A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 1615. What is wrong with Aarohi!?

Khurana group of industries,

It has been an hour since Advaith is sitting in his cabin trying to concentrate on his work, but all he could think was previous night when he almost lost control on himself.

What if that kiss would have happened already?

How he could have explained Aarohi about it?!!

And moreover how he could have faced aamira after almost cheating on her?!

His mind was blasting with all this unanswerable questions.And before he knew, he was already searching for her name in his contact list.


Many thoughts were running in back of his mind but sliding them all aside, he tapped call option on screen before pressing the cellphone on his left ear.

"Hello?", Her voice came from inside the cellphone and he felt some jitters deep in his heart.

He never ever felt something like this before...not even while talking with Aamira.

"UhH-hi.What are you doing?", Advaith asked almost in whisper as he was really not understanding what and how to start conversation, but to his dismay, nothing came from any ther side.

"Actually i just wanted to ask that whether you are ok or not.You know yesterday you fainted so...."He trailed the sentence, not knowing how to comfort her.He has been never good in conforting anyone.

"I am fine.You don't have to worry about me."Her voice was calm as usual but her sharp words didn't go unnoticed by him.

"Actually i called you to remind you that doctor suggested you to have some light food for a day or two, in case you feel uneasy."He himself didn't knew what he wanted to say to her, but he was clearly trying to find some ways to extend their first proper conversation.

"Hm, ok.",Her reply was again cut short, much to his disappointment.

"And in case you feel bored, you can go to reception and ask for car service.The driver will take you to wherever you want.", Advaith suggested with thought that she might get bored staying at hotel itself.

"Ok.", She once again replied shortly, not understanding what is exactly wrong with him today.

"Uhh--do you have cash?", Advaith asked urgently even before Aarohi could disconnect the call.

"I have my father's credit card."Aarohi replied making Advaith frown but he didn't said anything.

"Ok then--bye ", he replied, not having anything more to say.

Before he could disconnect the call, beep sound from another side indicated that the call already went off.

He stared at screen of his cellphone for a moment or two before throwing it lightly on his table, not at all understanding his own actions.

Throwing his head back on headrest of his office chair, he closed his eyes, while his head was blasting with pain due to lack of sleep yesterday night, and before he knew, he was already drown into a heavy sleep.


Hotel Guests Tree,

It had been an hour, since Advaith had left for office and Aarohi was sitting leisurely in balcony, remembering the days before her marriage when she was genuinely happy and lively unlike now, while the breakfast was already taken back by guest service, as it is, untouched.

Before she knew, she was already drown into the conversation she had few days before her marriage.


"dad, You are worrying for nothing .Abhinav is really a nice guy.He won't let me suffer after our marriage.", Aarohi said lovingly taking her father's hand in hers'.

It was a night before her marriage when she saw her father tensed and worried for her future marriage life.She herself wasn't sure when she said those words, but then she needed to comfort her father's uneasiness, and so she said those words to her father.

"I know dear but being a father, i will always be worried for you.Aaru, promise me that ever in your life if you will have any problem, you will tell me first.Even if you are getting married tomorrow, the door of this house will always be opened for you.Promise me that you won't ever hesitate to come here and will always share all your problems with me and your mom." Arnob forward his hand for Aarohi to seal the promise which the later one immediately complied.

"I promise dad that i will always come to you first in any kind of problem.Now please smile."Aarohi sealed the promise with a huge smile before stretching Arnob's lips, indicating him to smile as well.

She hugged her father side ways all excited for next day when she will be daughter-in-law of someone else's house, unknown the fact that a huge surprise was already waiting for her.

~Flashback ends~

Tears rolled down her cheeks when she remembered her conversation with her father at the previous night before her marriage.

All her myths of fairytale and happy marriage life broke in just few moments, when her brother read the letter of Abhinav where he stated that how unwilling he was for this marriage.

But then she stabled herself when she got married with Advaith, but again everything crushed inside her like a glass, when Advaith rudely tagged her nothing more than a 'forced wife'.

Her trance was broken when her cellphone vibrated in her hand and she was truly shocked looking at the caller ID. She for a minute even thought that he called her by mistake.

Accepting the call, she waited for him to apologize for calling her by mistake, but his question regarding her health and how he suggested her to go for shopping, confirmed that he didn't call her by mistake.

She could easily make out that he was trying to extend their conversation, but she wasn't interested in talking to him, specially when her own voice was not supporting her.

Quickly disconnecting the call, she kept her right palm on her heart, trying to ease her racing heartbeats , simultaneously registering what happened few minutes back.

Morning he was unusually calm, unlike other days when he always use to find ways of taunting her, and now suddenly his concern for her?!

Is there really something which she is still unaware of?!

Her thoughts were interrupted when a sudden pain shot in her stomach and next second she was standing in front of huge stone basin, throwing up all the food in her stomach she had since yesterday.


It was around seven in the evening when Advaith came back to the hotel they were staying at.He tried knocking at the door but as soon as he touched the door, it opened automatically to his own surprise.

As soon as he entered the bedroom he was surprised looking at the condition of the room.Aarohi's luggage was kept open in one corner and all her clothes in the luggage were already in dishevelled condition.

He immediately roamed his eyes towards the bed where she was lying in pain, clutching her lower abdomen with both her hands and tears were flowing mercilessly from her petal like eyes.

And before he knew, he was already sitting beside Aarohi, instantly taking her palm in his' and rubbing them to soothe her pain.

"Aarohi, Aarohi what happened?"He asked with worry dripping in his voice.

"Shit!You are burning with fever.Wait let me call the doctor."saying this he was about to get up when Aarohi clutched his hand, stopping him from moving.

"Its-its nothing.Its just--i am having my monthly cycle."Aarohi said almost in whisper while Advaith looked cluelessly at her.

"What monthly cycle?" He asked with urgency as he was already worried for Aarohi's fever.

Being already in pain, Aarohi was having worst mood swings and Advaith's senseless questions was adding more to her anger.

"Nothing.Just leave me alone for few minutes.Go!"Her voice was so loud that Advaith was taken aback for a moment.

Nearly a month to their marriage but he never saw Aarohi in such wild anger and though he hated to admit but for a minute he was also scared of her.

"Oh--k.Uhh--do tell me if you need anything.--"Advaith said as he tried getting up from bed, only to be cutted once again by Aarohi.

"Just stop blaming me for all your problems and leave me alone by myself.", She once again said rudely as another fresh stream of tears rolled down her eyes.

She clutched her tummy hard as she saw Advaith walking out of the room and a hiss of pain escaped her mouth.

She laid there almost lifeless for few minutes before sudden darkness consumed her senses and before she knew she was already fainting.


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