A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 54.What is Aamira's intentions!?

Following morning Aarohi was sitting in living-room with her family, all-ready in maroon-pink net-saree with her hairs loosely opened till her waist.Choora (bangles) was adorned in her both hands while vermillion and nuptial chain was sign of her being already taken away.

Since it was first time that Advaith was coming to pick her up after their marriage, according to the ritual she had to get ready like a newly wedded bride.

She was looking no less than an epitome of beauty but still there was something missing, Glow.A glow which usually adorns the face of a newly wedded bride was missing.She was smiling but the smile wasn't reaching her eyes.She was talking but there was no chirpiness in her voice.

They were busy in talking when Aarohi's cell rang with same unknown number which displayed last night.

"Come out.i am waiting"Advaith said curtly before disconnecting the call, not giving her any chance to reply.

"Mom-dad, advaith is waiting outside.I should go."Aarohi said getting up from sofa followed by her brother and parents.

"Dear its first time he came at our place after your marriage so ask him to come inside."Mishti suggested not knowing what Aarohi is already bearing.

"Mom he said he is getting late for office and then everyone is waiting at my in-law's place as well.I will come to meet you regularly."Aarohi comforted with fake smile while her family also nodded sadly in understanding.

Bidding a little audie to her family, Aarohi sat on passenger seat and the couple finally hit the road.

"There is a box in dashboard.take it"Advaith said blankly still focusing on road while Aarohi open dashboard and took out a blue-velvet jewellary box before asking frowningly "What is it for?"

"Mom asked me to give you gift for your chulha-rasam.So here the gift is.May be mom can ask you about gift soo tell her that i already gave you."Advaith replied plainly while Aarohi nodded and took it, though reluctantly.

Rest of the drive was in compromising silence where Advaith was totally focused on driving while Aarohi was busy in enjoying cold-breeze and watching road-side shops.

"Please can u park your car at side for a moment!"Aarohi requested politely as soon as something caught her eyes while Advaith frowned but still haulted his car at side.Aarohi got down and walked to the shop a little behind while Advaith kept sitting on his seat,totally unbothered.

"Bhaiya please pack this."Aarohi asked the shop-keeper to pack malai rabdi (Indian sweet dish) which he immediately obliged.Thanking the shop-keeper and paying him, Aarohi walked back to the car with bag of rabdi in her hand.

"Where have you gone and what is in there?"Advaith asked as soon as Aarohi sat on her seat."Yesterday when i was making kheer, Aashi told me that she loves Malai rabdi soo i thought of taking one for her."Aarohi said with genuine smile while Advaith nodded curtly before starting engine and driving towards his home.

Advaith parked his car in drive-way in front of main door of Khurana Mansion.Aarohi was about to climb-down the car when Advaith said without looking at her "If u think that doing all this gestures and winning my family's heart, you will be able to make your place in my life then you are wrong."

Though Aarohi's eyes filled with tears due to his harsh words, but in no way she is gonna show her weakness.

"Though for you it is my fake-gestures, but for me it is my love towards your family.May be it is a forced marriage for you but for me this is a pure relation, and i will give my 100% to this marriage."Aarohi said blankly before getting down the car with all the things not giving him any chance of counter-back while once Aarohi was out of car, Advaith zooned out his car towards his office with havoc in his heart.

On his way he noticed his gift- velvet jewellery box there in the dashbord itself which Aarohi left, may be willingly.


Evening Advaith returned from office and the scene unknowingly brought a small smile on his face.

"Bhabhi (sister-in-law), look this problem is not getting solved."Aashi complained with pout as she was trying to make a presentation for her business assignment but some datas were lacking.

"your datas are incomplete Aashi.Fix it first and then see it will tally."Aarohi helped her calmly making Aashi hug her tightly.

"Thanks.Ohh bhai (brother) is already here" Aashi exclaimed as soon as she saw Advaith still standing at main-door admiring them, while Aarohi turned around to look at him and there they had their first eye-lock.

They were disturbed by Abhiraj who came after Advaith from office. "Why are you standing in the middle of the entrance?"Abhiraj's question break the couple's mini eye-lock and thats when Advaith realised that he was still standing at door-step only, from last 10 minutes.

Both men entered the house while Aarohi immediately went to fetch glasses of water for both of them.Abhiraj took the glass with warming smile while Advaith took it without looking at her.

"Where is Priya?"Abhiraj asked after keeping his empty glass on centre-table while Aashi replied "Mom had some work of NGO so she has gone there.She said she will be back by dinner soo she must be coming anytime."

"Ok then i and Advaith both get fresh and then we will have dinner once your mom is back."Abhiraj said suggestively before walking towards his room whereas Advaith also climbed to first floor where his oops 'their' room was there.


"Aarohi dear you were working in Basu industries before marriage then what have you thought about now?"Abhiraj asked Aarohi when they all were sitted for dinner.

"Umm i dont know.I mean i used to work with dad in our office before marriage but Abhinav's family didn't wanted me to work further soo i already resigned from there.And now i Haven't thought about it yet."Aarohi answered truthfully to him making him nod in understanding.

"Look Aarohi here we dont have such conditions of daughter-in-law not working after marriage so if you want you can resume your work.infact you can join Khurana Industries as you are already good in business skills.right abhiraj?"Priya said smilingly making Abhiraj again nod in approval while Aarohi smiled fully.

"I will think of it"Aarohi replied genuinely and the further dinner was almost silent with some mild talks among them.


"Dad i love him"Aamira said angrily only to be slapped tightly on her right cheek.

"No need to argue with me.I asked you to trap that Advaith khurana in your love-trap, and not to fall for him instead.You can't do even a sigle thing perfectly"Maloy Sen spitted angrily at his daughter who was only source of his wicked plans.

"I will never betray Advaith, Dad!"Aamira said confidently but soon her confidence drained hearing her father next words, "You are already betraying him from long time.What do you think that Advaith will forgive you once he will know that all this time you were just doing the act of loving him, that too on your father's orders!?And now when you are already in love with him, lets see what wins ~ My plan or your love!!"Maloy said with smirk which already managed to form sweat-beads on Aamira's face.

"I need to tell Advaith everything.If dad tells him before me, then it will be a huge problem."Aamira murmured to herself with determination as soon as Maloy left from there.


Aarohi was applying body lotion after taking night-bath when Advaith came and sat on bed waiting for Aarohi as he wanted to talk some serious issues about their marriage.

As soon as Aarohi came and sat on her side, Advaith called her gaining her attention."Aarohi!!"

"Yes??"Aarohi looked up at him with frown while Advaith continued "Actually i need to talk to you. You already know in what circumstances we got married and you also know that this is nothing but a compromise."Advaith started, shifting close to her while Aarohi's heart-beat raised as somewhere she was anticipating about what is actually coming.

"Can you please be more clear with your words?"Aarohi tried her best to keep her voice confident and with no trance of fear in it, while Advaith nodded before continuing "Aamira's dad is forcing her for marriage.We both really love each other and i cant stay without her.I know i am being selfish here but i--i mean i think that we-we should not continue such relation which has no destination.I am sure you are also not happy in this forced marriage and its better that we part away because i really want to start my marriage life with Aamira.Soo i think that I--I mean we should already file our divorce"Advaith finished and looked at Aarohi who was staring back at him blankly.

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