It Started With A Slap
By Chhavi Gupta
Date: November 29, 2021
Ch. 3Chapter 3

All three of us laughed loudly and Rahul bhai went to study, throwing cursing words at me. But I didn't care... I knew that they were feeling awkward around each other so I need to push them.

Next day when I came for breakfast there were so many things... stuffed Aaloo parantha (Flat bread stuffed with potatoes and onions), Stir fried Idli with lots of veggies, grilled Pizza sandwich, soyabean salad and Halwa.

" Wow!!! Mom is there any special occasion today ? Am I forgetting something ? Why there's is so much food on the table?" I asked.

"Why ?? It is the first Sunday we have Priya with us so it's a special Sunday, so special food. Now just start eating this." Mom said.

Everyone was enjoying it. Bhai loved the food so much, he said, " Oh mom, the food is amazing I am just loving it ." Mom just smiled. We all ate with gusto.

I said , " Oh everything was amazing today, I ate so much, but this halwa is the best thing. love you mom for making all this. "

Aunty and mom exchanged a look and smirked.

Then bhai also said , " Really mom you should cook very frequently the food was awesome today I loved it. I am just too full but I still want to keep on eating and the Halwa is awesome, love you mom."

" Something is different, even the coffee tastes much better today." I said and Bhai also nodded .

Mom said, " So you all think that the food was awesome, the halwa was out of this world and the coffee was very very tasty? Hmmm.... So your day was made, well, if you want to have this kind of food frequently then then you will have to request the cook to make it frequently for you and you will have to hug the cook is that ok ? "

All of us agreed. Dad started getting up, going towards mom. But she said, " Oh no I didn't make them, I didn't even go to the kitchen."

All of us were surprised and looked at each other. But we had no clue.

" Ok, ok I will tell you, each and every dish was prepared only and only by Priya. I didn't even go to the kitchen. Even coffee was prepared by her."

Really?? That was awesome. We kept looking at her and her face turned pink in colour. Bhai was looking at her with surprise.

"Come on Ram what are you looking at? She cooked for the first time as our daughter-in-law. Just give her some gift." Dad hugged her then gave her a beautiful necklace which she accepted shyly.

" Wow beautiful, you can even cook and it was awesome... please cook it for me again." I said and then I hugged her. She smiled and nodded. Everyone expected bhai to say something.

Rohit's POV

" Wow, beautiful !! you can even cook and it was awesome, please cook it for me again." I said and then I hugged her. I knew bhai was staring at me.. She smiled and nodded.

Only bhai was left now. He stole a glance at him through her eyelashes. I could see she was blushing already. Everyone expected bhai to say something.

" The food was amazing, I just loved it, please make it again for me, thank you ." He said

And when he was about to hug her I shouted, " No, no no that is not done, you are her husband, you have to kiss her." Bhai glared at me but I know, he loved the chance I gave him.

Priya was getting more red second by second. She could not even look at anyone, was really blushing very very hard. So cute...

"Fair enough, Rohit is right for once. Come on Rahul what are you waiting for, she is your wife, she won't hit you." Mom said. I winked at mom and she smiled. She knew What was I upto.

Bhai was hesitant for a moment but then he kissed her on cheek and everybody applauded. He left after that. He smiled a bit while he was going out and tried to hide his smile but I saw it.

I know you very well bhai...

My plan was working, so if they need teasing from us to react, then we would give it to them…

Sia's POV

" Sia get up beta. Oh god!!! You are such a lazy girl. " mom scolded me.

" What mom?? I was studying for the whole night. You know my exams are coming. I need to study till late at night. " I said with my eyes still closed.

" Hurry up!!! Don't you have to go to college?? "

" Hmmm ok... why did the morning come so fast?? " I said in a frustrated tone and my mom chuckled.

" I will make breakfast, you go and get ready. "

I got ready to go to my college. I was worried about Priya. She has been very upset for the last week, she came to know that Rahul was getting married in a week and she was upset since then.

She had a crush on him for a few years. I knew how she felt for him, though he always avoided her. I wish I could ease her pain away... But she was really deeply hurt. I tried to distract her but she was thinking only about him.

She told me that she would go to his wedding. I tried to convince her not to go as I knew that it would be very painful for her to see him marrying another girl. She was madly in love with him but she never showed it to him. Only I knew about it.

She said that she needed to see him getting married to someone else so that it sinks in her stubborn mind. Her mind was still not accepting that he was getting married. I was not convinced that she should go but she was adamant.

I was worried that she might break down in front of everyone. She is a very emotional girl and she was crazy about Rahul. I wanted to go with her so that I could take care of her but she refused as she said how would we explain that to her parents.

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