Mated To The Alpha King
By Flames
Date: September 30, 2021
Ch. 22 - Kaden


I watched from my corner of the room as two government officials walked in. Two special agents walked in after them, carrying large boxes in their hands and the door was shut. My gaze remained on the boxes as they were dropped on a table before my Beta, Lucas.

"General Rudolf, the Alpha took his time to honor your invitation so get on with your presentation." Lucas placed his hands on his waist. He was wearing a sweat pant and a simple vest that stuck to his body, making every outline of his perfectly sculptured body visible.

"I'm glad he came, afterall, he was appointed Alpha King by Mr. President." The smug smile on Rudolf's face disappeared the instant I shot a cold, icy glare at him. Of course, he wouldn't want to get on my bad side.

"Yesterday, there were series of attacks at Los Angeles. According to our investigations, it occurs that this attacks were carried out by a group of vampires." Rudolf paused. I had suspected the meeting would be related to vampires and he had confirmed my suspicion.

A year ago, the blood flu, a disease that caused vampires to go mad or had spread around the world and infected vampires, Rippers began to kill humans.

The situation had been controlled by werewolves and  since the revelation of the supernatural world to humans during the apocalypse, vampires have been seen as dangerous and sometimes terrorists. Werewolves were content with this treatment of their destined enemies and I in particular loved it. They caused me so much pain in the past anyway.

"What do you want us to do?" Lucas asked after receiving an permissive nod from me and Rudolf signaled the special agents to open the boxes. The boxes were filled with all kings of ammunitions: from guns, to swords, to bows and arrows. They were all silver.

"We traced one of the vampires to a vampire club in Los Angeles." Rudolf faced me, "We want you to dispatch werewolves from various packs to assist Nexus Service in rounding up the suspects. We'll be using this to test our new facility here in DC."

Thirty minutes later, I had a meeting with all pack leaders and Alphas in Washington and they all released two werewolves to join the mission and assist Nexus services. I was back at the Moon Edge Pack and I was in the training ground, practicing every move that I could think of even though they all seemed perfected.

The one thing that could never get old or perfected was taking it all out on a punching bag and my groans echoed through the hall with each successive punch.

Every punch I threw at the innocent bag brought back memories I wanted to forget.

Painful memories.

Images of a little kid watching his parents being murdered by vampires.

Images of a youth loosing his mate in a vampire attack.

I stopped punching the instant I sensed a presence in the hall and my hands flew up instinctively to catch a silver knife midair, just before it could hit me in the shoulder.

"A bit slower than usual, Hungh?" An all too familiar voice said behind me and I turned around to face Gina, my closest friend. As a young man, a Rogue, she had introduced me to this pack. I worked my way up to becoming the Alpha with determination.

"Bit of a rough day." I replied and rested my palms on my waist. Sweat was dripping down my naked torso and the sun caused my skin to glimmer.

"Vampires killing humans. Nexus services needed us to help take them down." I picked up my vest and swiftly put it on.

"Gina, my me..." I stopped talking the instant I sensed a second presence.

Then a third presence.

Gina and I looked towards the door and Lucas was standing there with the Delta, Alex.

"What is it?" I asked and Lucas moved away from the door post on which he was leaning on.

"The head of security called. The captured vampires have been transferred to the new facility and he wants us to see how it is holding up." Alex replied before Lucas could and Lucas gave me a nod.

Normally, I would ignore the message, but for some reason, I felt drawn to that facility. Perhaps, it was for the pleasure of getting to torture those savages called vampires.

I wanted to talk, but Gina cut in and faced me.

"Kaden, you don't have to go." She paused, "Lucas and Alex can go alone."

She was tight.

I shouldn't go for the sake of my memories and nightmares.

I shouldn't go for the sake of my sanity.
Whenever I come in contact with vampires, I tend to lose control completely, but I had to go.

"Alex, get the cars ready and Lucas, make a call to the head of security. Tell him we'll be there."


The drive to the facility took exactly 20 minutes and the instant I set foot through the thick silver gates, the alarms began to blare.

My eyes darted back and forth every corner of the facility and I saw Lucas talking to a guard before returning to me.

"One of the vampire inmates is behaving stubborn. According to her, she was at the club with her human friend." Lucas finished.

It was actually a she. I became interested all of a sudden and began to walk towards the building. After being cleared at the entrance, I began to allow my senses take me where the commotion and noise was coming from.

I could hear someone shouting and announcing to the others, "Alpha Kaden is here!"
I was finally close to the cell where the guards were facing resistance and I saw a werewolf spay silver dust into a cell. A lot of them.

I began to get more and more drawn to the cell and for some reason, I felt so angry at the guard that I didn't know when I scared him away with a growl.

I looked into the cell to see a lady loosing her balance and fighting the dizziness and at that moment, I felt strange within me.

"Open the door." I commanded the guard and he hurriedly began to open it up. I couldn't help my self as I bent down to carry her in my hands. That was when I realized what was happening and I muttered, "Mate."

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