It Started With A Slap
By Chhavi Gupta
Date: November 29, 2021
Ch. 5Chapter 5

He smiled at me and patted on my shoulder and went to his room. I forgot to ask him something so I went to ask him in his room.

Rohit's POV

Priya was shyly making bhai have Laddooes and milk with her hand when I went into their room.

How cute... How could I leave that opportunity to tease them???

" Wow Priya, you made Laddooes I just love Laddooes... Can you get me a few of those please? " I said and the romantic look on my brother's face changed into irritation.

" Sure Rohit, just give me two minutes... actually Rahul is having pain in his hand so he can't eat them himself. I'll get it for you, once I feed him please sit. "

Awww so sweet...

" Don't worry, I'll feed him... you please get the laddoos for me I am dying to eat them. " I said with a smirk. Bhai glared at me as if he wanted to kill me. Priya smiled and went to get some more for me.

" Bhai just open your mouth, I will feed you with as many Laddooes as you want. Priya is getting more Laddooes for us. " I teased him again.

If looks could kill, I would have died. Ouch!!!!

"Shut up Rohit, just take them and go, I don't need your help." He looked like a sulking child.

My cute bhai... Gets teased so easily. But I was not going to stop teasing them.

"But 5 mins back I saw that you needed Priya's help... Come on bhai you can take her help but not mine... I am so hurt. Show me your hand, I have the perfect cure for them. "

" Rohit please get out of here, I am getting irritated now. '

" Not before I feed you, It is my duty to help my elder brother when he needs me. And I also want laddoo. "

Priya came with Laddooes in a plate and gave it to me. I started eating one and said,

" Priya, do you have some cousin or friend who can make Laddooes like this? Please introduce her to me. They are awesome, I just can't feed him now as I have to eat them too. You do that, ok ?? Thanks for Laddooes please keep making them for us." She just blushed and smiled.

" Bye good night to both of you and bhai please enjoy your Laddooes..." I left after winking at him.


Next day in the morning, we all settled to have our breakfast when I teased him , " Bhai how are you feeling this morning? Do you still want me... I mean Priya or me to feed you?" I said and winked at him.

Bhai was glaring at me, "Shut up Rohit and mind your business, ok?"

" What happened to your hand Rahul?" Both mom and dad asked.

" Oh nothing serious mom you know how Rohit is.... Always exaggerating. It was just a minor cut."

" It was so minor that bhai could not even eat on his own.... Priya had to feed him yesterday, right Priya? So do you still want her to feed you?"

Mom and dad kept on smiling and exchanging looks. Mom said " Rahul why did you not tell me that your hand was hurting I could have fed you as well ....." And then she burst out laughing. dad and I joined her.

" Rohit I swear I will kill you someday." Bhai glared at me while Priya was was red as tomato.

We all enjoyed our breakfast and the light hearted banter.


I went to airport with bhai and Priya. He hugged me and told me to be responsible in his absence and take care of everything.

I nodded and told him to be rest assured. I dropped Priya at her college.

Sia's POV

I was really upset with Priya as we usually share everything with each other but she did not even tell me that she got married to Rahul. I was very happy for her too, but I angry.

I was not here for the dance practice but I got to know what happened as it was the talk of the college, how Rahul took a stand for Priya.

Here I was going mad with tension that she must be heartbroken and upset and she didn't even bother to tell me that she is married to Rahul - the love of her life.

I would not even talk to her. I saw her coming towards me and I started walking away from her. She called my name but I ignored her. She ran towards me and caught my hand.

" Sia please at least listen to me."

" Why do you think I should listen to you now? You didn't even bother to inform me about you getting married. "

" I didn't know myself, I got to know just 20 mins before I got married."

" Don't give me lame excuses please... "

" Listen yaar, I will tell you..."

" No... I am not interested now. You should have told me that day. " I started walking away again but she held me tight. I was also curious to know but was angry as well.

She told everything to me. I was shocked to hear all that. Then I smiled and said, " Well, everything is well if it ends well. So you got to marry the love of your life... But are you happy now? "

" Yes I am very happy...."

" That's great.... Now when were you going to tell me? When do I get to meet him? I am curious to know about the man who stole your heart all those years ago.."

" I was planning to tell you after the exams... Rahul is in London for some business so you will be meet him after 10 days."

" Oh ok... So how are things between you two? " I asked with amusement. She just blushed. Aww... she looked so pretty.

" You are looking like a tomato Priya. What is going on? Come on tell me. Look at yourself you are blushing so hard. Did you?... have you? ... I mean..."

" No !!! " She shook her head and blushed harder.

" Priya I am so happy for you. " I hugged her tight.

" Hmmm.. now let's go for the class." She said and we did that.

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