It Started With A Slap
By Chhavi Gupta
Date: November 29, 2021
Ch. 4Chapter 4

Rahul must have got married 3 days back. I talked to her just before she went to the wedding. She said she was fine and that she would take care of herself. But her phone was switched off since then.

I was getting restless but could not go and meet her as my mom had high fever and my dad and brother were also not at home. Finally they came late last night.

I reached our college and was waiting for her to come.

She entered the college and saw her. I went there and hugged her tight.

" How are you? " I asked her.

" I am good.... " She said with a smile.

She is smiling ?? That is strange. I thought she would be heartbroken. Her eyes would be swollen.

" There is something different about you today... Has something happened?" I asked her as she was looking different and happy. I was happy to see her like this. But this was totally unexpected.

"What do you mean by different." She asked me.

She was not at all upset?? I was a bit scared... Was she really fine??

" You were so upset 3 days back, I was so worried but now you are looking as fresh as a flower. Are you alright? I am scared for you." I asked again.

"I am fine yaar, let's go to class for now we will talk about that later."

We gave our assignment and we both got very good grades for it.

I asked her, " Did you go to his wedding?"

" Yes , I did... " She was smiling and I hope that she was not loosing her mind.

" So ?? "

" So what?? "

" Oh stop it Priya. You know what I am asking. What happened?? "

" He is Married... Let's not discuss this right now. We will talk about it later. "

" Are you all right? "

" Yes.. " she said and I thought that may be she wanted to avoid the topic so I let her do that. We attended our other classes and I came back.

Rohit's POV

Things were getting better with them day by day. They had started smiling at each other and started looking at each other without getting conscious.

They both came down, everyone was looking at them curiously as they were just engrossed in our own world. Wow!!! So good they looked so happy.

" What bhai ?? It seems you have eyes only for Priya now. We are also here, you both were totally oblivious of us, what is so special ? " I teased them again and Priya blushed .

"Shut up Rohit !! I was just asking her to come for dinner tonight." Bhai blushed too.

"Oh dinner!! Very good idea. I was getting bored, so I will be there bhai just tell me the time and place." I Said and I saw his smile dropping. He was looking so cute as if someone snached his favourite toy.

" I am going with her not you." He said glaring at me.

"She doesn't mind me being there. Do you Priya?" I looked at her with one eyebrow raised. I loved teasing my brother as he looked helpless.

"No I don't.." She said sweetly.

"See she doesn't mind, I will be there." Bhai glared at me again but I smirked.

" Mom !! Dad !! please yaar..." He was annoyed now.

" Enough Rohit !! Stop pulling his leg." Mom scolded me and I laughed.

Mom and Priya went to the kitchen and came with breakfast and we all settled for breakfast.

Everything was delicious. I said, " I would become double in size if I keeps on eating at that rate." I was eating as if I won't get it again soon.

" Priya the food is fabulous as always but why are you not eating?" Asked mom. She started eating with her left hand. She was blushing hard.

"Why are you eating with your left hand beta? You are not left handed. Are you? " She shook her head and was turning red.

I dropped something and bent to pick it up and saw that bhai was holding her hand. Oh so that was the matter.

I grinned like an idiot and said, " It seems that she forgot her right hand in the kitchen or her room... Right bhai... Hmm Priya ???"

Priya was so embarrassed now. She threw an apple at me and I caught it with a smile. Priya was now more red than a pomegranate. Mom and dad were laughing. We all were really glad that they were getting involved with each other. They both looked happy and in love.


Dad told us that our company might get a new deal. The clients loved the consignment we sent them and now they wanted to increase the order to ten times. They also needed some customised pieces. For that dad needed to go to London. But as he was not very well we could not let him go.

" Are you serious Ram?? You can't go, you are not well so you are not going anywhere." Mom said firmly.

" Don't worry Sunita, I am fine." Dad said.

" No dad, mom is right. You had an anxiety attack recently. We can't let you go." Bhai said and I agreed with it.

" But Rahul you know that someone needs to go?"

" Ok, then either me or Rohit can go?"

" Rohit has just joined the business, he will not be able to handle this situation. Maybe in a year he will be as good as you. " Dad said

I felt very bad that bhai would have to go. I mean he just got married. But I was very new to it. Bhai had worked on this so much that I didn't want to commit any mistake and ruin everything for him.

Dad wanted him to take Priya with him but she had her final exams so she couldn't go. I was feeling bad for them when bhai decided to go alone.

I would have to be more responsible just like dad and Bhai.

" Ok Rahul, make strategies and see what you want to take with you, keep your presentation ready and leave by the end of this week. Ask your PA to get your tickets booked." Dad said.

" Yes dad, I will start with the presentation today itself."


Our company was flourishing very well. Bhai worked really hard all day, everything was getting ready samples, designs, presentation, everything was almost ready. It was his project and he was very excited about it. If we get this deal then our company will become one of the top most in the Textile and garments sector.

It was evening and bhai and priya came back. We all settled down to have dinner. While we were having food all of a sudden, bhai winced slightly..

I looked at him. His knuckles were a bit cracked.

Did he have a fight with someone??

I looked at Priya to ask her but she didn't say anything. He ate food with difficulty and Priya was almost into tears.

" Why are your knuckles cracked bhai? What happened?Why is Priya almost into tears? What happened today? Come on tell me." I asked him when he went to wash his hands.

" Don't worry Rohit, I just had a fight with the guy who was misbehaving with Priya in college."

" What? "

He told me everything. I was getting very angry now, " You should have called me too, I would have beaten him to pulp."

" I did that brother, don't worry."

" I am just a little worried about Priya, she was so scared." He said, looking a bit tense.

" Don't worry bhai, I will take care of her, when you are not there."

He smiled at me and patted on my shoulder and went to his room. I forgot to ask him something so I went to ask him in his room.

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