A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 1514. Ignoring Him!

Aarohi kept looking blankly at his figure for a minute, before she asked him curtly, "my bag?"

Advaith, who waited for her reaction, was shocked to see her calm posture.He was now confused that whether she heard him talking to Aamira or not!?

"How are you feeling now?", Ignoring her previous question, he focused more on asking about her own health.

"Where is my bag?", Aarohi asked once again, not at all giving importance to his care, or may be fake care!

"In that corner.", Advaith replied pointing in the corner where their luggage was kept.

Aarohi simply walked to the corner where their baggage was kept before taking out fresh pair of clothes to change herself into, and walked into the bathroom, not at all glancing at Advaith even for once.

Advaith kept looking at her untill she entered into the bathroom, and though he hated to admit but her this ignorance for very first time since their marriage, bothered him a little.

He himself was taken aback for a minute when he realised that how offended he is feeling with Aarohi's ignorance, yet he choosed to ignore them.

He simply came inside the room and threw himself on bed, with his both hands tangled below his head, and his legs dangling down the bed.His eyes were concentrated on ceiling and mind was constantly thinking about how his life changed in a blink of the moment.


Here, as soon as Aarohi looked at her reflection in the big vanity mirror in the bathroom, she couldn't control herself and a lone tear rollled down her eyes to her cheek.

How her life changed!

This is not what she had thought about her future husband!

This is not what she had imagined her married life would be!

However much she ignores or tries to forget, but hearing your husband confessing his love for someone else in front of yourself is not something you can let it go so easily.

Though she knew from the first day of their marriage that he loves someone else and though she hadnt hold any real hopes from this marriage, but still today when she heard Advaith talking freely to Aamira, which he never did with her, hurted her, and his confession was enough to break the last string of her holding her emotions.

Today all her beliefs of a fairytale which she had heard since her childhood, was proved wrong.

And the first thing she realised, is that, she has to protect her heart from him!

No, she won't give up on being an ideal wife, nor she will come in between Advaith and his love life, atleast not untill she fulfills the promise she had given to Aashi, but also she will never let any emotion or feeling erupt for Advaith in her heart.

It isn't like she does not want to fall in love with him, or not want to have any feelings for him in her heart, but she is simply scared of holding those false hopes which will never come true.

Rubbing off those useless tears which she was shading for the person who does not even care about them, she changed herself into an another pair of clothes, before dumping the old ones into the laundry basket.


It was already midnight when Advaith's sleep broke due to chilling sensation spreaded all over the room.

He glanced here and there to find Aarohi but when the darkness in the room didnt allow him to look properly at anything, he fished out his mobile phone and turned on flash light before switching on dim lights in the room.

There she was sleeping on couch...in total uncomfortable composure!

He checked the time in his wrist watch which showed exactly three hours and twenty minutes in midnight, which means he or may be they both had already skipped their dinner.

He wondered that how come he slept soo much and why didn't Aarohi wake him up!?

Chucking all the thoughts he went towards Aarohi who was still sleeping on couch, before silently crouching on his knees beside her.

Unintentionally, his eyes wandered on her face which was shining under the fade moonlight coming through the balcony window, and he got lost in her...yet again!

Vermilion was adorned in the partition of her hair, mangalsutra (nuptial chain) was hanged in her neck and chuda (bangles) were cladded in both her heena filled wrist, which was enough for anyone to know that she is already taken.

....and without his realisation, he was already started liking her in her bridal look!

Slowly his eyes travelled back to her serene and calm face before they rested on her pink lucious lips and sudden urge of kissing her erupted deep in his heart.

His heartbeat raced only at the thought of tasting those rosy lips and before he could control himself, he was already advancing towards those tempting lips, to feel them, to taste them, to savour them.

His lips were so much touching hers' that a single moment from either side and they would already kiss each other, when she stirred in sleep, and immediately realisation dawn upon him.

He can't do this!!

He can't betray his Aamira!!

Drawing a thick line of distance between them, Advaith picked her up carefully not to disturb her sleep, before laying her gently on right side of bed.

Once covering her body with comforter, Advaith straight away dashed inside the washroom to grt grip on his uncontrollable emotions.


Advaith stood under shower from which chilled water was running all over him, giving him much needed strength to clear his clouded mind.

How can he loose his control over his emotions!?

And once again he felt Aarohi responsible for all that strange things happening inside him.

He hates to admit, but he didnt felt something strong like this for even Aamira in all this years of their relationship, which he started feeling for Aarohi in less than a month from their marriage.

But still he refuses to accept it.He refuses to even think about any other girl other than his Aamira.

Finally after what felt like ages, he dried himself before getting changed in fresh pair of night suit, Advaith came out and once again his eyes travelled directly on the girl who was responsible for all those alien feelings he was experiencing inside him.

Since sleep was far away from his eyes, Advaith decide to distract his mind from Aarohi with help of his work.

He took his laptop and was about to sit beside her on other side on bed when he remembered that Aarohi doesnt like lights switched on while sleeping.

He sighed tiredly and turned off dom lights, before walking out to the mini living room which was connected to their bedroom.


Next morning, it was almost quarter past eigth when Aarohi woke up due to strong sunrays and first thing she noticed was that she is now sleeping on bed instead on couch that she had slept on last night.

Did she again sleep walked to the bed!?

Sighing at her own stupid thoughts, she looked here and there but didnt find the person she was looking for.

May be he already left for office.But he should have atleast informed her.--Aarohi thought before getting up from bed and dragging herself towards bathroom.

Why should i care when he himself doesnt care informing me.--Aarohi thought once again.

but who was she kidding?

She was clearly trying to reason out for him, so that she doesnt feel hurt in her heart because of his ruthless acts.

For how long will she keep up with the act of not getting affected by her husband's words, when all she was feeling was hurt each and everytime.

She doesn't want rights of wife but all she want is little bit comfortness from him side, atleast untill they are binded together in this unwanted forced marriage.

Chucking all that was coming in her mind, Aarohi quickly got ready in a beautiful peach coloured palazzo suit, after taking long relaxing shower.

Standing in front of mirror, Aarohi was combing her hair when she saw their bedroom door opening and Advaith entering inside the room.

So he has not left yet! --Aarohi couldn't help when her lips teased to curve for a small smile that was threatening to form on her lips.

Aarohi, when felt Advaith's intense gaze on her, felt goosebumps all over her arms, while she dared to look back into those deep brown orbs through the reflection in the mirror.

However as soon as their eyes met, Advaith avert his gaze, breaking the eye-lock before he left straight inside the bathroom to get ready for office.

Though Aarohi was disappointed with his ignorance once again, at the same time she also felt like Advaith was purposely not meeting her eyes.

Did something happened yesterday night after i slept!?-- Aarohi thought confusedly.

Aarohi slide those thoughts away and quickly got ready before taking the menu from cocktail table and ordering breakfast for both of them through intercom, as she was already hungry specially after ditching yesterday's dinner.

Around twenty minutes later breakfast was served and setted perfectly on cocktail table, while she sat on bed waiting for Advaith, when her cellphone rang with Aashi's name, making her grin as wide as possible.

She answered the call and walked to the balcony as Aashi started asking about their journey and they talked about anything to everything.In between she also talked to Priya and shortly she disconnect the call after bidding them bye.

When around fifteen minutes later she came back in their room, she noticed the bathroom door was unlocked which means Advaith had already got ready for the office, but still she couldnt find him in the room.She checked living room but he wasnt there as well.

Coming back into their room she looked at the breakfast kept on cocktail table and thats when she noticed an empty cup of coffee which was ordered by her for Advaith, but the breakfast was still left untouched.

It means he is already left for office!

Her lips twitched downwards in a sad smile as she suddenly lost her appetite.

Though she had decided yesterday night to not to get bothered with his unwanted attitude, but her heart was still carrying those litttle little hopes that some day he will surely acknowledge her presence and her efforts which she is making just for their unwanted forced marriage to work.

Throwing a last glance at the same untouched breakfast, she walked straight to the balcony to get some fresh air.


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