The CEO's Obsession
By Flames
Date: September 26, 2021
Ch. 2Chapter Two


I really look at my watch.

Then, at that point I checked it once more.

On the other hand.

It was as of now 6:28pm. In a short time, I would be off. Express gratitude toward God cause I was prepared to leave.

Nicki on the subsequent floor had called me in to get her a few copies. Turns out she had a couple of duplicates currently in her cabinet the entire time, obviously she needed to fill me in on her seventeen felines… Furthermore, that made for a three drawn out discussion.

I looked down at my watch once more.

6:29… OK. 31

As my hand went after my courier sack around my work area, I was interfered with midstream by the workplace telephone.


This didn’t generally mean something terrible.

Who was I joking, a call to my work area was consistently something terrible. Nobody called the associate secretary for some great discussion.

“Indeed?” I replied.

“Great, no doubt about it.”

I’m doing whatever it takes not to be.

“We need you up at the chief floor straightaway.”

“Sir, it’s ac-“ I began, however the man had hung up before I could get one more word in.

Goodness! Fantastic!... Did he say the chief floor?

At the point when I at long last made it up to the fifth floor, my jaw nearly hit the floor. I was invited promptly by a man who carried me to one more wing of a similar level. I didn’t realize we had wings. Where was this space on different floors? I was going to request to see some floor plans.

“Miss…” another man welcomed me (in the event that you could call that a hello). In light of the sharp suit, and new cut, the person unmistakably didn’t work anyplace close to our specialties.

“Moner. Miss Moner. Everybody calls me Jenna.” I was utilized to individuals not knowing my name around here.

“Indeed, I’m not doing that. Miss Jenna, I need you get us a few copies of certain archives you may have put away.”

Indeed, that was fundamentally my work as the associate secretary. To keep record of significant documents and make additional duplicates of them.

“Duplicates?” I felt moronic for inquiring.

“Indeed. Duplicates.”

I probably said that so anyone can hear.

“Are-Are you certain? That is to say, I’ve never been called over here to bring a copy. In a real sense. Never.”

“It’s a… interesting circumstance. One we would likewise really like to be kept somewhat hidden.”

I took a gander at him for a couple of moments, looking for any suspicion of what that implied, before at last shrugging.

Now, I was simply attempting to escape this structure at a sensible time. The sooner I could know the necessary reports, the sooner I’d have the option to get the duplicates.

“Lead the way.” I murmured. He gave me a gesture and began to direct me into the primary office toward the finish of the hallway. When he opened the entryway, my jaw unhinged and dropped once more.

This office, man. This feared office

Only It was presumably the size of the entire first floor.

“I figure my whole condo could fit in here.” I murmured to myself.

The man other than me laughed. For what reason do I continue to make statements so anyone can hear.

“The data is on the work area around there. Straightforwardly under the work area ought to be a smaller than normal cooler. Grab some water cause you may be here some time.”

“What do you mean-“ I began, however when I pivoted to confront him, he was no more. “What the….?” I murmured.

When I got to the work area to take a gander at the piece of paper, astounding profane words came tumbling out of my mouth. “What the genuine fuck happened to this thing?”

I nearly thought I was mistreating a crime location.

I attempted to fit the pieces and a couple of wet pages dropped out the crushed archives.

It was basically impossible. No chance I could unravel what archives these are.

I felt the telephone in my back pocket buzz. It would appear that Lisa was likewise pondering where I was. “Hello Lisa.”

“Hello, you off yet? We just got to the bar.” I could scarcely hear her over the commotion behind the scenes. Seemed like Tully’s jukebox was playing some old hits.

“You wouldn’t screwing accept where the real spot I am at this moment, Lisa.”

“Shout out, angel. I can scarcely hear ya.” Lisa yelled into the line.

“I’m in Jason cursed Walter’s office at this moment.” I talked somewhat stronger.

“You’re the place where?”

“I’m in Jason-“

“Indeed yes I heard you the first run through. What the bleeding damnation would you say you are doing in there?”

“I can’t clarify it. I was acquired by some person to investigate a few documents having a place with Mr. Heavy weapons specialist. At first I’m thinking fine. OK. Whatever… I’m in a real sense must send you a pic of the document. It’s been totally crushed, Lisa. It would appear that somebody absorbed an expanse of espresso and crushed it.”

I heard one of Lisa’s unique snickers on the opposite stopping point. “That is butt sphincter. He does know it’s absolutely impossible that you can fit the pieces by around evening time, right?”

“I believe it’s difficult for rich individuals to see the sound judgment and thought behind their privilege.” I answered. Lisa straight out giggled at that. Pyke was blended behind the scenes commotion some place, shouting “how about we make efforts!”

I was so devoured by the foundation commotion via telephone, I nearly didn’t heard somebody make a sound as if to speak from the entryway.

As I looked up from my spot at Jason doomed Walter’s work area to see who it very well may be, my eyes met a couple of exceptionally energetic blue ones.

Recognizable blue ones.

Extremely dynamic, recognizable blue ones.

The telephone fell slipped past my fingers and tumbled off the work area.

“You should be the associate secretary.” He talked. His voice on some other day, would’ve sounded frightening from how low it was.

Today, all I heard was noisy ringing. I think my body was going into shock.

“I-Y-Yes.” I stammered out. I was totally frozen completely still.

“You’re here to view the record, right?” He asked me.

I think my legs were going to give out.


“Is it understandable?”

My goodness his eyes were the bluest freaking blue I had truly screwing seen. I didn’t remember him from the man in the pictures. This man was far more terrifying.

“Y-Ye-No. It’s excessively crushed. It would require a long time for me to interpret it. I figure it would be more expense effective to simply fail to remember the documents.”

He was taking a gander at me with such power, I was unable to try and handle whether to stand or sit now. Globules of sweat were beginning to shape at the foundation of my temple and my light hair adhered to them.

He propelled himself off the entryway outline he was inclining toward, and followed towards me.

“It looks understandable to me.”

This was most likely the part where my mom would have confronted me directly… cause I immediately went from stress to taking a gander at Jason condemned Walter like he had flown off the handle.

“I-I this-this isn’t.”

“It would appear that it went through an intense preparing, huh?”

There was a long respite. During said stop, my eyes developed so wide, I thought they were going to pop right out of the attachments.

He had heard everything. Everything.

“It’ll set aside time… to fit every one of the pieces.” I chose at last.

“Its something worth being thankful for you’re on my organizations finance then, at that point, right?”

Everything I did was give murmur a gesture.

Since what else could I do?


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