A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 1110.Is the truth already out!?

Abhi-Priya's room:-

"I can't beleive Advaith, How can you be so insensitive!! Exactly what problem you have with Aarohi?", Priya asked all frustrated after knowing how Advaith talked to Aarohi this morning, from Advaith itself.

"Mom please, I can't love Aarohi!!", Priya frowned at Advaith's tricky excuse as she didn't find it at all reliable.

"But why??", was all she asked as she still couldn't understand that why Advaith does not even give a single try to this marriage.

"Because--because, i don't like her!", he failed to meet his mother's eyes as lying looking into her eyes was always his weekness.

Priya nodded her head in 'no' when she clearly understood that he is lying.

"Advaith Khurana look at me when you answer.", Her stern voice was always warning for him to not to test her patience.

Advaith sighed and inhaled a deep breathe before looking into his mother's eyes and said slowly-"Mom, i need time.I need time to accept her."

Once again...once again he failed to tell his mother about Aamira.It is not like he doesn't want to tell her about his only love, but everytime he tries, something inside him stops him.

Fear or unsurety??Fear of his and Aamira's father's unstable relation or unsurety--unsurety of his love for Aamira???

And answer to this, he himself was oblivious to.

"Advaith, since your childhood i had always listened you.I have always supported you even if i have to fight with Abhiraj for that!!But let me make this crystal clear for you that if you will hurt Aarohi, I won't tolerate that at all.", Priya warned him strictly making him nervous with her anger.

Before being a mother she is a women, and above all when she herself had already once went through the same pain which Aarohi is suffering, she will never let anyone hurt her, even if the person is her own son only.

"And i will talk to Aarohi.She is going Delhi with you!!", Advaith kept looking at his mother's retreating figure who went out of the room,giving him one last blank look.


Simmer's Palace Restaurant:-

After taking their lunch order, when waiter went away giving them much needed privacy, Advaith turned his focus to the one sitting in front of him with a small smile, but something was missing....shine, shine in her eyes was missing!!

"Amaira, are you fine?", Looking at her pale face with some redness on her left ckeek, Advaith caringly asked, suddenly making her feel nervous.

"Uhh--yes.actually--actually its been long since we met so.."trailing her sentence for him to assume, Aamira replied with a small smile while at the same time tears threaten to pour out of her eyes.

How much she wanted to tell him all the truth starting from her father's plan of using him to the end where she badly fall for him but she was scared, scared of his anger and more of his hate towards herself!!

"Amaira, if there is something bothering you then tell me.I am sure we will be able to solve it.", Advaith gently pressed his hand on hers' making her inhale a sharp breathe before she said-"Advaith,what about us?I mean you are married but still we are-- i mean till when we will keep meeting secretly like this!?You tell everything to uncle-aunty and may be then they don't force you anymore into this marriage and you can divorce Aarohi."

She never wanted to be a third person in someone's marriage but how to explain her father, whose mind is full of revenge.And moreover how to explain her own heart which has only Advaith's name engraved on it.

"Aamira, i am trying but it is not that easy.Dad and Arnob uncle--i mean Aarohi's father are close friends and i am not sure how dad will react once knowing about our affair--"He tried his best to explain but was cutted abruptly by Aamira who was too frustrated with her father's continuous pressure, and it came out in front of Advaith as her anger-"Advaith then what do you want??you don't want to hurt your parents, you don't want to divorce Aarohi but still you want me to stay with you!!Advaith i am not a type of girl who keeps relation with a married man.Dad is also forcing me for marriage, till when i should keep giving excuses to him?Advaith if you can't divorce Aarohi then lets split-up.Lets break--up."

He had never seen her in so much anger and frustration but here not only she was angry, but also yelling at him in front of many strangers sitting around them.

"Aamira calm down.I am trying to find out solu--", being uncomfortable under the gazes of unknown people who were looking at them only, Advaith kept his voice hushed but once again Aamira cutted him angrily--"Advaith i am seriously done with you.I-i dont want to be with you please."

Without waiting for his reply, she quickly took her hand-bag and walked out of restaurant while he was too stunned with her sudden outburst to react.

"Damn you Aarohi!!", frustratedly banging his fist on table and keeping some cash for the unreceived food, he quickly ran out to follow Aamira.


Roaming his eyes on the empty road, Advaith tried to locate Aamira but to his dismay she was already left.

Cursing under his breathe, he angrily sighed at his messed up life before walking towards valet parking area where his car was parked, untill his eyes fall on some familiar figure...Aashi??

His brows twitched inwardly with frowns appearing on his forehead when he saw his sister with someone, precisely a boy of her age only.

"What is Aashi doing here in her college hours.She should be st the college, then why she is here and who is this boy with her?", muttering to himself he was about to go towards her when he find both of them already settled in that boy's car and before he can act, they were already gone.

Noting down in his head to inquire Aashi about the same, he also sat in his car and went directly towards Khurana Mansion.


Khurana Mansion:-

"Aarohi you dont have to do all this.We have servants and cook to look after household works.", Priya exclaimed with a sigh as she saw Aarohi already in kitchen making lunch for everyone.

"Mom i like cooking and all.And then i also get bore all day being here alone in the house.", Aarohi politely said to which Priya sighed with a smile.

"That is why i am saying that you should start working.I also used to get bore and so i started NGO and trust me interacting with outside world is also required.", Priya explained Aarohi calmly about how it is necessary for her to work outside and divert her mind from recent happenings as she very well understands that how lonely Aarohi might be feeling, specially when her own son is also not supporting his wife, instead treating her rudely.

"Mom me--i just want to give time to my and Advaith's relationship.Anyways i and Advaith have so many problems, and then if i will get busy then...", Aarohi started with nervousness as this topic was really sensitive and she doesn't want to rush with all decisions.

"I think you should give it a try bhabhi (Sister-in-law)."Aashi who was standing at kitchen entrance since the topic started, said abruptly gaining attention of both the ladies.

"Aashi,you came early from your college?", Priya asked frowning as Aashi was really too early then her usual time.

"My lectures got cancelled mom."Aashi informed before turning to Aarohi and said-"Bhabhi (sister-in-law), Mom is saying right.you should really start working.You are talented and this will help you to divert your mind also.And if join our company then you will have more time to spend with Bhai (brother) in office and this will help you both to get close also."

Priya also nodded agreeing to Aashi's words while Aarohi's mind now diverted to their advice and somewhere she find it reasonable also.

Thinking about their words, Aarohi completed preparing lunch alongwith Aashi and Priya also helping her as and when required.


Dining area:-

"Advaith,lunch?", Priya who saw advaith entering house immediately asked him to have lunch who in return replied calmly-"Mom, i am not hungry.By the way where is Aashi?"

At the same time, Aashi who came out from kitchen alongwith Aarohi said-"What happen bhai (brother)?"

"Where were you an hour back?"Advaith asked in quite curt voice, more than he intended, while others' frowned at his sudden behaviour.

Morning he was more than silent, then he took sudden leave from work, went out to meet his friend about whom he didn't even said anything and now talking to Aashi strictly that too for first time.aAll this was confusing for Priya because she knew that her son was never such a short-tempered person but now he has changed, changed more than she has expected him to be!!

"Advaith, is this the way you talk to your younger sister?Day by day your behaviour is changing and you are getting more and more rude.", Priya said little sternly as now his behaviour was annoying her beyond limits.First he was only rude to Abhiraj and Aarohi but now even Aashi is added to his list.

"As if you don't know why i have became like this."Advaith commented sarcastically while his eyes glared Aarohi which she clearly understood and frowned gazing back at him.

He did not meant to be rude with Aashi but then when he saw Aarohi's face, Aamira's words back from restaurant rang in his ears and frustration pent up back in him and unknowingly in his frustration, he become rude to even Aashi.

"Bhai (brother) today lectures got over early so i went to restaurant with a friend.Anyways i didn't had a breakfast in the morning also!", Aashi immediately understood that may be Advaith had saw her in restaurant and so she wittily gave an excuse to be on safer side.

"Come back home if you have no lectures.Don't roam around, specially with boys."Advaith said sternly, pressuring on word 'boy' making all frown while Aashi glared at him as she had enough of his rudeness-"Why!?Only you have the rights to roam outside as and when pleased!"

Advaith gritted his teeth at her tone as this was first time that she answered back to him and again he felt 'someone' to be responsible for this change in his sister.

"Stay away from the one who is teaching you all this.I am your elder brother and you are talking to me like--"Advaith started once again looking at Aarohi while Aashi who understood his words immediately said-"No one taught me anything bhai (brother).It is always dad who taught me to not to stand silently when you are not at fault.Bhai (brother) do you understand that you have become soo rude this days.You talk rudely with me, bhabhi (sister-in-law) and even with dad.I dont know what magic that girl has casted on you that you have become like this with your own family."

"Which girl, Aashi?",Priya asked frowning while other's eyes widen in realisation, as they totally forgot that even Priya is also there standing with them.


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