A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 1211.Taking stand for own self!

"Which girl, Aashi?", Priya asked frowning while other's eyes widen realising that even Priya is also there.

Advaith leveled a sharp glare at Aashi making her gulp hard before she turned her gaze towards Priya, who was standing there with frowns on her forehead, waiting for them to answer her question.

"Mom actually--actually.."Aashi started but then gazed down at the floor as couldn't find any appropriate reply to her mother's question.

Though she badly wanted to tell her mother about Advaith and Aamira's relationship, but then she was binded, binded with the promise she had given to her brother about not to reveal anything from her side about his affair with Aamira.

"What Aashi?? i am asking you something, look at me when you answer.Which girl you were talking about?", Aashi gulped at her mother's stern voice while Aarohi was also shocked as this was first time she heard Priya talking strictly with someone.

Priya was always calm among both the parents and this is also why she was more close to both her child, but when it comes to lying or indiscipline, she was more strict then Abhiraj also.

"Mom actually bhai is--", before Aashi could say anything, they were abruptly disturbed by Priya's cellphone, making all the three sigh.

"What!!No, wait i am coming there in few minutes.", All frowned at Priya's panick state while Aarohi immediately asked once Priya disconnect the call-"What happen, Mom?You looked tensed--"

"Actually due to short circuit, there is fire in whole NGO.I have to reach there immediately.You guys have your lunch because i will be late.", Priya hurriedly said cutting her in between, simultaneously walking towards her room to take her handbag.

"Mom wait, I am also coming with you."Advaith said as soon as Priya came out of her room.

"Yes mom, i am also com--", Aashi also followed Advaith's words but was cutted by Priya-"No, both of you stay here.I will go with driver.Anyways, it will be mess there so its better to have less number of people around.", Priya said and walked out of the mansion without giving anyone the chance to say anything.

"I hope Kids there are safe.Mom made this NGO with so much love.
.", Aashi said worriedly while staring at the main door from where Priya went.

Aarohi came and immediately took her in side-hug saying-"Dont worry, everything will be fine.God will make everything OK."

"I will come after getting fresh.Then we can have lunch.", Aashi said and walked upstairs to her room while Aarohi smiled at her retreating figure.

Aarohi accidently looked up at Advaith who was staring back at her intently, making her nervous before she said-"You also get fresh.I will get the lunch--"

Aarohi's voice was enough to bring him back to reality as he curtly said-"I am not hungry."

Aarohi sighed sadly as she saw him simply walking upstairs to their room, without sparing even a glance at her side.


"Where is bhai (brother)?", Aashi asked while sitting on her chair for lunch as she noticed Advaith missing.

"He said he is not hungry."Aarohi said with a small smile alongwith serving herself with lunch while Aashi sighed at her stubborn and immature brother.

"It must be hurting you, right?"Aashi asked sadly as she could not see her bhabhi (sister-in-law) in this much pain.

Aarohi faked a smile but did not say anything and a turmoil of emotions gathered in her eyes in form of unsheded tears, but she did hide them expertly.

"You know what bhabhi (sister-in-law), forget that promise which you gave me.I can't see you suffering when you are no where at fault.

I know I was the one who asked you not to give up on bhai (brother), but that doesn't mean that you have to endure everything he throws at you.Why don't you fight back with him?Why do you always takes whatever he gives you?You can't show your weakness to him!", Aashi said with sudden rage as she was frustrated with her brother's alien behaviour.

He was never like this!!Contrary to Aashi, he was very calmed when it comes to handling any sort of problem.But now he has become soo rude and impulsive that he does not even consider the feeling of the opposite person.

"Aashi, i know you are worried for me and trust me, i also don't like the way he behaves with me and with you all because of me. But think for once that its been hardly a week to our marriage, that too a sudden forced marriage where he already has a girlfriend.What do you expect from him in such situation?He is not entirely at fault.If i was at his place, may be i also would have taken time to accomodate with this kind of relationship.He is just frustrated with all that is happening in his life.So we can't blame him alone for his behaviour, right?", Aarohi calmly made Aashi understood from the point of view of Advaith but Aashi nodded her head in disbeleif in return.

"Only you can think like this Bhabhi (sister-in-law).Here you are taking side for that person who regularly behaves rudely with you and there he does not even value you, that too for a girl who is clearly playing with his heart and emotions.", Aashi said with disbeleif as she can not understand that from what soil Aarohi is made off.

"You won't understand untill you will get married, Aashi.Sometimes to nurture a beautiful relation, you have to endure a little in starting.I am not saying to endure injustice but if your little endurance can save many relations, then it isn't bad, right?", Aarohi asked with a smile earning an agreeing nod from the latter one.

"I guess you are right Bhabhi (sister-in-law)!"Aashi sighed agreeing to Aarohi's words, hoping that soon her Bhai (brother) also see the selfless side of Aarohi.


Aarohi Advaith's room:-

Advaith looked up from his cellphone to see Aarohi entering the room with lunch plate, making him frown.

"You should never take out your anger on food.There are many people who don't even have enough food to fill their stomach.", Aarohi plainly said while keeping his lunch plate on cocktail table.

Without looking at him even for a once, Aarohi simply walked to the balcony and sat on the swing, starring at nothing in particular.

Glancing once at the plate kept on cocktail table, Advaith stared the back of Aarohi for sometime.

Her little-little actions were making home in his heart, that too against his will, making him happy at one moment but frustrated at the very next moment.

Sighing at his messed up mind, Advaith got up and walked to the washroom to wash his hands before sitting back on couch in front of cocktail table to have his lunch.

His mouth watered as the delightful aroma filled his senses, urging him to immediately savour everything from the plate kept in front of him.

Starting from butter chicken, aaloo-gobhi, laccha paratha, dal tadka and jeera rice lastly complemented with chaas (buttermilk), each and everything was his favourite.

Taking the first bite, he immediately recognise that the food does not have his mother's touch, so it is his wife who made today's lunch.

Closing his eyes, he let himself drawn into the delicious taste of all his favourite items kept in that huge crystal dining plate.

While here, though Aarohi was lost in her own thoughts, she very well knew that Advaith is already having his lunch and a small smile made its way on her face.

After what seems like half-an-hour, she was bought back from her thoughts when she felt his presence beside her and she immediately looked up at him who was standing beside the swing, looking down at her.

"You need something?", Aarohi asked when she felt him saying nothing but just staring at her.

Advaith sighed as he sat beside her on the swing, making her shift a little away from him, which didn't went unnoticed by him.

"Ahmm--Lunch was good."clearing his throat, Advaith said hesitatingly, staring ahead of him, yet he could sense a small smile forming on her heart-shaped rosy lips.

"Thanks.", Aarohi simply replied to his complement and he looked at her.

A long silence was followed since none had any idea about how to converse normally.

"Advaith, I am a girl with self-respect and i never intended to take something which does not belongs to me.

Trust me if i already knew that you have a girlfriend, i wouldn't have married you at first place.But now when we are already married, i am also helpless.And i also don't want that because of me, you have problems with your family.And i am not teaching anything to anyone.I am not manipulating Aashi.", Aarohi suddenly said taking his attention.

It was clear that she was accusing him for the words he used downstairs few minutes back when he was talking to Aashi.

Advaith looked down guiltily as he clearly understood what her words are hinting at.Still he didn't said anything, probably because he can not let her enter into his personal space and spot his soft side, atleast not this soon.

A chuckle of disappoinment came out of her lips when nothing came from his side.Her lips twitched in a sad smile before she concluded-

"Advaith, i just want a little respect for myself, and nothing more.If you are not at fault then even i am also binded forcefully into this relation.", though knowing that nothing will come out of all this conversation, still she let out all she had inside her from last few days.

She did not meant to accuse him at first, but then she remembered Aashi's words from a while back and determined herself that she won't take everything he throws at her, atleast not at the cost of her self-respect.

No words were exchanged after this as Advaith kept looking at her face for a moment while she didn't dared to match her gaze with his'.

After a while, when she was sure that he won't say anything, Aarohi dejectedly got up and walked inside the room to take the used plates before going downstairs to keep them for washing.

Whereas, here rooted still on his place, Advaith pondered over her words.


Living room:-

It was almost evening and Aarohi was sitting in living room talking with Aashi while Advaith was working on his laptop in his room.

As soon as she saw Priya entering house, Aarohi got up and walked to the dining table to fetch a glass of water for her.

"Mom, How are the things in NGO?", Aarohi asked while passing the glass of water to Priya who sat on sofa all exhausted.

"For now, things are under the control.Building is damaged entirely but by god grace no one is severely injured.it is just i am worried about the accommodation of those little children as it will take time to repair the NGO building.", Priya exclaimed with a sad sigh.

"dont worry Mom, everything will be fine.", Aarohi said as she sat beside Priya who smiled back at her.

"Mom, you had your lunch?", Aashi who sat on other side of Priya, immediately asked making Priya nod in affirmation.

"Where is Advaith?", Priya asked looking around to which Aarohi immediately replied-"He is upstairs in room doing his office work."

"Ohh!!By the way, Aarohi i have already talked with Advaith and you are going Delhi with him, ok?"Priya imformed making Aarohi nod in agreement, though a little reluctantly.

Looking at her hesitate face, Priya caressed her hair before saying-"Give him some time.He will accept you."

Aarohi nodded with a small smile, though she knew that may be this isn't possible in their case, atleast not this early!!


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