Mated To The Alpha King
By Flames
Date: September 30, 2021
Ch. 44 - Kaden


I groaned as I countered every punch Lucas threw at me. I swiftly beny down as another punch came my way and as his fist passed over my head, I threw my fist in his abdomen. He quickly moved backward and took advantage of my miscalculated force by kicking my legs. Loosing my balance for a sec, I flipped in the air and turned to hit Lucas in the face.

My class would have slashed his face if he didn't raise up his hands to block his face, my claws tearing through his arm flesh and causing a whimper to escape his lips.

Every training session I had done was always a distraction from the hardship I had faced in the past and the painful memories, but this was different. It was more of a way to process the fact that a vampire was only a few rooms away.

"How do I handle having a vampire mate? How is it going to be?" I stepped on the hilt of a sword lying on the floor and it flew into my hand. Lucas also did the same.

"I don't know." Lucas groaned as my sword clashed against his with briye force, "my mother was a werewolf and her mate was a vampire. They loved each other so much."

I nodded and swallowed nervously.

"It was easy for them, but this time it's different." Lucas added. He was right, it was different this time. His own parents never had a trauma caused by the other's race. Lucas and Gina where one of the few people who knew every thing I had faced.

I felt like I was cursed. The universe have me a second mate and it had to be a vampire. Was the universe mocking me?

I suddenly stopped fighting amd dropped the sword in my hand as a strange feeling tickled me.

"I have a feeling something bad has happened." I glanced at Lucas and he stared at me.

"The Wolves sent to assist the Nexus Services, are they back?" I asked.

"No." Lucas replied and paused for a while, "but I spoke to Alex this morning, he said they would be back soon." That still didn't take away the danger I was sensing
Before I could say anything else, I noticed someone standing at the door and I looked to see Alex standing there.

He was seriously injured and was looking so weak. He looked like he would slump any moment.

"Vampires." He managed to say, "Everyone is dead." Those last words escaped his lips before he slumped to the ground. I was suddenly filled with rage and I screamed in anger.

That instant, the hall was filled with the sound of cracking of bones and almost immediately, I had transformed into a 6'5 foot tall wolf. I leaped into the air and I began to run at full speed.

The last thing I heard before running into the forest was Gina's concerned voice, "what happened?"

I continued to run in the thick forest with the wind brushing against my face and loud howls escaping my lips.

Those savages! 14 Wolves all dead because of them.

I howled loudly.

As I ran, I began to hear howls coming from behind me and snapping of twigs. I looked behind me to see a wolf running after me. I recognized it as Gina almost immediately and I growled at her to scare her away.

She looked intimidated and scared for a while, but she continued to run after me. I was distracted and I began to slip down the sloppy path. Before I could crash, my claws dug into the earth and I leaped into the air with a loud growl.

Just as I landed, Gina pounced on me and we were forcefully transformed back into our human form.

I was naked and so was she.

Bits of furs were still sticking out of my skin and my canines and claws were still out. My breath was tensed and it came with low growls.

"Kaden. Be calm." Her voice was soft and soothing, but it did nothing to calm me.

"Gina. We lost 14 men. 14 f**king men!" I yelled and a growl escaped my lips, "I'll make sure those vampires pay for this?"

Gina's expression suddenly changed.

To an angry one.

"Tell that to the vampire you brought into the pack!" She yelled at me and I roared at her. My Alpha ego had kicked in and I would have hit her but for the control I had built over the years.

"She's my mate! What do you expect me to do?!" My chest was rising and falling with every word.

"Kaden, you've lost a mate before and you know what to do." She suddenly transformed back into a wolf and she ran back. I remained in the forest for a while before returning to the pack.

As soon as I arrived, nobody dared to move near me or talk to me and they all kept a distance. I could be dangerous when angry. I opened the door of my room and my nostrils were hit with the smell of.............vampire!

I looked at my shelf to see the vampire scanning through the books. Why was she here!! What was a f**king vampire doing in my room. I growled loudly and she immediately faced me.

"Is this your room?" She asked. What the heck! Did she think I was just going to watch her intrude my privacy?! Who did she think she is?

"Sorry. I saw a room next to mine and I got curious." She continued and I snarled at her.

"Get out!" I yelled, she flinched and that was all. She just stayed where she was and stared at me. Did I look like I was acting?

"Why?" She asked and crossed her arms. "Because I'm a vampire?" Yes! That was the damn reason. Now, why the actual fuck was she daring me.

"Or because I'm your mate." I stared at her in shock as she said those words.

She knew!

Of course, she must have felt it too. .

Was that why she was so bold?!

Well, she was about to receive a shocker.

"No. I reject you as my mate."

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