can manage it on my own but Rahul is really getting paranoid I am sorry to bother you."

She was feeling a bit embarrassed.

" What nonsense Priya I will be more bothered if that bastard comes again... and if anybody misbehaves with you. And let me tell you one thing, bhai didn't force me to go with you I offered it myself. I would love to come and watch you dancing."

Shr smiled and thanked him. Dad and mom were a bit curious with our discussion so I explained everything to them. Dad was really very angry and told me to take action against that dance coordinator if he is still there.

Mom hugged Priya and said, "It is always better to be safe, we can't take a chance with you. Rohit will be there if you face any problem feel free to tell him."

"Sure mom..." She said sweetly and nodded.

I went for the dress rehearsal with Priya. I sat there on one of the chairs to watch the dress rehearsal.

Some others were also there waiting. The dress rehearsal went very smoothly. Priya was still in her costume and as soon as she came towards me I clicked her picture. I hugged her and was about to say something when all of a sudden someone slapped me very hard.

What the hell ??

Both of us were shocked... I turned to see who did that and was even more shocked to see that it was a beautiful girl.

" Sia !!! What?? Why did you do that?" Priya said but the girl was too angry to hear.

" How dare you click her pictures and hug her. Let me tell you that she is married and her husband will kill you, he must be here only. Now please leave before he comes or he will kill you.? " She was looking at me furiously. I was amazed at her.

She was looking like a feisty warrior. Her face looked red with anger.

Priya was too stunned to understand what the girl was saying. But I recovered fast and smiled.

" What if I don't go? I am not scared of anyone." I raised one of my eyebrow.

" You will be, when her husband will come and beat you. "

" Call him... " I smiled again.

" Hello Mr...... Whatever, I suggest you first delete her pictures right here in front of us then apologize and leave before her husband comes. I swear he will beat you to pulp... "

She was trying to intimidate me using my brother's name.

How interesting!!!

" I am not deleting any pictures, do whatever you want to... Come on, call her husband... I am not scared of anyone. " I was smirking now as I was enjoying it now. I wanted to see what was she going to do. The girl was very cute.

" Sia, please listen... He... " Priya tried to tell her about me but she was very angry.

" Listen, you... You better delete... No, just give me your phone." She tried to snatch my phone but I raised my hand. Now it was beyond her reach but still she kept on trying. I was smiling like anything but was aware of the fact that she was standing very close to me.

" Very feisty... I like it... Take the phone, if you can, beautiful." I teased her again

Sia did not even realise that she was standing so close to me. But she was getting more angry with every passing second. She stumped on my foot and I winced slightly. I was a bit distracted and Sia snatched my phone.

Brave girl... I must say.

" Just tell me your password. I will delete her pictures myself." She glared at me with her big, black eyes.

I was surprised by her courage. Priya knew that I was Rahul's younger brother but she didn't... She was fighting with a stranger for her. She was so cute and protective.

" What if I don't tell? What will you do then... beautiful? " I smiled and teased her again.

" Well in that case, I will break your phone in front of you right here right now. Stop calling me that... "

" Calm down Sia... He won't do anything. Give him his phone back... now. He is not... "

" Priya you are very innocent and naive. He may misuse your pictures. He may share them with others." Said Sia.

" Oh you are very smart... How did you get to know about my plans. I was going to send them to my brother... " I said looking at Priya and she blushed.

" What ?? But why...?? "

The pretty feisty girl was shocked as I openly admitted that. Her eyes almost came out of her face.

" Because he requested me to do so... And she is looking extremely beautiful right now." I was still toying with her.

" You are so shameless... Just wait I will call the police."

I was still smiling but Priya took the phone from her hand and returned it to me. I took it with a smile.

" Priya have you gone mad... he..." She was scolding Priya for doing that.

" Will you please stop it and listen to me for a minute? He will not do anything wrong. He is Rohit. Rahul's younger brother." Priya said

" What?? " She said and looked at her and then at me.

I winked at her and flashed my best smile as her.

"Why didn't you tell me? " She said to Priya as she was embarrassed now.

" I would have told you if you had given me a chance.... You were too angry to hear what I was telling. Any ways let me now introduce you two formally... Rohit she is my best friend Sia and Sia he is Rohit , my brother- in- law."

I grinned at her and said, " Hi Sia... Very nice to meet you. " I extended my right hand to shake hands with her and she extended hers tentatively.

" Hello... I am sorry, I thought..." she was looking everywhere but at me. So cute and adorable.

" I know what you thought... But I am glad that Priya has such a good friend who is ready to fight with a stranger for her. "

" Thanks, she told me that Rahul was not here and I knew what happened that day so I... Sorry again."

She said politely but I liked her in her feisty role more.

" Don't be sorry, I enjoyed our banter a lot."

Priya hugged Sia and said ,

" You are such a sweetheart , thanks for your support... now let's all go home as I am very tired and have to study too. "

Sia's POV

Oh god!!!!

What have I done now?? Shit!! I slapped that man...

A handsome man ... Inner Sia said.

Shut up...

I should have listened to what Priya was saying....

Though he kept smiling later on as if this whole thing amused him... Strange stupid man.

I apologized but he kept smiling. Ivam even more embarrassed now.

I came to my car but my cheeks were still hot and red. I was so embarrassed at what I did. I was so stupid... Should have at least heard what Priya was trying to say.

I reached my car and turned to look at them. They were going towards their car. But he was still looking at me and was totally lost. I had never felt so embarrassed in my life in my entire life.

What would he think about me? How can I be so stupid???

He was still looking at me.

Oh God!!!!

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