A Walk To Our Forever
By Aayrah@1
Date: November 3, 2021
Ch. 109.What are Moloy's intentions!?

Aarohi Advaith's room:-

This morning the scene was pleasant to watch where she was sleeping straight on her back with all her hairs spreaded on her pillow, whereas he was sleeping sideways facing her with his right hand wrapped around her waist and face hidden deep in her spreaded hairs.

Though last night when Advaith came back from study, he made the wall of pillows between them for both of theirs' comfort, but now all those pillows were lying either near their feet or on floor, thus leaving no barrier between them.

Sunrays disturbed Aarohi's sleep and she turned her face only to hit her forehead with his'.

"Ouch!!", Advaith growned rubbing his forehead and opened his eyes half to see Aarohi's face extremely close to his' and he, at that very second forgot his pain.

Her forehead adorned with frowns due to pain while her doe-shaped eyes widen looking at him.Her red chubby cheeks which can tempt anyone to gobble them up while her pinkish plump lips awakening different and unknown desires deep inside his heart.And that small, cute buttoned nose was cheery on top.On the whole, her serene face shining in those golden rays was a treat to watch.

It has been three days since their marriage but this was the first time he was observing her from soo close and however much he hates to admit but she is the most beautiful girl, he has ever laid his eyes on!!

"Sorry!!"she apologised meekly looking deep in his eyes and her voice was enough to break his admiring session.

Advaith frowned looking at her soo close to him before looking down at his right hand which was wrapped around her waist followed by his head which was perfectly set on her spreaded hairs.

He sighed and was about to appologise but she beat him in it and immediately said-"Please don't apologise!!"

Her plead had something very deep and affectionate that he couldn't even manage to let his words out of his mouth.

Coming out of his hold, Aarohi tied her hairs in bun and went to the kitchen to prepare coffee for him.

While here Advaith sighed and layed straight on his back with his both his hands adjoined under his head and his eyes focused on ceiling above him.

His mind was filled with various thoughts which he himself could not decipher in proper words.


Walking back into the room, Aarohi roamed her eyes everywhere but couldn't find him and thats when the sound of running water from bathroom aware her about his whereabouts.

Keeping Coffee on cocktail table, Aarohi started setting their bed when the sound of door opening gained her attention and she unintentionally turned around only to widen her eyes, followed by palming them.

While Advaith who forgot the fact that Aarohi could also be there in the room, came out half naked with just a towel wrapped around his waist.

"I--i"ll take out your office wear."Aarohi slowly opened her eyes and said still looking at floor, too shy to look up at him.

"No need!!", Advaith said a little rudely before walking into closet and closing the door a little loudly making Aarohi release her breathe, she was holding since the moment she saw him in that half-naked state.

One moment he talk to her nicely and cares for her, while another moment he again become like the rude person he was on their first night~Sighing at her own thought, Aarohi took her outfit from her luggage bag and went into washroom to get ready for the day.


Cladded in simple navy blue saree with choora (bangles) adorning her both hands, she walked out of bathroom and shot a glance at him who was sitting on bed, engrossed doing something in his cell phone.

Walking to the dressing table, Aarohi started doing regular touch up alongwith making her hair.When she was applying vermilion, her eyes shifted to his reflection in mirror and to her surprise he was already looking at her.

Looking deep into his eyes through mirror she applied vermilion over her trichion.While coming back into his senses, Advaith immediately averted his gaze thus breaking their mini eye-lock.

Advaith got up to avoid further drowning into her beauty and was about to go out of the room when her sudden question haulted him-"Why did you agreed with Mom for taking me Delhi alongwith you?"

"Because if i wouldn't have said yes then Mom would have been upset and i can't afford to upset my mom for some outsider.", Advaith said last part without any regrets while she looked at him with hurt flashing in her eyes.

She saw the way he looked at her yesterday on dining table before answering 'yes' to his mother and that look bothered her whole night.Yesterday he was looking at her as if accusing her for all that is happening in his life.

"Why didn't you said to your father that you love someone else when he proposed our marriage!!Then this all might not had happened.I agree you are forced into this marriage but you are accusing me all the time as if it is only my mistake.I was helpless because my marriage was broken and my father has a heart problem, but atleast you could have denied for this marriage.And now when we are already married, how easily you are blaming me for each and everything happening around us."she said anger coating her voice.

For first time in this three days she said this much to him.And why not? Can't he see what all efforts she is putting alone, though she knows that may be nothing will come out of this baseless relation.

She wants to be atleast his friend, if not his soulmate or love.But he is again and again blaming her for everything as if he is the only one suffering in this relation.

"You don't have to worry.I won't follow you to Delhi.I will make some excuse."Aarohi wiped that single drop of tear which fall down her right eye before walking out of the room leaving an emotionless Advaith behind.


Aamira's room:-

Aamira fall down on marble floor with force when her father slap her hard before yanking her hairs in his tight grip, getting her back on her feet and making her forcefully look at him.

"What did you say?You will tell everything to Advaith?Fine!! Go--go and tell him that everything was a drama.Go and tell him that all your love for him was a fake.Tell him that it was a love trap to trap him for your father's revenge.But after knowing the truth, when he will hate you and will love his wife, what will you do?"Moloy said with a devil laugh making Aamira sniff a little with pain but more with regrets--regrets of playing with Advaith's feeling all this time.

"And don't dare to forget that what all i can do with you if you will come in between my plan and will try to ruin it!!"Moloy said gritting his teeth while his right hand still gripping her hairs in his tight grip, making her hiss in return.

"I-i am sorry.I won't say anything to Advaith but please don't--don't harm 'him'."Aamira pleaded with tears continuously flowing down her eyes.

"Good!!You--you, why don't you understand me Aamira.I am doing all this for you, for me and for 'him'.You--you like it when everyone looks at your father with accusing eyes!?Tell me you like it!?", He asked last line little loudly with anger and hatred filled in his eyes while she immediately nodded in no, scared with his dangerous look.

He was physcho and Aamira knows this but still she can't deny helping him.Not because he is her father or she is afraid of him, but because he has something very precious of hers' in his capture.

"Now you will do all that you are doing all this time.Keep trapping him in your love and take everything he has.And if you will not listen to me then--"Moloy said with sly smile playing on his lips, only to be cutted by Aamira's pleading-"No please.I--i will do all that you will ask me to do, but please--please don't hurt 'him'.Please dad!"

Moloy pushed her with force and anger, making her fall once again on floor before he walk away from there to his own room leaving Aamira crying hysterically om her fate.

"I am sorry Advaith.I am soo sorry."Aamira cried while hugging her knees close her chest, not knowing how to get out of this trap.


Dining table:-

"Aarohi, Aashi after coming back from college will help you in packing your bags."Priya said as they all sat for breakfast.

"Packing?", Abhiraj frowned unaware of dinner talks happened last night.

"Yes!! Actually Advaith is going Delhi next week, right?So i thought why not even Aarohi go alongwith him.Anyways, due to this marriage and all they are disturbed so they will get a break."Priya suggested earning a positive nod from Abhiraj who totally agreed to his wife.

"I agree.Meeting will also be done and you both will have some alone time to know each other.", Abhiraj said with gently patting Aarohi's hair with a fatherly love.

"Mom actually i was thinking of staying back here only.I mean he will be busy there in his work and i will get bore.Anyways i got call from my mom asking me visit them as they are missing me.So i thought of visiting them next week."Aarohi said with a small smile while Priya frowned at her but didn't budge her more as she understood something has happened again between her son and daughter-in-law.

Nodding at her suggestion with approvement, Priya didn't said further anything and they continued their breakfast.

Advaith looked at her with frown before continuing his breakfast.He didn't beleive her when she said she will come out with an excuse for not going with him but now when she did it, one part of him was happy that may be he can take Aamira alongwith him but another part of his heart was sad also with all those words she said back in their room.

Is he really treating her wrongly and accusing her for nothing?

Shaking his head at those sudden thoughts, he reminded himself again and again that he should not bother with Aarohi as he only loves Aamira!!

"Advaith you are not going office today?"Priya asked thus disturbing his thoughts and he immediately replied-"No mom, actually i have to meet one of my friend so i am taking leave."

He said looking more at Abhiraj who gave a curt nod approving his leave.

He never had those direct communication with his dad and thus most of the times, his mother or his sister becomes that mediator between him and his father.

"Advaith i need to talk about something important with you So follow me into my room after breakfast."Priya said with a final tone earning frowns from him but nevertheless he nodded at her.


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