A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 32.First morning at In-laws'!


“Aarohi, dear today it is your first day after marriage soo you prepare one sweet dish while rest of the breakfast I will look out”Priya, Advaith’s mother, told Aarohi who just entered into Kitchen for making breakfast.

“What should I prepare aunty??”Aarohi asked fully confused about what all the people in this house like to eat.

“First of all you are now daughter of this house so call me Mom.And about dish then you can make anything, whatever u are best at.No one will judge you here”Priya said lovingly patting Aarohi’s head who smiled widely in return.

Though her terms with Advaith was not good but she was happy that atleast other members of this house is accepting her whole heartedly.

Aarohi started preparing kheer (Indian sweet dish) as a sweet dish and once she was done, priya said, “Aarohi, dear go and give coffee to Advaith.He always wants his coffee before going for bath”

Aarohi nodded and took the cup of coffee for advaith before going to his ‘sorry’ their room.

Keeping cup of coffee on side-table, she opens the curtains letting fresh sunrays enter the room while Advaith who was in deep sleep groaned lifting his head and opening his eyes a little, said, “Aarohi drop the curtains.i m sleeping a little more.”, Advaith said sleepily yet coldly before going back into his sleep while aarohi replied, “mom told me that u need your coffee in your bed so your coffee is kept there on side-table.”

“Aarohi, though Mom asked you to do my work but you don’t have to do all this because I seriously don’t like anyone intruding in my personal life”Advaith said with stern face before getting up and walking into bathroom without having coffee, once again leaving sad Aarohi behind but soon she gathered herself as somewhere she knew that this will be coming.

Aarohi was setting the bed when she heard Advaith’s cellphone ringing.First she ignored but when it ranged for third time she thought of checking it as in case if it is any important call.She picked up his cell but kept it back with heavy heart as soon as she saw ‘Love’ flashing on the screen.

“Your cellphone was ringing.It was lo-love”aarohi said before hurriedly walking out of room while Advaith pressed bridge of his nose in frustration.He was soo frustrated about what he will tell Aamira about his sudden marriage and how to handle both relation at same time as somewhere down his heart he knew that even Aarohi wasn’t wrong on her place.

“Bhabhi(sister-in-law), did bhai (brother) told you about his and Aamira’s relationship?”Aashi, Advaith’s sister, who saw Aarohi working alone in kitchen came and sat on kitchen slab before asking question which made Aarohi stiffened at her place.

Aarohi didn’t knew what to say soo she meekly bobbed her head in yes making Aashi sigh sadly.”Bhabhi (sister-in-law) I know the circumstances in which your and bhai’s (brother’s) marriage happened wasn’t expectable but please you don’t get sad.Everything will be fine with passing time”Aashi tried her best to explain Aarohi about the situation while Aarohi passed a small smile to her before saying”You are too good Aashi.Thanks.”

“You can always share anything with me if something is bothering you.You can count me in as your friend”Aashi comforted Aarohi who nodded in return and here Aarohi won one more heart without much efforts in less time.

“ok so—what have you made for your first Chulha Rasam?”Aashi asked trying to lift-up Aarohi’s sad mood which really worked as Aarohi started telling her about all the dishes she has prepared for her first ‘chulha-rasam’

[Chulha rasam is an Indian ritual where the daughter-in-law for first time have to make something sweet for breakfast]

“Leave it, don’t serve it to me.i don’t like sweet”Advaith stopped Aarohi from serving Kheer which she made specially for her ‘chulha-rasam’ while Aarohi nodded before walking to Priya for serving it to her.

“Aarohi, give kheer to Advaith also.Advaith for first time she has made something sweet.Don’t say no to it.Atleaast have it a little for sake of her happiness only.”abhiraj, Advaith’s father said calmly yet sternly making Advaith sigh in frustration but still he had it little after Aarohi served him.

“Aarohi kheer is really tasty.Seriously, you have magic in your hands.And here is the gift from me, Priya and Aashi for your first chulha rasam in our house.”Abhiraj praised Aarohi and passed a box of heavy diamond necklace as saugat (gift), making all smile except Advaith who was getting really pissed off of all this drama.

“Aadi, while coming home from office, you also get some gift for her.Husband has to give his wife a gift for her first cooking.”Priya suggested Advaith who nodded reluctantly as he can never ever go against his Mom~typical mumma’s boy he is!!

They were disturbed by door-bell and a butler opened the door to welcome Abhoy Basu who came to take his sister for ‘Rasam of Paghphera’.

{Paghphera is a ritual in India where newly wed bride visit her own house at first day of her marriage.}

“Aunty I am taking Aaru for paghphera rasam.will drop her by evening.”Abhoy, Aarohi’s brother proposed after sitting on sofa with others, while Advaith had already left upstairs for his room to get ready for office.

“no need of coming to drop her.Advaith will pick her up in evening”Abhiraj said as he saw advaith descending down from stairs.”Dad I have an important meeting.i wont be able to pick her up”Advaith immediately countered back as soon as he heard his dad’s suggestion for him to pick up Aarohi.

Here he was trying to keep his distance from Aarohi while his family was behind him to get them more and more close.

“Advaith work can wait but don’t neglect the fact that you are married now and your responsibilities are doubled.You will pick Aarohi from her house in evening.I will handle your meeting.”Abhiraj declared once again, making Advaith grit his teeth while glaring Aarohi, who looked away not being able to handle his angry gaze.

This all was observed by Abhoy but he thought of giving some time to them to cop-up before getting onto any conclusion about them.

Soon Aarohi left with Abhoy for her place while Advaith also left for office with frustration lying all over his mind.


“ohh look who is here!!My sweet lovely daughter.How are you my child?”Mishti , Aarohi’s mother exclaimed as soon as she saw her daughter entering house.

Aarohi smiled widely seeing love and wait for herself in her mother’s eyes before replying”I am good mom.How are you and dad?”

“We all are good but we did missed you a lot.Didn’t Advaith came with you?”Mishti asked looking behind her finding Advaith while Abhoy handled the situation by saying”Mom let her enter first and Advaith had to go for important meeting.He will come in evening to pick Aaru.”

“oh!!come inside.i have made all your favourite food.your dad has went to market for getting your favourite rosho-gulla”and there started chatting of Basu family.

{Rosho-gulla is a famous sweet in kolkata city of India}

“Aaru you are not having any problem there at your in-law’s house, right?Advaith is behaving good with you naa??i know the situation in which ur marriage happened was not favourable but now that is your house and you are now part of that house soo you have to take care of that house just like you used to take care of this house”Currently Arnob and Aarohi were sitting in veranda of their house, spending some father-daughter time when Arnob kept forward his worries for Aarohi in front of her.

“Dad everyone is very nice there and Advaith is also very nice.I know the situations weren’t good but he didn’t let me feel left out.Infact yesterday night he sat with me and encouraged me to give a chance to our marriage.Advaith is very understanding.He is treating me very nicely”Aarohi said while pushing her tears back to its place as she could clearly see worries on her dad’s face and she never want him to take tension because of her as he was already a heart-patient and tension is not at all good for him.

“I m relived now.I was soo tensed since last night that I couldn’t even sleep properly but now I m happy that you are comfortable there”Arnob exclaimed with releif on his face making Aarohi’s heart churn for lieing to her father but she was helpless as she cant let her father worry for her own problems.



It was eight in the evening and Basu family were chatting when Mishti said”Aaru call Advaith and ask when he is coming to pick you up.It is already dinner time”

Aarohi’s eyes widened about thinking that how will she tell her family that she doesn’t have her husband’s number, while her parents were waiting for her to connect the call to Advaith.

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