The CEO's Obsession
By Flames
Date: September 26, 2021
Ch. 3Chapter Three


“You must fuck messing with me.”

“I’m serious, I’m so discharged.” I moaned, prior to bringing down one more shot.

I was at that point perhaps four or five shots in. On the off chance that anybody asks, Lisa trained me to drink.

“This is some major trouble.” Pyke murmured to himself as he requested one more round for us. I had at long last come to Tully’s at around near 12 PM. It was presently far past bar shutting, however since Lisa’s sibling (Tully) possessed the bar, we weren’t in any rush to leave.

“Well here’s to Jenna’s searching for a new work after he neglects to rescue one extremely wrecked circumstance!” Lisa cheered. We as a whole made one more round of efforts.

I was certainly beginning to see things. Or on the other hand triple. Or on the other hand actually nothing by any stretch of the imagination. I was unable to tell any longer.

The last thing I do recollect telling the posse was that they may be doing a body before the night’s over.


At the point when my body at long last hit those sheets, the sensation of content washed over me. I pulled out my PC that was safely charging on my bedside. I didn’t know what was convincing me to pull up the structure surveillance cameras, yet interest was most certainly a factor.

My brain meandered back to recently.

It was just when I made it down to the primary hall, did I then, at that point acknowledge I’d failed to remember my critical card in the workplace. When I showed up back on the chief floor, that is the point at which I caught the discussion that was streaming out from my office.

“I can’t in any event, screwing clarify it. I was gotten by some person to investigate Jason accursed Walter’s records.” The woman said. Amazing, that sounded Vulgar for a woman.

Pause, Jason doomed Walter ? Who the fuck did this woman think he was? Other than our associate secretary clearly.

“At first I’m thinking fine. OK. Whatever. I’m in a real sense must send you a pic of this. It’s been crushed to screwing pieces, Joan. It would appear that somebody put this in an expanse of espresso and crushed it.”

Sea of espresso? Well that wasn’t amusing.

I was going to burst into the room, yet halted myself short in the entryway. There was a woman sitting at the seat of my work area, inspecting the espresso splashed documents like it was a pummeled pup.

She didn’t look any more established than his mid twenties and her blonde hairs were extremely long, coming to simply underneath her midsection. Enormous outlined glasses surpassed most of her face, however they outlined her etched elements well.

I’d never seen this woman in my life.

“I believe it’s difficult for rich individuals to see the good judgment and thought behind their privilege.” I heard the lady say. I concluded that was likely sufficient horse crap I could endure for the evening.

I made a sound as if to speak, and the woman turned upward from my work area, to me. It appeared as though I may have alarmed her.

Her look was… unique. Before I could put an idea about what felt odd, acknowledgment got comfortable for her.

She seemed as though a dear trapped in a front light. As though I had discovered her with his hand in the treat container.

I watched the telephone that she was holding against her ear, get past her and tumble to the ground. “You should be the associate secretary.” I noted.

“I-Y-Yes.” She constrained the words to push past her lips. They appeared to be stressed and unfamiliar, dissimilar to what his voice seemed like a couple of seconds prior.

“You’re here to fix this PC, right?” I had asked her. It appears as though she was just with regards to prepared to black out.

“Y-Yes.” She croaked out.

“Is it understandable?” I proceeded. Something about her getting all bothered and awkward drew out the cruel person in me. It was decent having individuals dread you. It truly was. He continued to advise me on how non-understandable the gadget was.

“It would appear that it went through an extreme handling, huh?”

Her face withered at my words. There was an awkward quiet that lingered palpably before she at last got it sufficiently together to answer. “It’ll set aside time… to fit every one of the pieces.”

“It’s great that you’re on my organizations finance then, at that point, right?”

Something moved quickly over her face. I remembered it in a flash as inconvenience. I was presently irritated in light of the fact that she had the dauntlessness to be irritated with me.

The camera screens glimmered on my PC, and I changed the time stamp to soon after I had left her in my office. There wasn’t any sound, however deciding by the faces she was making via telephone once more, he looked pissed.

I spent the remainder of the late evening watching her fit the bits of the records together and scan her place for the additional duplicate. I persuaded myself it was on the grounds that I needed to ensure she didn’t play with anything, however, I didn’t have the foggiest idea why I was taking a gander at the recording.

I additionally didn’t have the foggiest idea why I had endured her disregard. That is to say, I’ve terminated workers for much less…


“Gracious screw me.” I murmured to myself when the light beams hit my extremely delicate eyes. All I felt was extreme pounding.

I thought I was in my bed.

I had certainly dropped on the bean pack seat in my lounge.

As a matter of fact, simply making it home overall was a large enough achievement for me.

There had been a few mornings where Lisa would awaken in a recreation center, or at a travel station…

Or on the other hand in her ex’s home…

I looked about for my telephone, yet couldn’t discover it anyplace.

“Fuck.” I murmured once more. What time was it in any case? As I coincidentally found the kitchen and looked at the microwave, I nearly tumbled once more into my lounge area table. It was 10:43am.

10:43 am.

I was assume to make one more additional duplicates of Jason’ records by 8: 30am

That is to say, I could presumably come up with a strong rationalization for my lateness. What’s more, it resembled Jason condemned Walter planned to by and by direct the copying of one inept record… correct? My teeth held at the prospect of our discussion yesterday. The person appeared to be a truly confirmed ass.

I didn’t have the opportunity to sort out where my telephone was, and I concluded that on the off chance that I was unable to discover it around evening time, I would simply supplant the damn thing.

“Oooh you’re late as heck, boo.” Lisa remarked when I entered the third floor. Awkwardly, the third floor was additionally where we endorsed in with our identifications.

“What the real damnation happened the previous evening?” I moaned. Both Pyke and Lisa laughed and I held my clench hands.

“You got so messed up.” Pyke shouted out over the laughs. “ You took a stab at shuffling bourbon glasses and broke each of them three. That was when Tully said we needed to get you home.”

“Nah, I’m almost certain it was when Jenna gave making a shot with a banner of Jake the Rapstar by the jukebox.” Lisa added.

I both intellectually and actually face palmed.

“Please text Tully and apologize in the interest of me and my insufficient capacity to bear liquor.” I scarcely murmured.

“I’ll simply send him a selfieof how horrible you look. I think he’ll feel sufficiently awful.” Lisa answered. However, she was correct. My beginning and end was a wreck, and I was brandishing some genuine sacks under my eyes… despite the fact that I surmise I expected to quit drinking. I’m a woman for Christ purpose.

I had fundamentally recently tossed on whatever I could and left. Nearly made it out the entryway with no dress.

“Today will be bologna too with that document Jason needs me to copy.”

He truly doesn’t confide in himself not to ruin the new ones he got.

Lisa and Pyke shared a look.

“You may need to perhaps not talk… like at all today…” I gave Pyke a look.

“I’m hungover. I need to in a real sense go work for Satan himself. Today is too hard a day to care at all about, man.” I murmured. Pyke and Lisa shared one more look. Today would have been one of those days.

“You’re late.”

“I was unable to discover my keys.” For two hours? I intellectually face palmed.

I surmise that was the best reason I could concoct. I was at present talking with the very man that had settled on that decision a moment before I should leave this god neglected spot the previous evening. I actually didn’t have a clue about his name.

“You were searching for your keys for two hours?” He asked me.

Constantly fussing over a lot?

“Excuse me?” He inquired. Fuck. I was unable to recognize whether I was thinking poop or saying poo any longer. Presently I felt like I should’ve recently assembled taking all things together.

“Nothing. Nothing. I’ll get directly on it.” I moaned once more. My head felt like it planned to screwing detonate.

He remained silent as he passed on me to will work. I had painstakingly gotten the additional duplicates I had found and strolled towards a printer to copy them.


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