A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 1413.Aarohi got unconscious!

"Would you like to have something mrs.Khurana?", the air hostess politely asked Aarohi but got nothing in return.

Advaith who was busy checking mails in his cellphone, looked up at her side only to find her looking outside the window, lost in her own thoughts.

"Aarohi, she is asking you something.", Advaith said blankly gaining Aarohi's attention who then looked at him for a minute before looking up at air-hostess who was still waiting for her reply.

"Would you like to have something, ma'am?", the air hostess once again asked with a small smile to get a nod in no from Aarohi.

Once the air hostess was gone, Advaith casually glanced back at Aarohi who was again lost in her own thoughts.

"What is wrong?", Advaith asked as he sensed something wrong in her.May be, she looked a little rigid and stiff.

"Nothing!!", a curt reply from her side made Advaith frown before he saw her clenching and unclenching her fist at regular interval.

"Aarohi, what is wrong?", Advaith asked once again as he really felt her posture abnormal.

"I--i am having problem of flying anxiety.",she replied timidly, at the same time closing her eyes tight and her fist clenched hard.

Not knowing what to do, Advaith simply reached out for her palm which was curled into a fist and hold it, immediately making her look at him in shock.

"Aamira has the same problem and holding my hand helps her to relax.", He said casually without noticing the expression of hurt plastered on her face.

Jerking his hand away, Aarohi freed her hand from his grip before turning her glossy eyes back to the window, looking out at those misty clouds, when a single tear rolled down her cheek.

His words from yesterday night were still fresh in her mind, when today's words only added more pain.

Realising what he said in flow, Advaith looked back at her, but still, there was no regret or guilt in his eyes.

Giving one last glance at her side, Advaith again engaged himself in checking his mails whereas Aarohi who was already feeling uncomfortable with this flight journey, slowly drift into sleep.


Hotel Guest Tree,

"Advaith Abhiraj Singh Khurana.", Advaith said curtly to the receptionist who nodded before turning to look back into her computer to check for the reservation.

"Please enjoy your stay mr. and mrs. Khurana.", The receptionist said with smile looking at the couple in front of her, at the same time passing room keys at Advaith's side.

Aarohi felt a little uncomfortable when the receptionist addressed her as Mrs. khurana, which didn't go unnoticed by Advaith as well, but he choosed to ignore.

Advaith took the keys from the reception and turned to walk ahead when an abrupt shriek from receptionist took his attention.

He turned back only to widen his eyes when he saw Aarohi almost sitting on floor with the support of reception desk in semi-conscious state.

"Aarohi--Aarohi, what happen?", scooting beside her, Advaith took her petite figure in his arms and gently tapped her cheeks in order to wake her up, which did work even after few attempts.

Aarohi slowly opened her eyes but closed back immediately when sudden pain shoot in her head and then, everything went blank around her.

"Call the doctor, fast!", Advaith demanded curtly looking at the receptionist as he scooped Aarohi like a bridal into his arms and walked straight to the lift, followed by entering his room.

"Sir doctor will be here in few minutes "manager who just heard about the mishap, immediately came to check the situation.

Advaith nodded curtly as he gently laid Aarohi's unconscious figure on bed and settled himself beside her.

He slowly took her right hand in his' and that's when he noticed her body as cold as ice.

He immediately asked one of the guest service to switch on the heater and pass him some warm blankets before he himself started rubbing Aarohi's hands in order to pass some heat to her body.

Covering her with blanket and continuously rubbing her palms alternatively, he eagerly waited for doctor to arrive and check Aarohi...ASAP!!!

It was 15 minutes later when doctor came to checked Aarohi and all this while Advaith had not left Aarohi's side even for a second.

"Mr. Khurana can you please move aside so that I can check your wife?", Doctor politely requested Advaith to move aside so that he can check as Advaith was not leaving Aarohi' s side at all.

"Check her like this only.", was all he replied with his eyes still focused on Aarohi's calm face, not at all liking the idea of any other man touching his wife.

Doctor sighed looking at the possessive husband sitting in front of him, before he finally started diagnosing Aarohi.

"Everything seems fine.Is she suffering from any disease?", Doctor asked Advaith after checking Aarohi's pulse.

"We just travelled here from Mumbai an hour back and she has a problem of flying anxiety.", Advaith informed shortly before fixing his gaze back on Aarohi's serene and calm face.

"I see.There is nothing to worry, Mr.Khurana.She has just went into the state of drowsiness.", Doctor said calmly but Advaith's expression weren't pleasant at all.

"Are you sure it is just drowsiness and nothing more?", Advaith asked, still unsatisfied with the reply doctor gave him.

"Don't worry, she will be up in few hours.Just give her light food for day or two in case she feel nausea otherwise everything is good.", Doctor said with a smile, admiring the best husband of the world.

If only he knows the truth behind the curtains!

Taking fees and prescribing some precautive medicines, doctor excused himself.

Once the room was empty leaving the couple alone, Advaith gently push back the baby hairs falling on Aarohi's forehead before carressing her brows which were twitched in frowns.

Surprisingly, he seemed to hate those frowns on her forehead!

With her hand in his', Advaith was still caressing it when he noticed a ring in Aarohi's ringfinger, which his mother Priya used to wear till now.

Traditional ring...passed generation by generation to the daughter-in-law of the family.

...And the only thought crossed his mind was Aamira.

His eyes turn dark and he immediately left her hand with jerk before getting up and walking straight to the balcony.

Leaning to the rails of balcony, Advaith was huffing in rage at the thought of Aarohi possessing something which belongs only and only to His Aamira.

....and once again his calm side was overshadowed by the rude one.

He was lost in reverie until his cell buzzed gaining his attention.

A huge smile spread on his lips looking at the caller I'd and he at once connect the call without thinking anything.

"Hello,Advaith?", A soft voice from other side and all the frowns on his forehead were disappeared already.

"Aamira!"Advaith exclaimed with happiness clearly dripping in his voice.

It has been almost a day and half since Aamira suggested the idea of break-up which resulted in Advaith solely blaming Aarohi for that.

"I--i am sorry Advaith, i should not have suggested the idea of break-up.I was--i was just angry and frustrated that time with thought of you having some other girl in your life.", Aamira said as she looked up at her father who was sitting in front of her with dark narrowed eyes.

"Good"-Aamira felt her father whispering as an ugly smirk spread his lips.

"Its ok, i can understand.I also would have reacted same way if there was any other boy in your life.I am not angry Aamira.", Advaith said calmly and lovingly which left another print of guilt in Aamira's heart before she heaved a stressful sigh.

"Can we meet right now, Advaith?", Advaith saddened on Aamira's this question as he never liked to deny her for anything she wishes but now when he is in Delhi, he can't meet her.

"I am sorry Amaira but i cant meet you.I have came to Delhi for an important meeting."Advaith replied only to earn another question from her side-"Your wife is also there with you?"

Advaith find himself in dilemma thinking whether he should say the truth or not.

"Yes, she is also here with me.", Advaith said not knowing how to lie to her.

"I promise i will meet you as soon as i will reach Mumbai.", Advaith added immediately before Aamira can ask him another trapping question.

"Ok.I will wait for you and I love you!", Aamira said earning a euphoric sigh from his side.

"I love you more, Aamira!", Advaith replied with double intensity as they disconnect the call.

Sighing at the happiness he felt after talking to Aamira after almost a day and half, he turned around to walk in the room but stopped immediately when he noticed Aarohi standing there at entrance of balcony with blank face.

.....did she heard everything??

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