A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 1312. Playing Wicked!

Aamira's house:-

Aamira was sitting on couch placed near a huge window in her room, all lost in the stressful journey of her life till now.

She does not have any good memory of hers' with her father.She does not know why but she never felt connected to her father at first place.

Not that she did not tried but her father's behaviour towards her, always made her doubt on the relation of father-daughter they share.

Not only father, but she does not remember who is her mother as well and how she looked.Being curious she always used to search for some of her childhood photoes, but got none.

There was nothing she could find which can help her remember atleast something about her childhood.

Wierd right!? But thats how Aamira has spent her life since childhood!!

Caged in her room!!

Never allowed to talk or befriend anyone!!

Never to take any decision about her own life!!

She was already shocked when her father asked her to befriend Advaith when she had newly entered the college.She was thrilled and happy that finally she can have a friend, only if she had known the real intentions of her father!

Slowly and steadily she understood why her father allowed her to befriend Advaith.

She came to know that her father wants her to trap Advaith in Love Affair, though she never understood why her father is behind Advaith and what is his real motive.

She herself would have never agreed to help in her father's cruel intention, if the latter one did not had upper hand on Aamira's weekness.

She only has little memories of herself spending time with her little brother who is now abducted by her cruel father.

Yes!!Moloy had abducted Aamira's brother to blackmail her to help in his cruel plan.

Not that she feared Moloy's threat but then she knew that her father is mentally ill and can do anything.She can't risk her brother's innocent life in hands of her lunatic father.

She reluctantly agreed to play her role in her father's deranged plan, untill--she managed to really fall for Advaith's innocent and harmless nature.

She never understood when and how her role-playing changed into real love, and Advaith become integral part of her life.

Since the moment she realised that she loves Advaith truely, it became more difficult for her to play with Advaith's emotions.

Only if she could tell Advaith that how helpless she is in front of her father's craziness!!

But she knew that the moment Advaith will know the truth, she will loose him forever even before she can explain him whole situation.

Not only her fear of loosing him but she also cannot risk Advaith's life in hands of her father who is capable of doing any harm to him as well.

She knows that if Advaith and her relation comes to end, then her father will openly target to harm Advaith, which she never wants at any cost.

Thus, She had no choice but to go further with her father's plan, irrespetive of however much pain and guilt she is feeling right now at this moment.

Aamira's trance was broken by loud bang on her bedroom's door where she saw her father standing there, with anger written all over his face.

"Dad what---aah!!", scared of her father's anger, Aamira tried asking the cause, only to wince loudly as her right cheek stinked badly cause of the slap she got from her father just now.

"I alsked you to not to use your brains.What did you said to Advaith??", Moloy asked as he tighten his grip around Aamira's cheeks, digging his fingers into her soft skins and forcing her to look at him.

Aamira widen her eyes as she didn't understand that how Moloy got to know about her and Advaith's talk back in the restaurant.

"What do you think that just because i let you step out o this eyes, i don't have my eyes on you??Remember one thing Aamira, I have my eyes on your each and every action.You did all this drama today to save Advaith from my trap, right??You can save Advaith by breaking-up with him, but then what about your bhai (brother)??How will you save him from me??", Aamira hissed at Moloy's tight grip but more than that his words were hurting her.

Which father uses his own daughter for such cheap plans and plottings!?

"I--i didn't do anything like this.I just got angry at that moment.", It was really difficult for Aamira to speak amidst the pain rising under Moloy's grip, but the latter one was not at all affected with her condition.

He just want one thing and that is Abhiraj Khurana's destruction!!

"Now the mess you have created, you will only clear it!!Call Advaith and apologize him.Tell him that you said all that in anger and you still love him.And next time if you ever try to do something like this or try to use your own brains, then you don't know what all i can do with you Aamira!!I will destroy you, your brother and that lover as well.So better don't try to double-cross me.", Moloy spitted words angrily before pushing Aamira on floor, causing her to wince with pain but nothing changed.Her father is one of cruellest person she has ever seen.

Staring at the closed door in front of her, she could only pray for someone who can help her out of this mess.


Sapphire Mall:-

"Bhabhi (sister-in-law) how's this?", Aarohi simply bobbed her head in agreement for the nth time as Aashi showed her some floor length embroided indian dresses.

This evening, despite of Aarohi's countless denials, Aashi practically dragged her to this mall in order to shop some new dresses for Aarohi and Advaith's Delhi trip.

"Aashi, i really don't need to shop.I had just shopped plenty of new dresses before my marriage.", Though she hated to bring the word 'marriage' again and again in her conversations, Aarohi calmly said to Aashi, in hope that may be now the latter one drops the idea of shopping.

"Bhabhi (sister-in-law), this is the first trip of your's with bhai (brother).I know that there is nothing pleasant in this trip specially when nothing is good between you both, but still, you can not ruin your own mood for the person who does not even care about you.So cheer up and tell me how are this one?", Aashi softly explained to Aarohi and showed her another set of dresses making Aarohi sigh before she defeatedly bobbed her head in agreement to whatever attire Aashi was showing her.

Honestly, if not for Priya and Aashi's constant persistence, Aarohi really would have never agreed to go to Delhi, specially when Advaith takes her no more than a forced burden which is loaded on him, against his own will!!

"Bhabhi (sister-in-law), please Mom will kill me if she will know that you used Arnob uncle's card for paying bills for the shopping.You are now member of our family and it is our responsibility to look after your needs.", The cashier sighed tiredly as he looked back and forth at both the girls in front of him, who were practically fighting about who will pay the bills.

"Aashi, though i got married but that does not mean i can not use my family's bank card.Besides, this is my own personal credit card and it has my savings from the salary i used to get while working at baba's company.", Aarohi once again explained to Aashi who did not listened to anything and atlast, Aashi pay the bills for the dresses they shopped.

Aashi is one hell of stubborn girl she has ever meet!!-was all Aarohi could think at this moment, but still a small smiled played on her lips as she realised that she has started liking this girl more and more, each passing day.

They exited the store and entered the Cafe Coffee Day before grabbing a corner table, giving them good amount of privacy.

"What will you have bhabhi (sister-in-law)?", Aashi asked after placing her order of inverted cappuccino and handed the menu card to Aarohi.

"One crunchy frappe please.", Aarohi politely gave her order to the waiter, who excused them after confirming their orders.

"Aashi, are you okay?"Aarohi asked worriedly as she had noticed Aashi whole day and she could easily make out that Aashi is just pretending to be okay.

"You know Bhabhi (sister-in-law), Bhai (brother) was never like this before.He has never shouted or even talked rudely with me.When i used to do some mistake, it was always bhai (brother) who used to come ahead and save me from scoldings.Every sunday was our sibblings time and however much he is busy, he always used to take me out for long drive or ice-cream treats on sundays.But since last 2 years, Everything is changed.He has changed.", Aashi said, finally letting everything out from her heart.

She always wanted someone with whom she can discuss this particular problem of Advaith and Aamira's relationship but since she had promised her Bhai (beother) to keep this secret, she could not tell this to anyone.

"How did Advaith and Aa--Aamira met?", Aarohi did not wanted to invade in Advaith's personal space, but if Aashi's intutions are right and if Aamira is really a threat for Khuranas', then she will surely help Aashi as much as possible to save Advaith and his family from Aamira and Moloy's trap.

"I do not know.I just saw them once in theatre and when i confronted Bhai (brother), he instead asked me to just mind my own business and not to interfere in his life.", Aashi said as finally a tear of drop rolled down her cheeks.

She remembered how rudely her brother had talked to her that day for the very first time in their life and it had hurted, hurted a lot to Aashi.

"Hey--hey Aashi, please calm down.Everything will be fine. I know you are hurt with Advaith's behaviour, but he also loves you a lot.I have seen it from my own eyes.", Aarohi panicked looking at the girl in front of her who by now was really crying.

"I know he loves me but sometimes it hurts to see him soo much changed.", Aashi said after wiping her tears and nose with tissue while Aarohi just sighed tiredly.

How much more people he will hurt in his life for the girl who might be just playing with his emotions ~ Aarohi could not help but think and for first time she felt a little anger towards him.

Aarohi also have a brother, so she can understand that how Aashi might be feeling because of Advaith's rude behaviour.

"Ok, let it go.Tell me how is your studies going?", Aarohi smartly diverted the topic which was really a good idea as Aashi's mind immediately diverted and she once again got back to the normal mood.

Having their beverages and paying for their order, both the girls exited the mall, where the driver was already waiting for them at main entrance.


Advaith-Aarohi's room:-

Aarohi came out of the washroom after changing into a plain white salwaar-suit and looked at Advaith who was sitting on bed, working something in his laptop.

Silently walking to her side, Aarohi was about to laid down when she heard Advaith saying, "We have our flight at 7:30 tomorrow evening, so complete your packing."

His voice was neither soft nor rude but Aarohi didn't minded much as by now, she was used to his this blank expressions.

Nodding at him once in agreement, Aarohi lied down but sleep was far from her eyes.Aashi's hurt and sad face was again and again flashing in front of her eyes.

Looking at her frowning and restless face, Advaith could not help but ask-"What is it?"

Aarohi was jolted out from Advaith's sudden voice which scared her but soon she composed herself.Sitting upright on bed, Aarohi fidget with her own fingers, making Advaith curious as well as irritated at the same time.

"Aarohi,if you want to say something then be quick or else i am going to the studyroom.", Advaith said blankly, as he very well knew that Aarohi cannot sleep when light are still turn on.

Aarohi threw a glare at his side for using this tone, before she finally said-"Advaith if you are angry with me and this marriage then say anything you want, but please stop hurting the ones' who loves you.It really hurts them when you speak rudely with them."

Advaith frown at Aarohi's words as he still couldn't understand that about whom she is talking about.

Looking at his confused face, Aarohi said further-"Today whole day Aashi was sad.She did not even enjoyed fully when we went out for shopping.Have you realised that you have distanced yourself from your fam--"

"Who gave you the right to interefere in my family's problem??Listen, i know how to behave with my family.You mind your own business and stop getting my family on your side.Dont try to be interfere in my family's problems, because you are not and will never be part of this family.", Advaith rudely cut her in between before picking up his laptop and dashing out of the room.

Aarohi kept looking at the closed door for few minutes untill some tears roll down her eyes.

She just wanted Aashi and Advaith to get back together for their own good!!

She was not hurt with his rude tone as she was habitual with it by now but his words did hurt her a lot.

After all, this is the first time he openly denied her rights on his family.

Taking a deep breathe, she calmed herself before muttering-"Don't worry Advaith, just once i fullfill the promise i have given to Aashi, and then even if you will ask me to stay back here, i won't ever!"

Wiping her tears, she glanced at the closed door for one last time before switching off the lights and lying on bed, untill sleep engulfed her.


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