Broken Angel
By Anonymous Author
Date: September 28, 2021
Ch. 1Strangers

Gabriella waits at the bus stop after her shift at the hospital. She hated the cleaning job, but study fees had to be paid. She had no one with both parents deceased and not leaving a dime. She had to make her own way. Either that or sell her family home and that, she is not willing to do as it is all she had of her parents.
Angel Zurier accompanied many humans in his life but never felt loved for them the way he felt for Gabriella. He really wanted her to succeed in living a righteous life so that she can one day go to heaven, but with all the curve balls life has thrown at her it sends her down the wrong paths.
She tries so hard, but nothing works out for her. She is almost done with her Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree and then she will apply to intern at the hospital where she is a cleaner. She just hopes that she can get a paid internship as she cannot bear her peers see her cleaning. No one really pays attention to her. There is not much staff on the nightshift and her shift is only 5 hours in the evening from 8 pm to 1 am. She always waits 45min for the 2 am bus as it takes her 15min to walk to the bus stop.
This night Angel Zurier felt very uneasy. He could see three fellow angels at the bus stop, but their humans kept a low profile. If only Angles were Guardian Angels like humans believed them to be instead of Observers. Gabriella saw the mass of Angels at the corner of her eye but when she looked in their direction they were gone. ''Who is there? I know you are there! Show yourself!'' Gabriella regrets not equipping herself better for the night, but she always felt that she lives in a safe city, a safe country.
''Hey little lady, what you got there in your backpack?'' a middle-aged man approaches her, walking slick.
Gabriella gave a couple of steps back. ''Stay back!'' she tried to say with confidence.
''We won't hurt you, just give us your backpack and we will be on our merry little way,'' another man says lying, with a baseball cap on; covering part of his face.
Gabriella tries to reach for the bus stop panic button but before she could reach it a third man pushes her from behind to the ground.
''Don't make us angry or you will regret it! You should have just given us the backpack, you stupid girl!'' She tried to scream but the three men quickly surrounded her, one of them choking her. She felt the life leaving her body and close her eyes in defeat.
''Dude! Do not kill her!''
They quickly dragged her behind the bus stop through the bushes into a kid play park. There is a lovely Jungle gym with lots of hideouts that made it perfect for the three men's real intentions.
They could hardly believe their luck, no one saw them. ''Give her CPR! I am not a murderer!'' One of the men said a bit worried.
''Relax! She is breathing, I only made her pass out, we need to hurry before she wakes up. Where are the drugs?'' One man asks taking her jacket off and tying an elastic around her arm.
''Common," he starts tapping on her arm to get a vein while Baseball-Cap shines a dim torchlight. The third guy stepped up and neatly inserts the needle and injects her with Benzodiazepines.
''Just in time,'' Baseball-Cap says as he notices her eyes opening.
''What are you doing, let me go,'' she said her words slurring. She felt something heavy on her waist. One of the men was sitting on top of her. She was not sure if she is dreaming but she felt so weak. She felt hands on her bare skin. 'Hand on my bare skin!' She panicked as she realized she is not dreaming. She is now alert and can feel several hands taking off her clothing... she can feel the cold air piercing her skin.
''Oh goodness, your breast wants us to touch you so much! Look how stiff your nipples are!'' Baseball-Cap discards the flashlight to get in on the action. He could not believe how good her breast feel.
Gabriella feels guilty for welcoming their warm mouths and hands over her breast and wishes they can get closer with their bodies to hers as the cold air is piercing. She feels a warm hand moving down to her waist, seeking out the pubic hair. She thinks to herself... 'what did they put in me... why can't I move?' She is filled with fear. She cannot believe this is happening to her. 'They are so careless...' she wonders if they are going to kill her when they are done. She feels her legs being parted with a leg. She hopes for a body to cover hers quickly as she is freezing. She can feel hot tears running down the side of her face only for a warm tongue to lick it up. She can feel the warm breath of the man on her face. She feels warm legs entangling with hers. She enjoys the warmth of their legs. She can feel fabric, so she realizes they are still dressed.
''Come on, I also want to feel her," the man that just licked her tears said pushing Baseball-Cap of her. The cold air seems to hit her breast hard and her nipples stiffen even more erect into the air begging for a warm mouth to cover it. ''Wow, she has beautiful breast!'' one exclaims, admiring the exposed breast with the moonlight shining on her stiff nipples that seem more plumed now after the harsh sucking and nibbling from Baseball-Cap.
The three men have their way with Gabriella, taking their time.
Gabriella can make out futures a bit from the side of her eye. Four angels standing around watching her. 'Why do Angels do nothing,' she thinks, crying within.
This was not the first rape any of these Angles have witness. He wanted to save her from this, but they can physically not touch a human or any earthly things, even if they try.
Angel Zurier watches the men closing in on Gabriella again.

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