Mated To The Alpha King
By Flames
Date: September 30, 2021
Ch. 33 - Karen


I opened my eyes again and tried to make out where I was through my blurry vision. I could spot some open curtains and sunlight flooded through the windows. Good thing I traded my vampire wings for survival in the sun.

I was no longer feeling the terrible pain I felt after waking up in that cell, but there was still that throbbing headache. I noticed I was lying on a bed and I was surprised. I tried to remember how I had gotten here and fragments of the previous day began to flip through my mind.

I rememered confronting that guard and being punished with Holy Water. I remembered a guard announcing the arrival of an alpha. I think Alpha.....Kaden and then I was sprayed with silver dust. My head ached the more even as I forced myself to remember, but that was all I could. I stopped trying even though I felt there was something very important to remember.

I climbed down from the bed and looked at what I was wearing. It was a simple night gown made of silk and it exposed an inconvenient amount of my thigh. There was a small flower slippers by the foot of the bed and I put them on before walking towards the wooden door cautiously.

I fisted my palms and wanted to break the door, but I suddenly felt the need to turn the door knob and I did. I was surprised to see that the door was open and I stood in the same spot for a while. I cautiously stepped one foot out of the door and when nothing happened, the rest of my body followed.

I tried to use my vampire instincts to navigate myself, but I couldn't. The contact with too much silver dust must have affected me. I continued randomly in the left direction of the empty corridor and took note of everything I could spot on the way.

I began to hear the metallic clashing of swords and occasional low growls.


I was close enough to these sounds and I peeped through the open door to see two men - two werewolves fighting with silver swords. The man on the left caught my attention as he was fighting so skillfully without any trace of emotion on his face.

Beyond that stoic expression, I could see the pain and regret buried deep in his dark eyes. He also had a huge body and intimidating appearance. Could be the Alpha?

If I was  in a werewolf pack, I needed to find a way to leave quickly before I get spotted. That didn't seem possible again though as I heard a low growl behind me.

"Vampire." I turned around to see a lady staring fiercely at Mr and the two men training finally noticed me.

The female werewolf seemed ready to attack me any moment and I also prepared myself to face off against her.

"Gina, calm down." The 'Alpha' said and the other man walked towards us.

"No!" She growled and I saw her claws extend out of her fingers. My fangs also extended instinctively and I snarled.

"Gina! I command you to stand down as your Alpha!" The Alpha commanded and the she-wolf immediately stopped growling, her claws retracting back in.

The second man immediately grabbed my arm and dragged me away from her.

"Lucas, take her back to her room now and make sure she cannot go beyond that corridor." The Alpha commanded and Lucas immediately dragged me away from there. I wanted to struggle, but I didn't. Maybe because I knew it would be fruitless.

I was in a pack filled with werewolves who could be just as ready to tear me apart and at least, there was a bit of safety here.

Lucas took me back to my room and as he was about to leave, I asked him a question, "Why am I here?"

He looked at me and turned around to leave silently. Before stepping out of the door, he turned around to face me.

"Piece of advice, don't wander too far," he said, "people are not just going to ignore the presence of a vampire."

I blinked as he slammed the door shut and I threw myself on the bed.

How did I find myself in this situation. I wish I hadn't followed Stella to that club. She'd be worried sick about me right now. I looked at the closet at the opposite side of my bed and I got up to walk towards it. I forced open the lock and opened it expectantly. It was filled with various sets of female dresses. Expensive female dresses.

I reached for a grey gown and pulled it out, carefully examining it. I dropped of on the bed and glanced at a door I guessed might lead to a bathroom. I walked in through the door and I was right, it was a bathroom. I took off my night gown and took a long bath. After drying my body with a towel, I walked out of the bathroom.

"It's you." I gasped and flinched backward in fear and I looked towards the door to see Alpha..... Kaden. I think. He was standing there with that same stoic expression.

"You're naked." He said and I opened my mouth as I realized that obvious fact. I felt so embarrassed. I quickly wrapped the towel around my body, although he didn't seem a bit bothered by my nakedness.

He had probably seen a lot of naked women since werewolves became naked after transformation.

"Yes, why are you here?" I asked, hugging the towel very tightly.

"I just came to check if you were still intact." He replied.

"I didn't ask to be brought here and I can take care of myself." I retorted, expecting his Alpha ego to make him angry, but he just walked out quietly. I immediately took the chance to slip into the grey dress I had picked before someone else walked in.

I began to hear some voices coming from the other side of the and I placed my ear against the wall to eavesdrop.

"Kaden, why did you bring a vampire into the pack?" A lady's voice asked and I assumed it to be the she-wolf, Gina.

"I have a reason, trust me." Kaden tried to convince Gina. He seemed close to her. Maybe.

"No! Nobody is happy about it." Gina persisted, "you even let her stay in the room supposed to be for a Luna!" Now that explains the expensive female dresses.

"Why?!" Gina asked.

"Gina. She's my mate. That vampire is my mate!"

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