A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 98.Secretly Caring for Her!!

Aarohi Advaith's Room:-

"Mom how can i take these--", Aarohi flabbergasted with lack of words when Priya suddenly handed quite a few boxes of khandani (traditional) jewellery to her, taking her by surprise.

"This all jewelleries were given to me by Mom--I mean Abhiraj's mom, to pass-on them to daughter-in-law of next generation.Till now, these were mine but now they are yours and before you deny to take them, let me tell you that this is a tradition of this family which you also can't deny.", Priya explained Aarohi lovingly with warm smile playing on her lips making Aarohi accept it.

"Thank-you Mom!!", Not knowing how to express her happiness for getting such a warm family as her in-laws, Aarohi just thanked Priya from bottom of her heart.

Roaming her eyes casually in the room, Priya frowned looking at the luggage bags set aside in one corner of closet which she remembered that those belongs to Aarohi.

"Aarohi why didn't you set your wardrobe till now?", Priya asked frowning getting Aarohi into another trouble.

How will she explain to her mother-in-law that her and Advaith's relation is more complicated then it seems on outer surface to the whole family.

"Umm--No, actually i was about to do it in a day or two.And right now the wardrobe is already full with Advaith's clothes and accessories.So once it will get a little spacious, i will--"Aarohi choosed her words carefully in order to raise minimal amount of doubts in her mother-in-law's mind, but Priya frowned at Aarohi's excuse.

It really felt like she was just excusing herself from the question!!

"You should have already asked Advaith, He would have made space for your things in the wordrobe.Aarohi, the situation in which you both get married, you both need to communicate more and more to clear yourself in other's eye, or else misunderstanding will start creating from the initial stage of your marriage only, and this relation will get more and more complicated.Soo,try to open up more to him.Express yourself and try to understand each other more.And i will talk to Advaith also about this.ok??"Priya tried her best to explain Aarohi about the problems which can arise due to lack of communication in between the couples.

Priya and Abhiraj's marriage was also a sudden decision and kind of forced but their patience and habit of expressing each other openly helped them a lot in the journey of their thirty years of successful marriage.

"I know you won't beleive but mine and Abhiraj's marriage was also a sudden marriage.The one whom i was about to marry, he was in love with other girl and he ran away from marriage, leaving me all alone by myself in pavilion.Mine and Abhiraj's fathere were also best friends just like your and Advaith's father are.And Abhiraj's father also declared our marriage suddenly after looking at my condition in the pavilion.I am saying all this because i have gone through the same stage you are going and the only thing i want to say is that I know my son very well.He is very stubborn and he needs everything on his terms but --the day he will understand that you are the best choice for him, i am sure he will devote himself to you.Just give him some time and don't give up on him.ok??" taking Aarohi's both hands in hers', Priya explained just like a mother does to her own daughter.

"Don't worry Mom, i will try my best to hold onto this marriage and i am sure, one day Advaith will surely notice my efforts."Aarohi herself knew that this is a lie and may be this will never happen, but she does not want to upset the women sitting in front of her who was supporting her at each and every step since the time she has entered this house.

"I am sure he will!Now i am going and you also rest well.", Priya said getting up followed by Aarohi who walked till the door of room with Priya and closed the door once Priya went to her own bedroom.

Aarohi sat on bed getting all bored as there was nothing much she has to do.Initially being a working girl and now suddenly not having anything to do was making her bore at highest level.

For other married couples, they can call and talk to each other on phone when they get bore or miss the other one, but in her case she cannot even call her husband.

Finally not getting anything to do, Aarohi walked out of her room to Aashi's room to spend some leisure time, offcourse if the later one is not busy.

Knocking at Aashi's room, Aarohi peeped a little inside to find her working on something in her laptop.

"Oh bhabhi (sister-in-law) you here!!Please come inside .", Aashi chirped finding Aarohi standing on door and immediately invited her inside.

"I hope i am not disturbing you Aashi.",Aarohi said while sitting beside her to which Aashi immediately replied with a smile-"Offcourse not bhabhi (sister-in-law). Anyways, i was coming to your room only.I am having some doubts in major accounting."

"Ohh!!Let me see if i can help you.", Aarohi said with a warm smile and Aashi immediately passed the book to her showing the problems she was having.

Aarohi quickly understood the problems and explained Aashi ever soo easily, impressing her with her awesome knowledge.

"Wow Bhabhi (Sister-in-law), you are really brilliant.You solved the problem so easily.In my opinion you should really start working like you used to do before marriage.You should not restrict your talent.", Aashi suggested genuinely earning a small smile from Aarohi, though no reply came from her side.

Already having complicated marriage-life, Aarohi wanted to give her maximum time to mend this relation, atleast till the time she doesnt give up on them.

Before they exchange another word, a call on Aashi's cell disturb them and the look on Aashi's face after looking at caller ID was enough for Aarohi to understand that there is something personal Aashi does not want anyone to know.

"Should i go out?"Aarohi asked politely not wanting to make her uncomfortable while the later nodded in no saying--"No its just a college friend.You sit here, i will come after attending this call."

Walking out in the balcony attached to her room, Aashi engaged in her talk with the person other side while Aarohi noticed small genuine smiles forming on Aashi's lips now and then, which she didn't see any other time.

Once completing the call, Aashi walked back into her room and settled on previous place passing a small nervous smile to Aarohi.

"Boyfriend?", Aarohi asked carefully masking her expressions so that Aashi doesn't feel unwanted intrusion in her life from Aarohi's side.

Aashi who was unable to form any words just nodded slowly in yes with shy smile making Aarohi also smile in return.

"Ohh!!Why are you shying??I mean its ok to have a boyfriend if you both are genuine and loyal with each other.", Aarohi said with a small smile, now making Aashi feel a little comfortable.

"Does anyone knows--i mean Mom-dad or Advaith?", Aarohi asked politely earning a negative nod from her side which she dismissed with understanding nod.

"Dont worry, i wont tell anyone."Aarohi said with a smile making Aashi also smile widely in return.

"Bhabhi (sister-in-law) did you also had a boyfriend?", Aashi who got excited on this boyfriend topic, immediately asked in return making Aarohi smile a little before she replied-"No i never had a boyfriend.I was nerd back then in school and college...you know!!"Aarohi trailed the last words for Aashi to assume by herself.

"I am surprised!!You are soo beautiful, intelligent and cute--i mean one in all dhamaka packet and still didn't had boyfriend!!", Aashi said with a little laugh making Aarohi also chuckle untill something crossed her mind and her beautiful smile was changed into a sad one--"This all doesn't matter when you don't have love in your fate only."

Her words were crystal clear for Aashi to understand that where she was pointing and felt a little guilty for touching such a sensitive topic specially when she knows what Aarohi is going through.

"Bhabhi (sister-in-law), dont worry.Everything will be fine.When bhai (brother) will know the truth of Aamira, he will surely notice all your efforts.Don't be sad.We all are there with you.", Aashi comforted Aarohi by keeping her own hands on Aarohi's making her smile a little with affirmative nod at the end.

I hope he doesn't get too late to notice my efforts~ Aarohi thought with a sigh before engaging back with Aashi in mild talks.


Evening was fun when Aarohi and Aashi were engaged in playing ludo sitting in living room whereas Priya was also busy with some of her NGO files sitting on sofa.

"Aashi why did you killed my token!!", Aarohi complained with small frowns adorning her forehead when later one killed her token, while Priya and Aashi laughed looking at her cuteness.

Ladies were busy in themselves that they didn't notice one more person adorning Aarohi's cuteness.

Advaith who just came from office, entered the house and was advancing towards sofa when he heard her cute and harmless complaint followed by his mother and sister's teasing laugh which did bought a smile on his face as well.

Standing behind the sofa where his mother was sitting, he cleared his throat sternly to earn their attention, which did worked also and Aarohi immediately straighten her position, composing herself.

"Today you came early from office?"Priya asked when Advaith sat beside her all tired while Aarohi immediately went to dining table to fetch a glass of water for him.

Looking up at her for a second with his all time blank face, Advaith took glass from her hand to take a sip of water from it, but in all this she didn't miss that little bit of softness in his gaze which she didn't find anytime before in all past days.

Her heart assured her that what she saw is true, yet her mind was scared to accept the same.

Anyways, taking glass back from him, she kept it on tea-poi before Aashi called her to finish their inturrupted game.

Talking to Priya about his whole day in office, Advaith's eyes again and again travelled to admire his wife who was sometimes whining on her loss of token and sometimes squealing like a teenage girl when she conquer Aashi's token.

Finally after 10 minutes of his arrival, the game got finish with Aarohi's smiling face as she won while Aashi whinned at how easily Aarohi defeat her.

"Advaith go and freshen up.Till then i will get the dinner arranged on table."Priya said getting up while Aarohi immediately asked-"But dad has not arrived yet."

It was soo sudden that Aarohi herself was shocked with her sudden inturruption and looked down being a little embarrassed making Aashi and Priya smile while Advaith choosed not to show any reaction.

"Evening he called and said he has a dinner meeting so he will have dinner there only."Priya said and walked away in kitchen.

Getting up from sofa, Advaith glanced at Aarohi for once before walking straight upstairs to his room leaving Aarohi behind in dilemma that whether she should follow him or not.

Choosing later option she also walked into kitchen to help Priya to set the dinner table.


"Mom I am having a meeting in Delhi, so next week i will be going there."Advaith said as they started having their dinner.

Aarohi looked up at him after hearing him but didn't said a word while Priya suggested-"Thats good.Infact take Aarohi also.Anyways she gets bore all alone in this big house and moreover you guys will have some alone time to sort out things and to know each other a little bit."

Advaith looked at Aarohi for a minute who was now totally engaged in having her dinner, before giving a curt nod, suprising all the three ladies sitting there.

Aashi frowned at how calmly her brother accepted his mother's words, who a day before was adamant to give divorce to Aarohi.

Aarohi who also saw him nodding in affirmative, couldn't understand much of his intention but didn't said anything for now.

Further dinner was carried on with casual talks specially between Advaith,priya and Aashi, while Aarohi find it a little uncomfortable to talk specially when her husband is around her.


Ar-vaith's room:-

Aarohi came out from closet after changing into nightwear whereas Advaith was already sitting on bed, busy making some presentation in laptop.

Looking from corner of his eyes, he saw her picking up her pillow and blanket making him frown before he asked-"Where are you going?"

"Couch??", It looked more like a question than a statement from Aarohi's side when she find him asking a baseless question.

"Yesterday i saw you were uncomfortable there.If you want and if you are comfortable then sleep here on bed only.We can make a wall of pillow for safety measures.", Advaith said still with a blank face making her frown but then she didn't had any reason to deny and she quietly walked back to left side of bed.

Looking at her twisting and turning again and again, Advaith frowned and he finally asked-"Why are you forcing yourself when you are not feeling like sleeping."

There was tint of irkness and annoyance in his voice making her nervous for a minute before she composed herself.

"I can't sleep with lights on."Aarohi replied blankly before covering herself fully with blanket.

After a minute or two, she peeped a little from blanket when she felt the lights turning off, then heard sound of footsteps followed by sound of door shutting.

Finding her getting uncomfortable with lights on while sleeping, he simply gathered his stuffs and turned off the light before walking out of room to his study.

Though she knew that this is nothing special from his side, her heart was feeling happy finding that he is unknowingly caring for her.


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