A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 87.First Intimate Moment!

Ar-vaith's Room:-

Next morning everything was as usual pleasant like any other day except the couple behind the closed door.

Aarohi was the first one to open her eyes frowning at those disturbing sunrays coming through the huge windows untill her focused shifted to something wrapped around her waist.

Ohh it is someone's hand wrapped tightly around her waist!!

Widening her eyes at the realisation, she immmediately looked beside her at the person who was calmly sleeping holding her tightly from her waist.

How did she even reached the bed when she clearly remember sleeping on couch last night!!~was all Aarohi could think, still gaping at her husband who was sleeping carefree beside her.

Anyways forcing back all the possible thoughts coming into her mind, she rapidly yet carefully tried to free herself from his grip, only to get holded more tightly.

"Umm!!"Aarohi immediately stopped trying to free herself as soon as he groaned near the crook of her neck, sending jitters down her spine.

"Oh god, What should i do now!?What if he wakes up and think that i purposely slept beside him!?But i clearly remember that i slept on couch then how i came here!?Oh god, did i walk here while sleeping??", Aarohi widen her eyes thinking of the possibility of her walking while sleeping.

Not having any idea of what to do, Aarohi sighed and decided to keep laying there untill Advaith himself doesn't wake up.

This would be good for now.Once he wakes up, may be she can explain things in better way~ was all she thought while closing her eyes.


Aashi frowned looking at her mother who was now and then glancing out at kitchen entrance.

"What happen Mom??Why are you glancing there again and again?", Not able to hold on her curiosity, Aashi finally asked.

"Aarohi usually comes down around seven o'clock for preparing breakfast.But it is already eight o'clock today and still she isn't here.Advsith's coffee is also ready.I am worried whether she is fine or not!!", Priya worriedly said making Aashi also frown.

"I guess Bhabhi (sister-in-law) might be tired due to yesterday's function so she might have over-slept.You give this coffee to me.I will go and give this coffee to bhai (brother) and will also wake up Bhabhi (sister-in-law).", Aashi suggested making Priya nod in agreement.

Aashi took the tray with two cups of coffee~one for Advaith while other for Aarohi and immediately climbed upstairs to her brother's room.

Ar-vaith's room:-

Aarohi widen her eyes as someone was knocking the door and she was still sleeping there all caged in her husband's arms.While her husband was too sleepy to even hear those knocking sounds.

Not being able to hold more, Aarohi finally shake Advaith slowly by his shoulders making him groan once again.

"Advaith!!Advaith please wake up.Someone is knocking at the door."Aarohi whispered slowly but to her dismay it was too slow to reach Advaith's ears.

Shaking him once more, this time little hard, she finally managed to wake him.

"What??"Advaith scowled opening his half eyes, still being sleepy.

"Someone is knocking at the door and you have holded me tightly soo i can't even get up."Aarohi replied making him frown before his eyes travelled down to his own hand which was wrapped tightly around his wife's waist.

Looking up at her for minute, Advaith immediately freed her making her release the breathe she was holding back, god knows from how much time.

Before they can exchange another word,they were again disturbed by knock while Aarohi immediately got up and walked to open the door.

"Bhabhi what were you doing?I was knocking since a while."Aashi asked while standing at the door with tray of coffee still in her hands.

"Actually i was tired soo i overslept and couldn't get up early."Aarohi passed an excuse with nervous smile making Aashi nod in understanding.

"I also thought that you might be tired from last night function.That's why i got your and Bhai's (brother's) coffee here only.You have your coffee and you will be freshed.Mom has already prepared breakfast soo quickly wake up bhai (brother) and come down for breakfast.I am going down."Aashi passed the tray of coffee with a full fledge smile making Aarohi felt blessed for having such a sweet sister-in-law.

Closing the door behind her back,Aarohi first kept the tray on the table near couch and tied her long hairs into messy bun, unaware of the fact that someone was observing her each and every action.

Turning back,her eyes accidently met his' and the flash of their position few minutes back came in their mind.

"Actually don't know how i walk to the bed.I clearly remember i slept on couch la--"Aarohi couldnt complete her sentence as he immediately replied-"You were sleeping uncomfortably on couch so i only carried you to the bed and about that position, i am sorry i might have hold you in sleep."Advaith cleares his side making Aarohi nod in understanding, yet a little shocked.

"Umm--your coffee is kept there.You have your coffee till then i'll get fresh.", Not knowing how to remove this little bit of awkwardness between them, Aarohi immediately came with an excuse.

Aarohi took her dress from her bag and walked into bathroom while Advaith kept looking at her back untill she disappeared.

However much he hated to admit but he had a good sleep with her in his arms!!-sighing at his own wierd thoughts he got up and took the cup of coffee sipping it while checking his cell.


Advaith came out of bathroom with towel wrapped around his waist.

Roaming his eyes in whole room,he looked at the couch and as he expected,Aarohi had already kept everything ready from his suit to his watch and hankerchief for him to get dressed for his office.

Without giving much thoughts to it,he simply picked up the suit and accessories from couch and started getting ready,still thinkimg about the thoughts lingered in his mind this morning after waking up with her in his arms.

Breakfast table:-

"Aarohi how are you feeling now?Aashi told me that you were too tired in morning."Priya asked Aarohi
making her smile im return.

"I am fine Mom.Actually i got a little tired due to yesterday's function but now i m fresh."Aarohi replied making Priya nod in understanding.

"Aarohi, whatever happened yesterday in function, you don't have to take it on your heart.The way you and advaith got married, just raises some unnecessary questions but you don't have to worry as we are always there for you as your family."Abhiraj comforted Aarohi making her smile and nod in understanding.

In all this, Advaith didn't missed the chance of noticing how his new wife has got adjusted soo easily in his family and how his family supports her.Looking at the way she was getting support of his family,he just wanted Aamira to be there at Aarohi's place.

Also in all this, Aarohi noticed one thing that Advaith isnt much comfortable with his father like the way he is comfortable with his mother and sister.Also since the day she entered in this house she noticed that Abhiraj doesnt give much to Advaith's choices or wishes.

Ar-vaith's room:-

Aarohi was sitting in balcony of their room admiring those little flowers in garden downstairs when there was knock on the door.

Opening the door, Aarohi smiled at Priya who was standing there with few things in her hands-Precisely some jewellery boxes.

Getting aside, Aarohi let Priya walked into their room and closed the door behind before sitting beside Priya on bed.

"I hope you are getting used to and comfortable with your new home."Priya asked with a smile making Aarohi replied immediately-"Offcourse Mom!!Infact i am happy i got you all as a new family.I really feel like i am at my own home only."

Priya smiled at how she accepted this sudden changes in positive way inspite of Advaith's rude and uncultured behaviour towards her.

"I know there are still many things not good between you and Advaith, but i am sure once he will settle his mind with this changes, he will surely give you your place in his life."Priya comforted Aarohi, unknown to the fact that her son has already someone else in his life and the only one suffering is now sitting in front of her with forced smile.


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