A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 65.Aamira's truth and Aarohi's Promise!

Looking at her shaking figure in balcony, he can clearly depict that she is crying mess and somewhere down his heart he wants to comfort her but his blind love for Aamira was way too much more than his mind’s sanity.

He didn’t knew whether he should be happy that he will be free from this ‘forced’ marriage or he should be sad for breaking Aarohi’s heart when she is also not at any fault.

His trance was broken by call from office and he went out to attend it, but not before glancing at her for last time.

In Balcony:

Sitting on swing in their balcony, she let her tears to roll down her eyes freely.

In just one day she create beautiful bond with this family and now she has to leave them.

“Tell me when divorce papers are ready.i will sign them.”her own words rang into her ears and a sad smile made its way on her lips.

How much she had dreamt of a perfect married life!!

Everything was perfect then where it went wrong!?

She was happy that she was going to marry a guy who understands her and whom she loves but alas!, all her dreams broke just like those sand castle!!

What was her fault that Abhinav played such game at end moment and left her hanging in hands of destiny!!

Now when she tried to adjust in this ‘forced’ marriage, again destiny had to play with her!!

Once again she is left hanged in the hands of same destiny!!

She was also ‘forced’ into this marriage.She was also not given any chance to take decision.She was also not ready for this marriage but still she was trying—trying to work this marriage.Then why soo much cruelty on her part!?

She chuckled at her own miseries.she chuckled how her life is taking turns and twist without her consent and making it more difficult for her.

After what seems like ages, she wiped her tears and went inside the room only to see Advaith entering into the room at same time.

“Aarohi, actually I wanted to thank you.Thank you for understanding me.I know it is difficult for you also but trust me I really love Aamira and I have always loved only her.I cannot—“Advaith was about to say more when Aarohi cutted him curtly saying, “You don’t need to give me any explanation.It isn’t your fault that we got married.It is just cruelty of my destiny otherwise my first marriage itself hadn’t broken at first place.”Aarohi said blankly yet with small smile making Advaith feel more guilty for breaking such pure heart.But his selfishness has over-powered his thinking-sense.

“You have to go for office tomorrow so you sleep on bed.I will manage on couch.You need proper rest.”Aarohi said and was about to take her pillows and blanket when advaith nervously said “you can also sleep here on other side of bed.I don’t have any problem untill you are comfortable.”

She stared at him for a minute before nodding curtly and lay down on left side of bed while Advaith lay down on right side, though maintaining a good distance between both of them.

It was late night and Aarohi was already asleep but Advaith was still awake.He wasn’t able to comprehend this feeling his heart was already experiencing.

He was happy yet sad.

He was relaxed yet anxious.

He wanted to start his new happy married life with Aamira but at the same the time he don’t want even Aarohi to be sad.

Unknowingly he was admiring her.Her face void of any make-up and still was shining to its glory in moon-light coming through balcony.Her deep closed eyes which can bewitch anyone, while her buttoned nose which makes her look too cute to even express.Her puffy cheeks which feels like to gobble it up and her plumpy tempting lips which can drive anyone insane.

Her every feature was evoking an unknown emotion in his heart, but alas! His mind’s power was suppressing those feelings in his heart.

It seems as if not for Aamira, he would have already bent down in front of her beauty, but he cannot betray the only girl he had always loved since he started understanding the meaning of ‘love’.

Finally throwing all thoughts out of his mind, he let sleep engulf him.

Next Morning:

Advaith woke up at 8:30 and unwillingly his eyes land on other side of bed which was empty.He got up and as usual he looked around for his cup of coffee which was kept on side-table.

As soon as he took first sip, he immediately came to know that this is not his regular coffee which he drinks from last many years and that’s when he remember Aarohi who came with his coffee the other day.

He silently drank his coffee and turn around to keep the cup on the side-table when he saw his office-wear neatly arranged on couch with matching tie while his watch and wallet was also perfectly set on the dressing table.

He looked at all the arranged things for a minute before walking towards wardrobe and took out another pair of his office-wear and straightly walked into the washroom to get ready.

Advaith came out of washroom to see Aarohi doing something in the wardrobe.

“Who asked you to do all that?”Advaith asked curtly making Aarohi flinch on sudden intervene but soon she composed herself and looked up at him with frowns.

“What are you—“Aarohi started only to be cut by him “Never touch my things again and no need to do all this work like an ideal wife.You are not my wife.”Advaith spitted roughly before taking his things and walking out from the room, leaving a shattered and hurt Aarohi behind.

Wiping her un-shedded tears,Aarohi took the file from cup-board and went downstairs.

Dining Area:

“Aarohi today some neighbours and relatives are coming to see you for first time as we have this ‘Muh-dikhai’ rasam.And so no one is going office.”Priya informed Aarohi and said last line looking at Advaith who gritted his teeth in annoyance.

“Mom I have a meeting and I need to go.I cant waste my time for this stupid rituals.”Advaith said while trying his best to not to loose his calm.This all things related to his forced marriage was now getting on his nerves.

“Advaith behave yourself and don’t forget that now you are married so learn some responsibilities towards your wife.”Abhiraj said sternly making Advaith glare at him.

“Wife or a FORCED WIFE!?Dad let me tell you that there was no consent from my side for this marriage.It was your decision.And me and Aarohi have already decided that we are getting divorced.”Advaith may be for first time spoke in front of his father in such loud tone, while all gaped at him hearing about divorce.

All except Advaith looked at Aarohi to see her standing there with blank face, yet hurt was clearly seen in her eyes.

“And who gave you permission for this?There is no divorce happening here.What is your problem with this marriage?I agree that this marriage happened against your will, but you can atleast give it a try.She is such a good girl for you, then what problem do you have with her!?”Abhiraj said trying his best to maintain his calm but seems like advaith is not ready to hear anything and he replied in his loud voice-“Because it was Aarohi’s problem that her marriage broke, then why you guys are punishing me for her personal problems?If that guy ran away from marriage then its bloody their issue.Why am I getting dragged into this without any reason!?”

And next second everyone gasped as Priya slapped Advaith, may be for the first time in her whole life.

Advaith was always his mother’s favourite and she not even for once raised her voice on him since his childhood, let alone raising her hands.But today seeing his selfishness really made her angry.

“This is how you will talk to your father??And when did you turned this selfish Advaith!?And don’t forget that even you have a sister.Keep your sister in Aarohi’s place for once and you will realise that how it feels when a girl is rejected in front of so many people just few minutes before her marriage.I agree that you are at no fault in all this but even Aarohi is also innocent.It isn’t her fault if her groom ran away from the marriage at the day of their marriage.I agree that this marriage was against your will but you could have given chance to this marriage.It isn’t even two days to your marriage, and you are already talking about divorce!!”Priya though didn’t wanted to, but for first time talked to Advaith angrily because it was necessary for her to show him that what he is doing is not at all right.

Advaith without saying anything, left upstairs to his room closing door with bang while all looked at Aarohi with pity look.

“Aarohi I apologise to you for Advaith’s behaviour.”Priya joined her hands infront of Aarohi not knowing what to say, while Aarohi immediately nodded in no asking her not to apologize.

“He is not wrong.This is a forced marriage and he has all the rights to choose his life-partner.Just please don’t tell my family about any of this things untill everything get settled or else dad’s health will worsen.I am going into garden to get some fresh air.I’ll just come in few minutes.”Aarohi pleaded with small smile before walking outside into garden to get fresh.


In Garden:

“Are you ok bhabhi (sister-in-law)?”Aashi who couldn’t hold herself from checking on Aarohi came into garden and sat beside her, gaining her attention.

“Yaa.I mean I really don’t know why all this is happening with me.I never did anything bad to anyone then why god is punishing me!!?”Finally Aarohi let down her gaurds in front of Aashi who has came close to her in just two days and also had become her close friend.

“I will talk to bhai (brother).I know whatever happened was not expected but now you are his wife and you are not at any fault then he cannot punish you for no reasons.”Aashi exclaimed angrily and was about to go to Advaith, but Aarohi hold her hand and nodded in no making her sigh.

“Then till when you will bear all this and keep crying like this?You need to be strong Bhabhi (sister-in-law).Why are you letting Bhai (brother) lead the decisions.He is not only one who is forced, even you are also forced.Please don’t agree on this divorce.”Aashi pleaded at last making Aarohi frown while Aashi sighed before continuing,”Aamira is not right girl for bhai (brother).I don’t know if she really loves bhai (brother) or not but I know one thing for sure that she needs bhai’s money.I told bhai (brother) many times that Aamira is not good but he is soo much in love with her that he doesn’t want to understand anything.”

“And how can you be so sure that Aamira is not good?”Aarohi asked frowning as she was not at all understanding anything about what Aashi is hinting.

“There was a time when Aamira’s dad was dad’s business partner but after few years dad got to know that uncle is laundering business money for his personal use and he broke this partnership and filed case on uncle for which he was also sent to jail for two years.”Aashi said sighing while Aarohi asked “Advaith doesn’t know about all this?”

“Bhai (brother) knows and this is why he never told mom-dad about his and Aamira’s relationship.I also got to know accidentally when once I saw them together in a theatre.Then Bhai (brother) told me that he loves Aamira and he is sure that Aamira also loves him truly but I am sure that she is doing all this under pressure of Maloy uncle for our money.Sometimes I also heard Aamira bad-mouthing about mom-dad to bhai (brother) and she always forced bhai (brother) for marriage but bhai (brother) first wanted to get settled in business and so he didn’t agreed to get married to her and then suddenly your and bhai’s (brother’s) marriage happen.I am sure that this divorce thing is also hinted by Aamira only.”Aashi said sadly not able to do anything.

“Why didn’t you told all this to mom and dad?”Aarohi questioned out her confussion while Aashi smiled sadly before answerin, “Bhai (brother) took a promise from me about not to tell mom-dad about this.He wanted to tell them by himself as he knew that Mom will never say no to him for anything.And once Mom agrees, she will surely make dad also agree for bhai (Brother) and Aamira’s marriage.And so he was just waiting for right time to talk to mom, but he didn’t knew that he will have to get married to you even before he can tell mom about his and Aamira’s secret relationship.”

Aarohi nodded in understanding while Aashi turned towards her with hopeful face nd forward her hand in front of Aarohi making her frown “please you promise me that you won’t give up on this marriage.Bhai (brother) looks like a monster from outside but he is too naïve from inside.Dont let that girl ruin our family’s happiness.Please!”

Aarohi didn’t knew what happened to her but Aashi’s pure request and her hope on Aarohi made her gave into this promise and she sealed the promise with small smile making Aashi grin widely.

“I can’t promise but I will try my best but if then also Advaith won’t agree to give this marriage a chance, then I m sorry Aashi but I cannot force him”Aarohi said making Aashi nod in agreement though sadly.

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