A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 76. Taking Her Stand for First Time!

Aarohi and Advaith's Room:

Aashi was helping Aarohi in getting ready in walk-in-closet as many relatives were coming to see the newly wedded bride, whereas Advaith was working on laptop sitting on bed.

"Wow bhabhi (sister-in-law) you are looking like an angel.I am sure today all the aunties will be tired praising you and your beauty."Aashi gushed happily looking at her bhabhi (sister-in-law) who was looking no less than an angel after getting fully ready in her baby pink diamond claded dress, making Aarohi smile in return.

Since the door of walk-in-closet was open enough to give access to Aarohi's beauty, Advaith raised his eyes and laid on his newly weded wife only to get lost in her beauty, though unintentionally.

"I really hoped that bhai (brother) would have also joined the function, then it would have been too much fun."Aashi murmered sadly making Aarohi also turn sad for a minute.

"Its ok Aashi.We can't force him for everything.Besides he already have someone in his heart so it will take time for him to accept all this."Aarohi said with small smile though her heart was bleeding just by thinking about her husband having someone else in his heart.

Advaith who was about go out of the room, heard Aashi's sad voice followed by Aarohi's selfless answer and something stir in his heart.He unconsciously walked towards walk-in-closet and stood at entrance, absorbing the beauty in front of him.

"Aashi go and get ready."Advaith said still standing at door itself while Aarohi who heard him, gasped and immediately covered her front properly with dupatta making Advaith also avert his eyes.

"If you are done getting ready then go out.I also need to get ready."Advaith said coldly more looking at Aarohi making her sigh at his curt-rude tone.

"Bhai (brother), you were not coming in the function,right?Then what happen now?"Aashi asked frowning as according to her knowledge, Advaith was not at all interested in this ritual today morning.

"Today morning, for the first time mom raised her hand on me.I don't want to upset her more so i am attending this function for her sake."Advaith said curtly making both ladies nod.

Aashi immediately left while Aarohi started setting her hairs and adjusting her duptta perfectly for one final time.

All the time while adjusting her look, she was aware of Advaith's gaze on her but she never dared to match her eyes with his'.

Once getting ready completely, she was about to go out but soon turned around saying-"You don't need to be this much rude all the time.If you are forced then i was also forced into this marriage but still i am trying to handle this new relation with patience.I know you love someone else and you have all rights to be with your love.I promise i won't come between your love-life neither i will tell anyone about all this but please stop hurting me and others with your anger and selfishness."Though she said all this calmly but her words added more to Advaith's anger.

Before he can revert back,they were disturbed by knock and Aarohi immediately went to open door whereas Advaith closed the closet-door and started getting ready in simple traditional wear.


The guest were scattered all over in big hall of Khurana Mansion where Priya and Abhiraj were welcoming guests with open heart.

"Aashi , go and call Aarohi and Advaith down for the Ritual."Priya asked Aashi to call the newly weded couple as it was almost time and all the guest were asking about them.

Aashi immediately went up and knocked at Ar-vaith's room which was opened by Aarohi."Bhabhi (sister-in-law), mom is calling you and bhai (brother) downstairs.Its almost time for the ritual.And you need to fix your dupatta as a veil.wait let me help you."Aashi informed while herself helping Aarohi to adjust her dupatta.

"Bhai (brother) you are also coming, right?"Aashi asked from door itself as she saw Advaith coming out from closet."You go.I am coming."Advaith said plainly to which Aashi nod and said-"lets go bhabhi (sister-in-law)?"

Aarohi nodded in agreement and went with Aashi who helped her with her lengha while Advaith styled his hair for once more before following both girls.


Aarohi and Advaith were made to sit together on a sofa where Aarohi had her face covered with veil while all were getting impatient to see beautiful face of the newly wedded bride.

Soon the function started and one after other guest came and lift veil from Aarohi's face only to praise her beauty followed by some gifts-giving from their side.

Advaith, though was getting irritated with this function, but he couldn't ignore that little feel of proud in his heart, which he was feeling after hearing all praises for his forced wife.

While for rest of the Khurana family, they were smiling feeling proud of their beautiful and well-cultured daughter-in-law.

The funtion was going all well and many guest were already enjoying dinner buffet untill one of the lady guest from Priya's kitty group said, "Priya, isn't she Arnob basu's daughter, whose groom ran away from the marriage just before the marriage!?Advaith could have got any other beautiful and pure girl, then why did you get him married with the girl who was left by her groom in the marriage pavilion just few minutes before their marriage?"

This one sentence ruined the whole atmosphere as now all the gazes turned towards Aarohi and soon slow murmering started among guests making her concious.

Abhiraj was about to say something but before that a stern voice managed to shut all of them.

"You don't have to be worried about how Aarohi's marriage broke and how she got married with me.This is our personal matter.You came in this function then enjoy and go back.No need to poke your nose in other's personal issues.Mind your own business."Advaith calmly yet sternly said, leaving no room for further discussion while the lady passed a fake smile before walking out of there.

Looking at how Advaith took Aarohi's stand, Priya smiled widely as she knew that however much Advaith is hating this marriage but he will never let any outsider to raise a finger on his family and now Aarohi is also his family.

While for Aarohi, for first time she felt that she is not his forced bride rather she is his weded wife.A feel of happiness rushed inside her heart looking at how today Advaith supported her.One thing she was confirmed now is that Advaith is not a rude person rather he is just frustrated for time being due to her sudden entry in his stabled life.


On terrace:

After wrapping up everything downstairs, Priya came and sat beside Advaith on swing making him startle but soon he calm himself.

She sat there for a good time before saying-"Today morning, when you talked rudely with your dad, i felt that i lacked somewhere in giving you values.When you selfishly said that it is Aarohi's problem that her marriage broke, i thought there was lacking in my upbringing.But just now whatever happened in the function, the way you took stand for Aarohi and the way you fulfilled your responsibility as a husband, i felt proud.I realised that i have raised you perfectly with all right values."Priya said all this while looking at space but still she could feel her son's constant gaze on her.

"I am sorry Mom.I know mom that i am being unfair to Aarohi by lashing all my anger on her but Mom i am also a human.This whole sudden marriage thing has taken troll on me.And above all i dont even know anything about her.Now amidst all this, how can you expect me to behave normally and calmly!!"Finally Advaith opened his heart in front of his mother making her smile in return.

"You know Advaith, i see myself in Aarohi."Priya said while caressing his hairs making him frown on her words before she continued-"Thirty years back, i was also left in the marriage pavilion just like her.The one whom i was going to marry, that boy was loving someone else and so at the last moment, he ran away from our marriage.My father and Abhiraj's father were also best friends just like yours and Aarohi's father.And abhiraj's father declared our marriage just like your father declared that day.And then we got married.But unlike you, Abhiraj always supported me from day one.He never for once let me feel that i am forced on him.He never for once made me realise that it is my problem if my groom ran away.Advaith today morning i supported Aarohi because i know that how it feels when a girl is left unmarried in front of all guest.Society, relatives and every other person always blames the girl only for the failed marriage."Priya said sincerely as she knew that Advaith needs a reality-check to accept this marriage.He cannot always behave childish and deny to the fact that now he is already married.

Advaith didn't said anything rather kept looking at space making Priya sigh.She knew that he needs time to accept all this but one thing she was unaware of was that his love for someone else is stopping him from accepting Aarohi as his wife.

Nevertheless not getting any reply from his side, Priya silently got up and caressed his hair one last time before walking down to her room, leaving Advaith in his own thoughts.


Abhi-Priya's room:

"Today, the way Advaith took stand for Aarohi, i guess he is already accepting this marriage."Abhiraj said to his wife making her smile in return.

"Afterall he is your son.It will take time for him to adjust to all this but finally he will accept her."Priya said making him frown in return-"I was not insensible like him.I accepted you the same day we got married"Abhiraj cleared his side as he felt accusation in Priya's statement, making her laugh.

"Now i just hope that soon Advaith and Aarohi accept each other."Priya exclaimed with sigh before sleeping beside her husband who took her in hug with assurance that everything will be fine with time.


Aarohi and Advaith's room:

Advaith enter his room to find it all empty but soon his eyes land on a small delicate figure sitting all cuddled on swing in thier balcony.

"Come inside or else you will catch cold."Aarohi flinched at his calm yet sudden inturrupting voice."I am fine here."she replied softly without looking at him as she was still busy in her own thoughts.

Advaith sighed before asking while pointing at empty side beside her, "Can i sit here?"

Getting her approval, he sat beside her on swing while she shifted a little away from him.

"Today after getting ready, in the closet you said many things to me about my anger and selfishness and all.Then Why didn't you said anything to that lady today?You should have taken stand for yourself."Advaith asked shortly waiting for her answer while she replied-"Because i didn't find her wrong anywhere.Whatever she said was right.And thank you for taking my side but i think you don't have any right to say anything to her because whatever she said was nothing different from whatever you say to me all these days.She said the same thing which you are repeating every single day since the first night of our marriage!!"replying plainly she went inside the room without waiting for his answer, leaving him behind to battle with his own feels.

Getting grip of himself Advaith walk back inside the room and saw Aarohi already sleeping on the couch.

Looking at her posture he could easily understand that she is totally unconfortable there.

After battling for a long time with his mind, he finally listened to his heart and went towards her before lifting her carefully in his arms and walked back to the bed.Laying her carefully on the left side of bed, he made a wall of pillows between them before laying on his own side, finally ending one more day of their forced marriage.

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