A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 43.Her and His' Dilemma!

Simmers Palace restaurant:
"Enough Advaith.i m waiting for you since soo long and you are coming now only."Aamira, Advaith's girlfriend complained as soon as Advaith came and sat in front of her for a lavish dinner date.

"i am sorry dear but i was stuck in traffic.Next time it wont happen,promise.besides i need to tell you something very important."Advaith said last part little nervously not knowing how to tell Aamira about his Sudden Forced Marriage which happened last night.

"Ok but can we order something to eat first!! i m dying from hunger"Aamira complained harmlessly making Advaith smile at her cuteness.

"Ok then we will order food first.I cant keep my girlfriend hungry for long time."Advaith said with a wink making Aamira smile before they ordered for their dinner, With Advaith totally forgetting that there is someone waiting for him on the dinner being all hungry.


Aarohi's house:

"Aaru call Advaith and ask him that when he is arriving.It is already dinner time."mishti suggested as it was already past dinner time.

"Mom i already called him but he said he is in some meeting.He will be late so i will stay back here for tonight.Tomorrow morning he will come to pick me up."Aarohi said nervously without looking at anyone, but Abhoy observed her expressions and immediately came to know that she is lying.

"ok then come we should have our dinner.Come Aaru"Abhoy said dismissing the matter and everyone nodded before heading towards dining table.

The dinner was a mild-talk affair but Aarohi's heart was not at peace.The more she thinks about this forced marriage, the more she feels her heartbeat increasing.

For how long she will keep lieing to her family about her and Advaith's relation~is all Aarohi's heart was thinking.

"Mom, dad, i m tired.I am going to my room to sleep."Aarohi said getting up from her chair after having a very little food.

"ok!!you go and have a proper sleep"Mishti said caressing Aarohi's hair making her smile.


"And you are telling me all this now??Advaith why didn't you tell your parents that you love me?"Aamira freaked out as soon as Advaith dropped bomb of his sudden marriage on her.

"first listen to me.It all happened yesterday only and it was too late to call you yesterday night.That is why i called you today for dinner"Advaith tried to explain his side to Aamira who seemed to be calm down a little after hearing him.

"But now what to do Advaith?Now we cannot meet each-other.It is all over for us"Aamira stated her sadness in front of Advaith as she was genuinely in love with him.

"It is not over.I m trying to figure out something.Infact i was thinking of talking to Aarohi for divorce after some months.I m sure she is also not happy with this forced marriage and she deserves a partner who love her truely, which i can never do.Soo its better we already part our ways"Advaith kept out his plan in front of Aamira who was still looking confused.

"Advaith my dad has also given final ultimatum to me.He wants me to get married soon.I had told him that i love you and he wants to meet you and your family.I dont think that he will wait for this long and besides i feel Aarohi is not wrong anywhere, rather because of our relation, she will also suffer.I guess--"Aamira trailed the sentence not knowing how to say, while Advaith's heart-beat increased to thousand folds.

"Aamira listen i will make everything fine but please dont say like this.I-i really love you and you know that i cant stay without you.I will talk to Aarohi today only."Advaith confessed making Aamira confused.She at one place wants Advaith in her life but at other side she also doesnt wanted to be unfair to Aarohi who had nothing wrong to do with this.

Further dinner was a silence affair and soon Advaith drop Aamira to her place promising of finding out a perfect solution to this situation.He after dropping her, left for his house, totally forgetting about picking up Aarohi from her place.


Aarohi's room:

Aarohi's POV:

Life has never been this unfair and difficult for me.I really hate myself for lying to dad when he asked me about my married life but at the same time i also dont want to give him tension when he cannot do anything in this matter.

*chuckle*Few days back i was soo happy and excited for my marriage and now i hate this same "marriage" thing.

I can neither blame Abhinav nor Advaith bcoz they both are right at their place.Abhinav was pressurised for this marriage and Advaith was also pressurised in other way.It is all my hard-luck.

*sigh*Aaiyappa i really dont know what is the future of this marriage or what this marriage holds for me. But i just want to pray that don't let anyone be unhappy because of me whether its my family,my in-laws family or Advaith.

End of Aarohi's POV

Aarohi's rail of thoughts were disturbed by a knock.She sighed tiredly before getting up and open the door to welcome Abhoy, with two mugs of hot coffee in his hand.

"i thought of spending a little time with you.Are you tired Aaru??"abhoy asked concernly while Aarohi nodded in no with smile.

"soo hows all going?I mean are you happy there?Advaith is not misbehaving with you, right?"Abhoy asked all concerned before taking sip from his coffee-mug.

Currently they were sitting on chair in their garden in backyard with their respective mug of coffee under dark sky and chilly breeze.

"Actually all this was soo sudden soo it will take time for both of us to settle but we are trying.And moreover he is a nice guy.He didn't say anything or blame me for anything."Aarohi said with a small smile while sipping her coffee, whereas abhoy nodded in understanding though he was sure that Aarohi is lying.

Aarohi and Abhoy were never like siblings, rather they were always like best friends to each-other who listen the later one when he/she wants to share something.

"Thats good.Anyways never feel yourself alone as we all are there for you.We wont let you suffer ever, soo u know u can come to us and share anything and anytime.hmm??"Abhoy comforted her sincerely while she also nodded with a small smile.

"I guess we should go to sleep now.Tomorrow morning i need to wake up early."Aarohi said while getting up and walking inside their house with their empty mugs, followed by Abhoy.


"Advaith is this time to come home and where is Aarohi?"Abhiraj who was sitting and chatting with his family after dinner in living room, asked Advaith as soon as he saw him entering the house.

"Dad i was stuck in a meeting and i got late."Advaith said while sitting beside Priya.

"Which meeting you are talking about?As far as i know there was no meeting in your schedule for today evening?"Abhiraj asked frowning as he clearly remember about asking Advaith's secretary to keep his schedule free for today evening as he was suppossed to go to Aarohi's place.

"Oh god dad!! sudden meeting came up.And i am not a child to report you for every small thing."advaith chidded with his father's much intervention in his personal life specially after the 'forced' marriage decision.

"abhiraj,He just came.Please talk to him little politely.So Adi, where is Aarohi?You didn't go to pick her from her house?"Priya controlled the tensing atmosphere and asked about Aarohi while loving caressing Advaith's hairs.

"Mom i forgot and then it was already late soo i thought she might have already slept soo i directly came home.And i didn't had her mobile number as well, otherwise i would have informed her."advaith covered up geniusly making everyone beleive at him.

"But bhai (brother) you could have asked me for her number and i would have messaged you.Who knows she might be still waiting for you."Aashi said suggestively, only to get cursed by Advaith in his mind.

"I didn't knew that you had her number.Next time i will inform you soo you can inform her."Advaith said with forced smile while Aashi frowned at his hissing tone but chucked it.

"Now enough of talking and get back to your rooms.Advaith ,get Aarohi's contact details from Aashi and call her and tell her that you will be picking her up tomorrow early morning.It is ritual of our family that always husband goes to pick up his wife from her place after paghphera rasam"Abhiraj declared making Advaith more and more pissed-off by each passing second.


Aarohi's Room:

After having a good sibling time with Abhoy, Aarohi entered her room and locked the door.She came and lay down on bed thinking something when her cellphone rang with an unknown number.

"Hello Aarohi!"frowning she received the call only to hear a dead-cold voice from other side, to which she replied, "yes?"

"Tomorrow morning be ready at eight o'clock. i will come to pick you up."Advaith declared blankly before disconnecting the call, not giving her any chance to reply while Aarohi huffed at his coldness.

Aarohi kept alarm of 5 in morning before finally closing her eyes and welcoming sleep to engulf her.

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