It Started With A Slap
By Chhavi Gupta
Date: November 29, 2021
Ch. 1Chapter 1

Rohit's POV

There was so much to do as my elder brother Rahul was about to get married today. I was rushing from here to there at the beck and call of my mom. She had already given a list of instructions.... Her elder son was getting married..... She was excited about it though she was not very pleased with the girl her son chose to be his wife.

Leena was not very friendly... In fact she looked very self centred. My parents were not very happy about it, but they respected Rahul's decision, afterall it was his life and he wanted to spend it with Leena.

Well I somehow had a doubt about it. Leena was his girlfriend for the last 6 months, but somehow I could never see that spark in their relationship. Infact, I would say that it looked very mundane or business like.

Anyways, I had so many things to manage so I needed to go and check arrangements. As it is, I can't help it as I just had my doubt but I was not sure about it.

My mom was getting paranoid about all the arrangements. I assured her that everything was done. My dad and Bhai were also ready.

Bhai was looking very handsome but somehow he didn't look as happy as one should be. Was he not happy??

I knew that he used to like someone but he never said anything about it. Now he was getting married to Leena so may be he is over that.... But then why is he not excited to be married today?

Dad said that we were getting late so we all drove to the venue and reached there in half an hour.

There were not many people from Leena's side. Her uncle welcomed us. We went to the hall that was scheduled for the wedding. Guests started pouring in. Our friends were also there.

Dad's best friend Kabir uncle came with his family. His daughter Priya was also with them. She was a gem of a person. She looked very pretty, my friends were looking at her. They even asked me who she was. She was talking to my parents. She blushed and shook her head. She started going towards a snack bar and grabbed a glass of juice.

Her eyes started searching for someone..... Well it was Rahul. I saw that he was looking at her too. She smiled at him but he kept on looking at her very intensely. I always knew he liked her but he always denied it. If that was the case, I just couldn't understand the expression in his eyes at this moment.

I went towards her and tapped at her shoulder, she turned to looked at me and smiled. I have always been very fond of her.

"So, someone is dressed to impress all. You are looking so beautiful. You know how many people are looking at you. Where were you all the time?" I said to her and she blushed.

"Rohit please, stop this, I am getting irritated now, everyone is teasing me. I should not have worn saree." She said.

"Oh no, I am not teasing you. You are looking like an angel, infact I am enjoying the fact that I am talking to the prettiest girl here and all the men are glaring at me and my friends there, are asking me to introduce them to you." I said and she shook her head.

"Please, don't do it, I am not interested in anyone." She said

I was sure of it as I have always seen that she used to look at Rahul adoringly. She had eyes only for him. She had some sort of very huge crush on Rahul. They both liked each other but I don't know what was wrong with them....

"I know..." I said very seriously and I knew she was about to ask me, what did I mean by that but just then someone called me and I excused myself and walked away.

I came to know that Leena had eloped leaving a letter for bhai as a pathetic explanation. She decided that she did not want to get married as of now as she was offered a role in some upcoming movie.

Rahul bhai seemed to be very angry and was looking like a wounded lion. I was trying to calm him. Mom and dad were very tense, Priya's parents were trying to calm them just a few yards away.

All of a sudden dad started sweating profusely and kabir uncle shouted for Rahul and I . We came running and took dad to a room. I called for the doctor, and our family doctor rushed to examine dad. Mom was crying and bhai was looking very sad and guilty. I didn't know what to do... I was feeling really bad. Wanted to kill Leena.

The doctor said that dad had an anxiety attack and as he had already had one heart attack last year, so it was not good for him to be anxious.

Rohit's POV

Kabir uncle , bhai and I went inside. There was so much tension everywhere.

My father was too upset to even look at bhai... He was worried about what people would say. This would spoil our reputation as media was also there.

Kabir uncle, " Give me half an hour I'll do something … will get another girl to marry Rahul... The marriage will be held today itself.'

"What do you mean by, there will be a marriage today? Who will get ready to get married at such a short time?" My dad said with disbelief.

" I know a girl, I will talk to her, but are you ready Rahul? " Uncle asked.

" I have no other option... if the girl is ready, I am fine. I am sorry dad I will do anything to make you happy." Bhai said.

"Rohit and Rahul, just take care of the guests ..... Don't tell anything to anyone........ Nobody knows the girl you were getting married to. Just tell your father is not feeling very well ok." Uncle instructed us...... We just nodded and went outside.

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