The CEO's Obsession
By Flames
Date: September 26, 2021
Ch. 6Chapter Six


"I don't know whether we're celebrating or grieving here." Lisa talked as she poured us one more round of shots.

"I'm as yet not certain with regards to how you found this work in any case." Pyke ringed in. I gave them both a dazed look. I'd been in a shock the entire night about this new unexpected advancement... on the off chance that you could consider it that.

"That is to say, the person's never had an associate that kept going more than possibly half a month. On the off chance that you screw this up, do you simply return to your secretJennal work, or will you be for all time ended, or..."

"That is to say, you don't figure this crappy knave would really fire the helpless child, right?" Lisa asked Pyke

Some way or another, both their eyes arrived on me. I gave them another shrug.

"You're outrageously peaceful this evening." Pyke noted.

"I believe she's actually attempting to figure everything out." Lisa answered. I gradually gestured my head. I actually couldn't understand the way that I would have been working for Jason Walter.

Jason cursed Walter.

That is to say, I in fact worked for him right now-however this would have been quite a great deal unique.

Everything was stopped by the vibrations in my pocket. As I pulled out my telephone out to actually take a look at the guest ID, I felt my heart drop to my stomach.

Whatever temperament I was in, had recently gotten a ton more awful.

"I-I-I must take this." I faltered unobtrusively. Pyke looked befuddled, however Joan just gestured to me as I headed towards the men's bathroom.


"Greetings darling."

My pulse was beginning to pound. I was unable to tell how hard since I was at that point a couple of shots in, yet the heaviness of my dad's voice had sliced straight through my buzz. 4

"Hello there mother." I talked unevenly.

"How are you, child?" She inquired.

"I'm fine." I felt s remorseful as I understood it's been quite a while since I really minded him.

"How is your wellbeing father?"

I was gnawing back tears now. My teeth were diving so profound into the side of my cheek, I planned to draw blood.

"I'm fine. I just missed you." His voice repeated delicately from the telephone.

I felt the destroys begin to well in my eyes. It was as though I could hear the actual sound of my awful at his words. I knew what the cash was for. I realized he wasn't as a rule presumably dealt with cause I could scarcely completely take care of his emergency clinic bills.

In any case, his voice... They were so dry and depleted of life.

"I'll come over tomorrow." I murmured into the telephone, "I guarantee."

"Thank you kindly, child. You realize you mean everything to me. I love you..."

"Continuously." I murmured that last part prior to hanging up.

At the point when I at last discovered the mental fortitude to think back up into the reflection of Tully's bathrooms, there was nothing left but to murmur. My eyes were presently a botchy red wreck. I'd given a valiant effort to wash the tears away, and keeping in mind that Pyke probably won't see, Lisa sure would.

Yet, I concluded there was actually no returning, as I advanced over to my companions once more. Pyke was at the jukebox picking a tune wile Tully began to bring down the register. He wasn't going to charge us for the excess beverages in any case. Tully won't ever do.

"You okay?" Lisa asked me. Concern was bound in her eyes. I gave her a hardened gesture.

"What about some more shots?" I offered unobtrusively. She remained silent as she topped my glass off indeed.


I felt a humming right other than my head.

And afterward another.

And afterward another.

When I pulled my telephone screen free from my pads, the splendid light dazed me. Who was calling my work telephone this freaking early in any case? I didn't need to be up for essentially one more hour.

"What?" I moaned into the telephone.

"Where the hellfire are you?" A voice answered. A voice I was beginning to get unsettled with.

Moreover... This voice had a place with somebody that I didn't think realized my work number.

"Mr. Heavy armament specialist, It's 7am." I muttered. "I don't have work till 8:30."

"You come in at 7 from now into the foreseeable future. You get off at 4:30... in case it's a decent day. In case it's not, you get off when I say you get off." Jason answered. "Arrive Asap."

I moaned into the telephone, as I attempted to haul myself out of the charm my pads had me in.

"Also, Jenna?"


"Present to me an enormous espresso. Two sugars, one flavor."

I threw my telephone at the closest thing I could. It incidentally turned out to be my morning timer, and it thumped both the alert and my glass of water off the table.

The glass broke on sway with the wooden floors.



When Jenna came to the fifth floor, I could as of now tell she was hungover. Be that as it may, there was more.

She put some espresso down at my work area, yet did all the other things to keep away from my look. It seemed as though the region around her eyes were red in bothering. Was it hypersensitivities possibly?

Before Jenna could come to the entryway, I halted him short. "Jenna." I called. She indifferently turned around to me. "From here on out, your office will be opposite mine through there." I highlighted one more entryway to my right side. "I'll get everything of yours moved."

"Okay." She gestured. Those were the principal words I'd heard from him the entire day.


"Go determine the status of her."

"I recently did."

"Beware of him once more."

"Jason, let poor people kid be," Brad said and murmured "you appear to be truly unusual when I results in these present circumstances Lady."

Brad was correct.

I didn't know why I cared at all.

Her energy had recently lost me consistently today... perhaps she was pissed that I had woken him up at an early time?

"Have you really thought about to the Starnex's Corp pitch? They need to set up a gathering in New York inside half a month. You must concoct a kick ass pitch."

I ran my hands through my hair once more. "I'd totally overlooked that. Set something up for me in about... three weeks? That will give me sufficient opportunity to prepare everything including assessed Gala figures."

Brad gestured, and got entering the occasions into my timetable going his iPad.

A couple of moments passed without both of us saying something.

Brad moaned.

"Go investigate him, yourself." Was all he said.

I hauled something out from one of my work area drawers prior to getting up and advancing into his office. I walked around to his work area and twirled his seat around before he could say a word.

One moment, she was slouched over a PC with a little document in hand....

The following, she was stuck between me and her desk.

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