Mated To The Alpha King
By Flames
Date: September 30, 2021
Ch. 55 - Karen


The moment he said those words, '... I reject you as my mate.' I felt my world crumble. I walked back to my room quietly and I sat on my bed.

I didn't know why it hurt, but it did. It hurt so bad. He rejected me just like that. He didn't even get to know me and he didn't give a damn. I never expected to have a soul bound partner since only few vampires had beloveds and I never wished to have one.

Now that I've been given a soul bound partner, it had to be a werewolf mate who even made it worse by rejecting me only a day after meeting him.

I remained there the whole day, crying and crying and until my stomach began to disturb me, I didn't realize that I hadn't eaten anything the whole day. It was evening already and the rain was falling.

I needed to find something to hit.

My vampire instincts were back and I began to walk towards the direction of food scents, my stomach rumbling even more. I followed the scent of the food down the corridor and through an empty garden before finally spotting the kitchen a few metres away. I walked into the kitchen and saw some men gathered there talking to each other.

They all stopped talking the instant they sensed my presence and they faced me. They all looked angry instantly. Low growls escaped their lips and I tried as much as possible to hide my fear.

I changed my mind, I'm no longer hungry.

I turned around to leave, but I stopped in my tracks as a voice threatened me.

"Where do you think you are going." I wanted to ignore the voice and keep walking since he didn't mention anyone until that same voice came again.

"Vampire!" Of course, I was the only vampire here. I slowly turned around and saw a werewolf standing before me and staring fiercely down at me. He was at least, an half foot taller than I am.

"I.....I... I going back to my room." I replied with a shaky voice and I moved backward slowly as he took closer steps towards me. I hated how scared and weak I looked.

"Your room?!" He growled at me and turned around to face the others. "Who is this bitch?" The others burst out into laughter and so did the man standing before me. He looked at me with scorn and rolled his eyes before walking back to his friends.

I thought that was all and wanted to walk away when I heard a scary loud growl behind me.
I heard one of the cooks whisper to themselves, 'his brother was killed by vampires this morning'
I instantly froze in the spot where I stood and I slowly turned around. There was a man glaring at me. There were scars on his face and his canines were extended.

His claws extended and be raised up his hand to hit me. From the corner of my eyes, I saw the previous men rush up and they quickly grabbed his hand. He struggled to break free from them until they were successful able to pin him down..

"Carver, calm down." One of them said and Carver gritted his teeth. He was really determined to hurt me. It took four men to hold him down and even after they did, he kept seeking for a chance to escape their grip on him.

After some while, he finally calmed down and he was released from his grip. I was going to take my chance and walk away when they then all faced me at the same time and began to walk towards me. They must have communicated amd planned this through a mind linked telepathic message. Scared, I began to walk backward as I looked at the mischievous grin plastered on their faces.

"Alpha Kaden said we must not touch her, but he didn't say we couldn't make her life miserable." One of them said smirked at the fear on my face.

I didn't realize when I stepped out of the kitchen and they suddenly shut the door against me. I was outside and the rain was pouring heavily against me. I was outside! This was my escape

"I hope you try to leave. The Wolves will enjoy eating your flesh." Carver shouted and the others bursted into laughter.

Oh. They could be lying, but I couldn't risk it. I saw a piece of rock closeby and sat on it. The rain continued to beat me mercilessly and I began to shiver in cold. I wrapped my arms around myself and stared around. The only thing I could see even as far as my enhanced sight could go were trees and I could spot Wolves deep in the forest. I looked closer to see some of the the trees had fruits growing on them..

My stomach soon resumed it's rumbling and I decided to pluck some fruits to eat. I was too weak to run with my vampire speed and my wings were gone so I had to walk to the fruit trees I could spot. They were so far away and my super sight was the only reason I could see them.

I reached them finally and I summoned the little energy in me to climb up the trees and pick the fruits: berries and apples. They were still fresh thanks to the season.

The Wolves roaming about where a scary distance away, so I packed the fruits and walked back to the rock to eat them. I sat down and began to chew the fruits aggressively. I was so hungry.

I had barely eaten a few berries when I heard a loud howl behind me. I turned around and watched in horror as a large wolf approached me.

The wolf howled again and the fruits I was holding fell to the floor. It was only one wolf and I could have fought it off if I wasn't weak. My fangs extended and I snarled at it. It growled back at me and then suddenly began to dash towards me..

I'm dead.

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