It Started With A Slap
By Chhavi Gupta
Date: November 29, 2021
Ch. 2Chapter 2

After sometime, mom looked at Rahul and said " Rahul go inside, your dad needs to talk to you." he just nodded and went inside. Then she instructed me, " Rohit beta go and tell people that your dad is much better now so ceremony will resume within an hour. And say sorry for the delay. Just make sure that everything is under control. Take good care of our guests."

"But mom ??? "

"Do as I say son, there will be a wedding for Rahul today." I looked confused but went to do what mom told me to do.

After some time I came to know that Priya was getting married to bhai. I was so happy for them. Both liked each lother for years but never said a word...

I told bhai to come for Jai Mala he nodded and started followed me. He noticed that I had a mischievous smile and he was curious about it.

We saw Priya coming with her parents. Bhai was mesmerized to see her. She was looking like an innocent angel.

Mehul bhai pulled bhai's hand and whispered , " Close your mouth otherwise, some insect might enter it."

They exchanged garlands and then took Pheras while saying their vows. Uncle officially handed over her to bhai. She was Mrs Priya Rahul Kapoor now. I was really happy for both of them. Even my parents were so happy that I must thank Leena for eloping.

Next day, In the morning everyone was present there for breakfast. Priya came downstairs looking very good in a saree. She seemed to be a bit tense.

I smiled and said, " Hello beautiful, who are you? What have you done to our plain and simple Priya? Have you drunk some magic potion? You are looking amazing." Mom hit me on my arm and told me to stop teasing her and she hugged Priya with a smile.

" Awww look at her, she is clearly the most beautiful girl. Isn't she Rahul?' mom asked bhai. He just nodded with a faint smile. What was wrong with him??

I will have to make them realise that they like each other and now that they are married they just need to confess their love to each other. I decided to tease them a lot.

Next morning, we all had our breakfast together. We all were enjoying but both of them looked tense. Bhai went to his office.

He cancelled his holidays and his honeymoon trip. But he could have gone with Priya. They would have come closer during their honeymoon. But I guess I will have to play cupid in their love story.

I plan to make them realise that they were in love with each other.... All they needed was a push towards each other.

Mom, aunty and Priya went shopping and after a few hours Priya came back alone.

I was having coffee alone as no one was at home. I asked her to join me, She did that. We were enjoying our coffee and chatting. I asked her, " When will you have to go to your college? "

" I will have to join the college from Monday. I can't miss my practical, they are very important. My exams are approaching, they will start next month. Then I have to do my internship " she said with a smile. She was doing her post graduation in Clothing and Textile.

Rohit's POV

"Priya have you told your friends about this marriage?" I asked casually. It would be difficult to explain her sudden marriage.

"No I haven't... and I don't even know how to tell them, they will shout at me that I didn't even call them." She said, well she was right. I would have been angry with my friend if he did that.

"It's ok they will understand.'

"Ha... easier said than done, it is not that easy Rohit. How would I explain this situation to them? They would think that I am joking or hiding things from them." She said taking deep breaths.

"Yes of course I think you are right, it is really difficult to make them understand. They will think that you have lost it or that you have such a bad choice. They will ask you why did you marry that khadoos ( arrogant) man when you could get marry to any Jolly natured man... like me."

I winked at her. I was just teasing her.

She smiled at my comment and shook her head and then I said, " I think you should get your eyes checked ."

" But why?? My eyes are perfect." She said innocently.

" I know sweetheart your eyes are beautiful. I am talking about your eyesight, please get your eyesight checked. I think you can't see properly." I said while laughing.

" Hey!! why are you saying that? My eyesight is perfect."

"Well, in that case, take an appointment from a psychiatrist because I think you really need a treatment, as you chose to marry my brother... Ha ha ha." I knew, I was laughing like a lunatic.

"Oh!! shut up" she rolled her eyes and said, but I kept on teasing her, she threw a cushion at me, but I ducked then I threw a cushion at her which landed on her.

" See you can't even throw a cushion at me, your eyesight is not perfect. Please get them checked." I said to tease her.

" It is too much now Rohit I will kill you." She glared at me.

"For that you have to catch me. Come on catch me if you can." I challenged her.

She ran after me and all of a sudden the door of the room opened and Rahul bhai entered and he was between Priya and I. She tried to stop herself but as we were running very fast, she couldn't stop and banged hard into him.

He caught her but due to impact they both fell on the carpet. She was on top of him. She was too shocked to react. They both were looking at each other. She even forgot to move. He was holding her and was looking at her with shock. None of them moved. They were totally oblivious of me.

Just then mom and aunty entered from the door and saw them in that position. But they were lost.

I coughed and said, " What are two of you doing? Come on we understand that you got married only yesterday, but pls control your emotions. You have a big comfortable room, please go there. Don't corrupt the innocent soul like me." Mom and aunty burst out laughing. Priya got very embarrassed and tried to get of off him.

" No no... it's not what you think, it's not, what it looks like. I am sorry." She just didn't know what to say. She was blushing profusely. She was looking very cute.

Bhai glared at me and I was laughing like a possessed man.

Mom said, " It is ok... He is just pulling your leg." But she was blushing so bad that she just ran upstairs to their room.

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