A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: January 17, 2023
Ch. 5935.4 Officially Meeting Mr. Sarsilmaaz!

“You look beautiful.”, Advaith whispered inching towards her and felt Aarohi’s breath labored with his every step he was taking towards her. Aarohi gulped hard when he stood close her, so close that they even felt each other’s breath on them.

Aarohi when tried to step away from him, Advaith held her waist before pulling her more towards him and her hands immediately held him from shoulder in defense.

“You love flowers?”, Advaith asked as his eyes roamed all over face before looking back into her eyes and suddenly felt her eyes glistening with tears.

Still holding her with one hand wounded around her waist, Advaith raised his left hand and tried stroking her right cheeks. However even before he can touch her, Aarohi looked away making him halt his own actions.

Aarohi wriggled to come out of his arms, but the more she tried more she felt his hold tightening around her waist. Sighing at her own failing attempts she finally looked back at Advaith who was looking back at her with a huge playful smile on his lips and she immediately glared him angrily.

“Get your hands off me, Advaith.”, Aarohi said trying to loosen his hold on her waist but again she failed an she sighed giving up.

“Leave me Advaith.”, Aarohi said angrily, her voice a bit high this time but there was no change in Advaith. Neither he stopped smiling at her nor he loosened his hold. Instead he pulled her more close making her look up at him with her eyes widen in shock.

“What are you doing?”, Aarohi asked looking around as she feared that some guest might come and notice them here alone in the darkness in such intimating position.

“Aarohi?”, Suddenly Aarohi felt his voice turning serious and that smile from before was also gone now. However he hadn’t loosen his hold or let go of her yet.

“I seriously want to give ‘US’ a chance. A chance to this marriage. Our marriage.”, Advaith said looking deep in her eyes with utmost seriousness, yet Aarohi could not feel anything. Nothing at all!

“No!”, Aarohi said before forcefully coming out of his hold and turned around, away from his gaze as she struggled to hold back those traitor tears which were all ready to pour out of her beautiful eyes.

“I am not confused anymore.”, Advaith said before walking to her and then slowly hold her elbow to turn her towards him. He tuck her chin up making her look straight in his eyes as he looked back into her beautiful orbs before continuing, “You said that I am still confused with my feelings. But I am not confused anymore Aarohi. That day after coming back from your house I thought a lot about this alien feelings. And I realized that this are not some simple feelings or mere attraction I am feeling towards you. This feelings are strong. So much strong that I cannot even describe them into words. This is not an infatuation, Aarohi. I feel more than that for you. I feel more than I ever felt for Aamira. I never got so much restless on not meeting her but I got restless and agitated in those two days when you went back to your house. When you went away from me, I realized that I am getting used to you being around me.”

“Advaith, Do you even know that what is your problem!?”, Aarohi asked and Advaith frowned not understanding what she wants to convey.

“You are just thinking about yourself. When you did not had any feelings for me, you kept on insulting me again and again. And now when you started feeling something for me you want me to go back with you and give a chance to our marriage. You did not think about my feelings at that time and still are not thinking about it. When you did not need me, you were going away from me. And now when you want me, you are coming back to me. But what about my feelings in all this? Where is my right to decide? There are always two people in a marriage relationship but here it is only you and your selfishness.”, Aarohi said and now Advaith was understanding her each and every word. He knew that from the start of their marriage, he is the only one who is taking decisions for them. He never gave any thoughts to what Aarohi feels or want.

He immediately left her and Aarohi looked at her shoulders where Advaith was holding her a minute back but now he had let go of her. She looked at him who was looking at anything but her.

Aarohi sighed looking at themselves who were anything but a normal couple. There was nothing normal but only complications between them.

“Advaith, I don’t understand what you are doing. I don’t understand what we are doing. This marriage – I started feeling that this marriage is a really a mistake. I know it was already frustrating from the start but now it is getting out of our hands. I don’t understand what you want from me. From this marriage. From this whole mishap.”, Aarohi said on the verge of breaking down. This few months since their marriage was nothing but a torture to her.

“A chance.”, Advaith said with a hope and Aarohi kept staring at him but did not say anything.

“I want a chance. Chance for ‘Us’. Chance for this marriage. I know I did so wrong to you in past months lekin we can mend it, right?”, Advaith said looking with hope in his eyes and Aarohi looked at him for a minute before nodding in no.

“What if you will realize that all this you feel for me is not your true feelings and then you want to go back to your girlfriend?”, Aarohi asked and Advaith had his eyes on her but he was silent. He had nothing to say. He knew that those feelings for Aarohi is true but then what about Aamira? Will he be able to forget Aamira? She is his first love.

“Come to me when you have answer to this question. Till then this marriage has no chance. Your ‘Us’ has no chance.”, Aarohi said before turning away from him However she immediately turned and a hope rise in Advaith’s heart, only to be crushed brutally as she handed back his jacket to him while saying, “I don’t want anything which belongs to you.”

And then, Advaith could only watch her slowly going away from him in front of his eyes.

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